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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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January 3, 1964
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F CPYRGHT f :lv * }ivy I apologize, I regret it," Reilly not having testified truth- With Corn, lan !*I, -,LLP John F. [icil]y, w to recently In-signed as Deputy Assistant Secref.aryof State for Security, has denied lying but testified 1 he did riot. cooperate fully at a to Internal Security Sub (`)ilcomeamittee hearing. The Subcommittee made the t.r anscrilit. of a Nov. 15 closed hearing public yesl.erday, in another sequel to the contro V; rsy over the dismissal o 011o I'. Otc'pka, a State De p; ?'tcnent security officer. Reilly was called.hef-ore the S;bcm m,ittcc lifter admitting 'ii. a ,,tatcment on Nov. 6 that the had ordered a listening do vice installed on Otepka's tele phciri ,, last March. He had de nicd it, in sworn testimony t the Subcommittee on Aug. 6 ! Although insisting he liadn' liectl. to the Subcommittee a 1.44, Aug. 6 hearing, Reilly aeknow)cdged under question leg by' Scns. John L. McClel l,an (D-A"vir.), ' and Thomas J P odd (D-Conn.), that he had net. answered questions fully, "I didn't :cooperate as full i as I mi>aht have, And. ps I play "You are giving highly tech- nical explanations of why you didn't tell the committee the truth," McClellan told him. The key question at the rig. 6 hearing was: "Have you ever engaged in or ordered the bugging or tapping or otherwise compromising tele- phones of private conversa- tions in the office of an em- ploye of the State Depart- ment?" .Reill.y's answer was, "no, sir." Rcilly's explanation at the Nov. 15 hearing was that a1= though he had a listening de- vice attached to Otepka's tole-, phone, it" hadn't worked and had been removed without' any conversations being inter,. cepted. Asked if a 'telephone is not; compromised when . a device or connection is used by' frilly, of bcnig evasive anci un-: cooperative and of falling back on technical excuses and alibis, Dodd, who presided, also was caustic in his corn nlents. The State ' Department placed Reilly on administra- tive leave shortly before the Nov, 15 hearing. He resigned, last month. -Otepka, who was; the Department's chief ; ecu- rity risk evaluator, has ap-i pealed his dismissal. He was` ousted on a charge of supply- ing the Subcommittee's chief counsel, J. G. Sourwinc, with confidential information from employe security files . which conversations may be' intercepted by an unauthor- ized person, 11ci11y replied: "Not in -my mind, and not, as I ,understood the question,; that day." ' .McClellan . accused him of Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600040083-4 WASHINGTON POST AND JAN 3 1964 TIMTS FTERAT.n Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-R FOIAb3b ?CPYRGHT