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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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January 3, 1964
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CPYRGHT CPYRGHT [$ 1,~ telephone or private con. rrn,^. Gtr TRIBUNE JAN 3 1964 FOIAb3b CPYRGnitized - Approved For Release : CIA-R 1i !~ 71 K. A 'a. Senate Unit Releases Secret Testimony pit w1 LTAM MOORE tmirciso Tribune Press Servicel .','ashin";,Wn, Jan. 2-~ .iuu' :;.v; < . c!ra,.r;a in Lhe state department began earning out today when be Senate internal securityI le ublic CPYRGHT On his second appearance, r I, d cci2list Carbon Papers . Reilly admitted JIM mg of Cl c finds made by the a wire tapping device iasLalled r m;,nh the sfirdss in byk the on Otepka's telephone. e-Irtrilent von 1 Asked if he had not tried to ` a h hag-a "burn bag" in de- a ti-nent parlanc( were scVen m i s l e a d the sul,comnliltcc. , [1 t.s of carbon paper. The j Reilly said that he considered i et ; on them ~: as deciphered the questions asked by Sour- int found to be what Reillyt wine at the first session as "in .? a? I were questions that Otcpka the nature of cross exalnina a l sent to' Snurwine to be used lion. iterregating 13611Y. Reilly, a lawyer, went on, silly said the questions were; "To that extent, I felt that II 'd signed to harass Reilly," should answer the questions as I n that Sourwine asked them ked, w Il i c h witnesses on en Reilly first testified. ohs-examination normally do, teilly's questions sought in d not volunteer." n to learn who were "the "Are you telling us," Sour- ? o crs in the department who wine asked, "that the reason v nted Otepka's scalp. sh.u~:Ornh11lttee -- . 11 did not get all the informs- tOUl;ir;ioay it hard taken behind we on ht you had is because the clo5.cd doors in the case of Otto y questions were not 1".Otopics. sked?" . U cpka i;i F. veteran security ayes sir," Reilly block the progress of state de Comments on Expression partmcnt employes he regarded Reilly then commented on the as security risks. xpressinn on Sourwine's face nd Sen. Thomas Dodd [D., 1'i143 department. is stoking t onn.1 said: "He is shocked Oust him from his $16,935 . year post, and the subcommit cc am on I. I don't know what you ; c my face. But you ought ice is orposint the ouster. Changes His Scary o see something. Or on anyone. Ise's face that heard that an The testimony maac public i wt..,, that of John F. Reilly, forme Both Dodd and Sen. ?John Me-~ deputy assistant ? secretary o dellan [D.,+ Ark.], the subcom-' state for security, who firs ittee chairman, accused Reil-' Ionicd or rdering Otepka s offic y of having been out to "get .Ilore tapped and then a tepka. RoItcl it. Sourwine asked Reiley, "Do' illy has admitted that h you have any doubt that it is had Otepka's trash bag l he department's present policy under surveillance and found d i o get rid. of Otepka?" it evidcncc that Otepka ha "I think that is quite clear," pr n giving information sceretl Reilly responded. to Ll' e sucbscnmittee. Ii Reilly denied having set out L ugly (i7claimcd the wi .,.appir:fi in testimony Aug. , l but her discussing his test -monV with Secretary of Stall!" xk+: n .urk changed his. story in testimony Nov. 15. On his first appearance, Reilly was asked by J. G. Sour- wine, subcommittee counsel, "l-lave you ever engaged in ors ordered the hugging or tapping., or otherwise.: compromising] _11 II Reilly replied, "No i nocared Otepka had been Admits 'r;tppingr Order (. U to get him. silly said that after he dis- sed' his first testimony with' retary Rusk, Rusk ordered] i i to send the subcommittee' otter telling about the wire i a ping. No One Listened Explaining why he had not t d the whole story the first ti e, Reilly said no one actual- y had listened in on Otepka's t ephone and that Otepka's . versations thus had not been " ompromiscrl." toil. William C. Cramer [It., a. ] charred in a House speech D !c. 16 that Rusk is the man! behind the effort ,to. drive: 0 cpka out. Reilly resigned after his see- o d appearance on the witness: s and, and Cramer said Reilly, ti as "let out," not because of. Ac hat he had done but because h "got caught at it.", Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600040082-5