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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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January 7, 1964
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E.ALIm'XORE SON, JAN 7 1964 :bei Sanitized - Approved For RelaW~ CPYRGHT CPYRGHT h,ha ig ,e in (Jt e pka i'r?obe I .117 Mflip- 01 ; ~Oir~ f a. c theI rleohoh i D f th rt us O (l,VI?i,iI Ell rvaluii e parimcnl o(Smile?" CPYRGHT When he cam" h-fore he ;sub- comnniUr,'. lteinie relicatedly , O d o > d hi s an:curr o, n , Washin;zlor, .Jar, 6 Another hill resigned for the same r( n But accordion toll ' Iaea dl.'' it la(l nicihrr seen al reasons . in the struggle between the State valor Dodd (D,, Conau.I, 1 u,~n '' ial:cn r.nt. in the bu cing of Department and the Senate In- s bcommitlcc chairman, Bill a soil) vpka's pI~n'rr riot Iiicrefore re~ tea?nal Security subcommittee overt stifled that actual conversatir isio rdrd ini orm;ltioa he hail bee } d been intercepted as a res dt ccu by iteiil.;; as uearsay the Otepka case. , J. G. Sourwine, the suheornmit the tapping of Otcpka's ice-~? ticb lip dirt 11()j, frel he had to -10 ~ hi Th s id ione enator sa s c n e t .-rt (,nno rvrans. lio tlt lee counsel, suggested in the tat-;f acct with the testimony of est, release of testimony that Ruesliint ] re5scri cilly, who denied the tap is d: , i I "C` n you sit there," Sen~~to t f hi ff b ers o s s a were mem nves? orked or had been put into h-1l- ruska (R.. Nob. f asked the wit ti_ated by the Stale Department's: David I. Belisle, a Stale De- partment witness, denied having anything to do with the alleged specializes in probes. tcpka's phone might not It, vr+s rr(t un my consulrred Iudgme. hlis only information in this re- orked drew an angry respo sc.[ did not have first-hand inform gaid, Belisle explained, was Sour- om Senator McClellan (D., Ar ?)'I on of it, and Iherclore that i ' wir'e s personal statement that he "I. don't believe this dub! us'', hy't answered it thou way," had been questioned by the 1+131.. ery that you tapped it and (rut ih?uska rc.toricd by saving: 13e,t as for a State Department information' because I,,ink that explanation is an a investigation of Sourwine and his eren't capable of tapping 'it1I -omit, to this ivltole comrnittec. ,i ff?-Belisle said he never heard roperly," he told the witness. 4! Belisle said the wiiclap ha it even discussed. I can't understand' hell rat taken off Otepka's telephoi This latest whiff of espionage 1; .curily officers of the State c-{~ ftcr a check had been made ;rid counter-espionage between artment in that business not c?I in discarded [rash Ot.epka ha " " burn bags the Sta two rival Government units cane g capable of putting on a s rc- j laced in ssful wiretap on a telephone inJ rcpartnlent uses' for disposal ias the subcommittee kept up its teir own department. It doe it . ecurity documents. pressurc in the Oleplca case . ake sense to me. , ' Time burn bags contained ca Otto F. OLepk~a, the cleparl Belisle, who still Is an crn- I Ion papers showing uestiol id i s unal cha a e for having leaked Iitlnll red under lengthy cross-ex m- n Sour wines u}n ln(er i vga ation that he was "amplifyii g" ig Reilly and Belisle. The eva ' about his superiors to the Seu.ate1 ut not "correcting"' tes tim ny ations officer had been feudi subcommittee and for having sug-,l a had given the, subcommi ee ith his superiors over what . gcsted questions that SOUt'wine;l .July. It to be laxity in screening, s ld k it f ceu as o w nessesle diik blifh . In his Juv appearanc, ace- urty rss ....aee sag While Otepl{a continues to draw; ig to the record he answe ed y the Communist-hunting S( his appeal, two State Department'( mat who investigated him have resigned . their posts. They are, Joint Jr. Reilly, former leputy . assistant secretary for security and Olcpka's one-time immediate superior, and Elmer Dewey Hill, chief of the technical services di? { vision under Reilly. Reilly quit last November after. testifying, th,aL all attempt had been made o "hug" Ot:epka's tel- ephone. He said his earlier testi- mony might have misled the sub- cc'mmittce,into thinking no effort had been made to intercept Otepo nrA FOIAb3b CPYRGHT " : ' Also Takes Stand IThomas Ehrlich, .a Sta'e T>e- 1poetment legal adviser, also took, the witness stand November 14i to teill how Reilly, Hill and Del-' ,isle prepared statements "ampli-I !lying" their earlier testimony at,the request of Dean Rusk. see-1 of State, and George W. Ball, Under Secretary of State. Ehrlich related that. Rusk and .,Ball indicated a desire that state- ments he prepred before No- , d vember 5, the date on whichial possibility of perjury was men- tioned in an exchange on the Scn ate floor between Senators Dodd and Thurmond (D., S.C.). But he said the amplifying let- ters sent to the subcommittee were not prepared until a few hours after the Dodd-Thurmond colloquy. ,Ehrlich said he and Ball went to Rusk's office where the Sec rotary of State glanced at the statements and then handed them thesubcortimittoc.~ ,t Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600040081-6 o I vember 14 and released tie >? cot, You yore I(?lling th? trutl id he had been told the wircl t;, ;,, .,,? ?