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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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November 14, 1963
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WASIIINGTON STAR Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RD CPYRGHT NOV 14 1963 rOtepka Requests Hearing, Asks Lie Test for Accusers denied last- summer any con- J nection with the tapping of Mr. Otepka's phone. his ove it a'lous attempts to build a ea _. against re e, Reilly was guilty of serious miscon- duct, and that he thereafter testified untruthfully under oath when questioned about his improper activities." "Unworthy of Belief" Mr. Reilly and Mr. Hill have been placed on administrative leave with pay while the State; Department considers what to do about their reversal of! testimony before the subcom- mittee. "In view of the circum- Mr. Otepka said in. stances," his letter of appeal, "I re- spectfully submit that Reilly and Belisle are unworthy of belief and that any findings against me based upon their .testimony or upon evidence produced by them cannot and should not stand. "I submit further that this entire proceeding is tainted and vitiated by the improper ac- tivities and the untruthfulness of these men, so that prosecu- tion of any charges in which they are involved would deny me due process of law." Mr. Otepka charged that Mr. Reilly "did not act in good faith" in seeking his dismissal. "On the contrary," Mr. Otepka said', "his action was' prompted by personal bias, prejudice and malice and by a desire to pup sh me for telling j the truth to the Senate sub ,risk evaluator in th$' State D apartment until he was fir November 5, today appealed f i 1 a hearing and demanded th This principal accusers in t department submit to lie d(- teeter tests. His boss, Deputy Assists, Secretary of State John about tapping Mr. ' Otepka phone. Mr. Reilly, David I. Bells and Elmer D. Hill revised the testimony before the, Sena Internal Security Subcommitt st Wednesday after havi In his letter, notifying the State Department of his desire for a hearing, Mr. Otepka charged that Mr. Reilly, was guilty of "a, breach of depart- laon of a Federal statute.".. Mr. Reilly admitted to the subcommittee last week that he had directed a subordinate to tap Mr. Otepka's telephone but said no conversations were intercepted. Mr. Otepka said "the case against me was to a large ex- tent built by John F. Reilly, either personally or through others under his immediate di- rection and control ... It has now been established that in FOIAb3b CPYRGHT ments all of the individuals' who had access to the docu- ments should submit to a polygraph (lie detector) test,, to be administered by a com- Otepka appeal. Mr. Otepka will continue on the department's payroll throughout the appeal proce- dures. Mr. Reilly, Mr. Belisle and Mr. Hill were called to testify today before the Senate sub- committee to expand on their letters of last week acknowledg- ing they were involved In the attaching of an eavesdropping Ldevice to Mr Otepka's tele- ,. . this mattgr of the clipped docu- phone: cation labels from certain docu- ments on security-risk cases. Mr. Otepka has denied he clipped the documents and also rejected the "insinuation" of the State Department that he had turned over the clipped documents to the chief counsel of the Senate subcommittee, IJ. G. Sourwine. "I respectfully suggest that to assist in the resolution of d "`a` cr. aauuaca, barrassing Mr. Reilly. The pur-,j Mr. Otep ka said. pose of the charges was not to 3 Mr. protect the interest of the Gov- "I shall be glad to submit ernment, but 'rather to shield Mr. Reilly." to such a test. Calls for 36 Denies Clipping Papers He asked that 36 State De- The demand that his supe- partment employes be made riors take lie tests came in j available to the hearing officer connection with charges that; Who will take testimony on the Mr. Otepka had clipped classifi-1, Sanitized