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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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October 15, 1963
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"?=v O CT 1 5 1963 Sanitized - Approved For Relea ^ IN THE BACKGROUND CPYRGHT FOIAb3b A QUESTION OF STATE e storm blown up around Otto U. to a o t e State Department's Security Office Ea' been Tonng -brewing. More than two years ago, they whisper in Foggy Bottom, Otepka recommended withdrawal of Harlan Cleveland's security clearance. The recommendation was overruled, and Harlan Cleveland, unsung Hero of the Katanga War, is still Assistant Secretary of State for UN affairs. And Otepka has been, since then, marked for slaughter. For months the Senate's Internal Security Subcommittee has been looking into the security climate in State, es- pecially in relation to Castro's rise to power, Latin Ameri- can affairs in general, and U.S. conduct in the Congo. The inquiry has been sharp and apparently painful: sharp enough to prompt the Attorney (;enernl +., +t,.. -?---?...--, procedure of attending one particular session as an "ob- server"; and painful enough to keep the Secretary of State away from the August 30 hearing even though subpoenaed-and no State employee has consented to appear since August 30. Now the reprisal: State's High Command has summoned Otepka to the mast on the charge-relayed to the press for preliminary trial by headline-of conspiring with the Subcommittee's veteran counsel, J. G. Sourwine. Otepka is alleged to have committed the crime of lose-Bureaucracy: communicating "confidential" and "for official use only" data to Sourwine. Thus begins one more episode in the perennial clash be- tween the Executive's will to unchecked power and the Legislature's duty to know how the laws are administered. Under every President of this century (see Clark R. Mol- lenhoff's Washington Cover-Up) the issue has.been openly joined at least once. The Otepka case may be the occasion for the test battle of the Kennedy regime. Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600040117-6