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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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January 3, 1964
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., .aIAICRE SAM JAN 3 1964 Sanitized - Approved For Releapgjf CPYRGHT CPYRGHT CPYRGHT . .d .fA:ah ?i.1!]..a ~n r.-.?/fir', n.a ?'.) r t' F ,n ( ++11 ~1 e ' ,. '-~ 5' H ..y ?ray .. '' drvk..? ~i ~i! ~. ~? ~; r i t'-~ 1L .fi li.'i J P 33f JOSEPH It. L. 1:4sJ? npton Bureau o/ The Sant 0 7'litlgl e ,T3171. 2 - 1 a today rrlezlsed testimony v.'hielt John E'. Reilly, forme Iepuly Assistant Secretary Slab for Security, denied that tap had been put into operalir on Liic lelcpilor,e of 01.10 1 ?C) pka, the department', chi, 'security risk evaluator, Reilly, whose efforts to for( Otcpka's ouster loci to his ou resignation, appeared before ti subcommittee November 15 i "amplify" earlier statemen .that had been challenged by seni tors, " f)arnihd Thing Didn't Work" to act nowledged that an a tempt had been made -? by crosi in wires - to turn Otepka's tell ;pi one mouthpiece into a mice! phone a:; part of the State DI par tment's probe to' discover tOtepka was leaking informatin lo the subcommittee. i Jilt Roilly,,insisted that I U darned UlinLf, didn't work. the r..N. w'iich 'You found these seven periment fizzled" and the orate; hn is of carbon paper in the! b' thing x colleague heard was ~a1tlriii11i~;. licitly - I can slate that catr.- This testimony, released for the' gortcally, and du to slate, ~'sint e rliiei- 'm'emlrcr far ht ?r F first time today, has been ques ; "No i,istcning Device?" "iiig on his appeal a;;ainsa: ells-! tionccL by Senator Dodd (D..i Sotu?trinc - You are stalin;;, mi5s:il. Conn,), the subcommittee chair-' now, wit bout any attempt . al' Jr, the lo.,, 0'11106y issued today,! siDlillitt lvf ~ h lermen ionehetrt)lc,k.;,t~t.asi-111. tint there has been ao t;cihIy was rebuked by Y l J y 1 ih (enilf: dc?%Ice of any kind, nna ~T by I M se. odd told file Senate Dc cembrrlno Ill Ing of islec(.',lellan 17., Ark.), who ac 110 cuu t'rsion of a cured the frnier State Depart-, Senate bee phone trice's , d 20 that Reilly an I. Divid isle, an assislant, had testified Iclthiholle to listcniing device, that "none of i1lr, gtepka's con- nothing of that sort in the division versafions had ben overheard or of evaluations since a date in afarch,1963? compromised because of dice had uIlsu:eied all questions far.-I lrnnic,difficulties." Reilly-That is correct. I soy I' tuatl:' but had not "volnntecred" Conflict Seen :laic. And I would Me to say' in[crmo-d.ion under Aro:scxamina-i It this time, if the comniittec has Sensat0torr?, rling these to the statements tionts con-, information to the contrary' Ihtron, AicClcllan d ceclared: f) filched With the testimony of El- think tic committee ought to loo'h "This is a sad comntcntary. I ve call people in high rasonsiblc 1 1, mer Dewey i'Iill, former direclcr;'nto it., pn:;ilions Govcrflmcni down! of the Dyr=.lnn of Technical Serv. Sourwine-I do, too. sere before ibis camiilittcc, ti,v ice undt r I-Billy, who also h?sit, The Olepka case has precipi- to pursue our duties, 01(1 try-f resigned his Government post. ted a clash between the Slate ins tr' get the t ul.h, and than t,et Dodd said Mill testified "that Department and the internal 5.. " t 'ultt such erasion and such u'l- ii ape recordings,had been mad; curity subcommittce over a nun,- .iho;.i!?1g ' a;itl such techn.cai C\-- i-er of issues v f s l th ' 1 t e era Conversa ions ' e at ,