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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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December 22, 1963
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NEV"' YORK TIMES DEC 2 2 1963 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP CPYRGHT CPYRGHT CPYRGHT State Department Denies Rusk Interfered in Ouster of Otepka FOIAb3b aria{i .... .....,.. ---- presented when' misleading `and distorted information is passed by sources acting irresponsibly." It described as "absolutely false" any suggestion that Mr. Rusk "has interfered in the normal administrative proce- dures" in the Otepka case. 'Mr. Otepka has appealed his dismissal as chief of the division of Evaluations of Security .Information. His case may eventually go to Mr. Rusk for review. The Secretary has the authority to reverse the the decision of his subordinates. Mr. Crockett, according tol by Mr. Cramer. mho department said WASHINGTON, Dec. fle. rfiemoran C 71 (UPI) ramer, tuii security offs-1 hat Mr. Rusk had saidf - 77= C. Cramer today of issuing "dill sweep the place clean" tortions, inaccuracies and mthe department of anyl leading references" about ees disloyal to the sc cu sty division and the activi- Secre ary. tirof Secretary of State Dean Th department said Mr. Croe tt "made 4o reference to The department said the Fldr- swee 'ng the place clean" nor ida{Republican had used "dis- was ere any reference to the totted information" from irre- Otep a case except, "the fact spofisible sources when he in t e normal adinistrative char ed that Mr. Rusk by- proce ses." passed proper administrative gency Denies Charges procedure to secure the recent ouster of Otto F. Otepka, Be Thirkield, the depart- security officer. Mr. Otepka was ment press officer, said he charged with passing confiders had en authorized to say that: itial information to unauthorized Its security office "is not in- persons. vesti ation the employes of thel The department also dense Sena e Internal Security sub- Mr Cramer's assertion"that it com ittee." security officers were engage " e department is not in- iin investigating members of th vesti sting psychological test- staff of the Senate Internal Be ing 1 aks.' curity subcommittee. Mr. Ot " no time did Mr. Crockett epka is alleged to have give say here is a `second under- the information to the su grou d' in the office of security." committee. Department state Al the charges were con- The the memorandum Mr. ment said: Cra er said he received. "It is regrettable that th M .!Crockett, the department Congressman did not comet stat cent said, called together the -department for verificatio the security officers "for the of the Information passed t pu se of expressing to them him by a' source he has not ide the Secretary's confidence in tified." 4 the Department's security: 'Confidential' Memo Cited fore s. - On s? he security chiefs were sedwhathat 40 lleysM4'aid . was a Cs "co r told that if there were policy: lease fidential memorandum" from a pro ems on which they or their sub rdinate employes could not "unimpeachable source" d get' tisfaction from their im- of secu a meetthg on Nov. ate superiors, Crocket was liar sec J. urity Crockkett, ett, officers deputy with Wi ty anle n- e r to have such information l secretary of state for adminand would even arrange for ~ tra~tion. m ings y/ith the Secretary to , 'The meeting took place,' a res ve such problems if neces-' State Department said, but sa the department declared.l? Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600040087-0