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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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January 8, 1964
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JAN 8 1964 T V'i" \, : ;-1; .r zed - Approved For Release :-' 'IGO Q rr re ? -art un? slat ASIII iGTON. svir.,rri 1uhlle, efJohn P'. Reilly, a former Stste Depart-, Inent oiiicer involved in the controviu smf Otepka case, was contracketed lit testimony revealcc yesterday by the Senate 11iccurity suocommlttcc t'he su'r,committee is. look ing into the removal from of- fire of Otto F. Otct.ka, chief of the Srcurity Evcluations fcction. `rIe was charred by tuixelors, . with - supplying!'_" cicasaificd information to the subeonulii.tce's cl:i(.f couu:.el, J. G. Sotarwiuc, ostensibly for use a tit ins, sonic of hit St?ato' Department cella,;;ues. On Aug G. Mr. Reilly, then Deputy Assistant Secrctary of State for Security, told the subcominf ,tee 019t his L)traclcpart,mcnta:i investiga- tion of AIr. Otepka, he had never ?eiinuct t9 in or ordered the bn.:winr;' or tapping or ot:hcrvisc coinpromisiil?g tele- phones ot? private conversa- Lions in the office of r.n cm ployce of the State Depart- ment", Tilen, on~Nov. ii, he naked the subcommittee for all op- pol?tuliity to "amplify" his rc- ie in an at- k fi e s t Mar s. Tinder questioning by Mr, tached stafenlrnt, , that he had pletely candid during earlier, the~plactice directed Linter D. 11111, chief Sourwine in a Nov. 15 hear- testimony because he felt an of the Division of Technical ing, he was asked: ..,obligation to ? the depart- Services, "to undertake a sire- "Now you can state, from meat." 7I vey of the feasibility of inter- your own knowledge, that rho- Both Mr. Reilly and Mr. ccpting conversation in M,r. body ever heard any words Hill resigned after modifying Otepka office." over that listening' device that statements. made by them ' t 1 he ti ea Mr. Mill and his deputy, you caused to be installed in t(u g ng~ DCpt-rt^,I e'"'La rnnrn 7 F,rii?ri ri r+r nr.t iri2 Mr. Otcpka's telephone? i?. .,, ,.! , kg's telephone into a micro- . Throughout the hearing ! phone for monitoring pill'Mr. Reilly denied that Mr.. poses, he revealed. Otcpka s telephone had been 1111 t, ' according to Mr.. compromised, a technical Reillv's statement. "no con- '?' term meaning that conversa-.~! result of ilia vents de- : and divulged. 'i It- scribed above." ,L-Nonetheless; In the report 1\ .....,....--......,.....~.. +t ., i.. .. -... ?.i. -.,t L.Y.. .. Sanitized - Approved For. Releasi CPYRGHT FOIAb3b released ycstnlday oil tl'Sti- -]1)e11t hati the legal ;it;ht to many heard Nov. 18, Mr. Hill' \ tap employees' telcl)]lonc is told the subcoauriittee,that it unclear. No precedent has erhaps more;' telc-' n d oze , p Uec set by a test ca-se. phone conversations were re- corded and tile tape turned A r,ubcoiiu111ttee 6i5ukes- over on Mr. Reilly's instruc- man" said it is operating on tions to "solve stranger." The, the assumption that the de- disposition. of the tapes and the identity of the'"stranger paltnlellt has that right in remain a mystery. -, the pursuit of security inves- Mr. Hill said he did not tigations. "Also, we feel they know whether Mr. Reilly had can do it since the telephones listened to, the conversations, are not the public property 'but there Was one teiephond of the employees," the spokes- conversation which did seem man said. interesting to him." .'He said the call, from what In security investigations outside the.l f. S., the depart- Mr. Reilly later told hi~n, per- meat has been known to ,in- tained to a luncheon appoint- stall taps on private tele- ment by. Mr. Otepka and phones of employees. Otto F. Otcpka staff, M the department presently has said ,.a'- .hn4 nn, ,-t h He he no regu 1ons pro ibiti g R?QP75-00149 R000600040078-0