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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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"'.E,W 'Jkk' Ii U[; I i 5 1 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA U.S. SECURITY AIDE DEFENDS CONDUCT Asks Dismissal, of Charges on Passing of SecrptVata CPYRGHT Special to The New York Times WASHINGTON, Octc 14---- affairs, d t, in "integrity thi pa.rfrh'ents basic charge and eGne a tability" f0. his jazaimst Mr_ Otepka I,; that he security . ev'aluatori disqualify was--^ done-------- himself frog~ `further colhsidera- Irate a point ie'wished to ri1ake tion of "I Sam A. Wieland. The,on the st;beorwnittee concerning evaluator was not identified. Ian improvement in the efficien- Last~,, yyear,- the 'subcommitteelcy.of security reports. found '1VI d, a State to-i Senator. Eastland and Mr, partmen on Catiibbe?ui,Sn n4 h contended that day that charges against him of violating departmental secu- rity "regulations be dismissed as unfounded. Mr. Otepka is chief of the Evaluation Division of the de- partment's Office of Security. He has been formally charged with 13 violations of regulations in providing confidential infor- mation to the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee. The subcommittee, headed by Senator James O. Eastland, Democrat of Mississippi, is in- vestigating alleged laxity in, security, procedures in the de- partment. In his answer to the disci- plinary charges against him, I field today with the State Department personnel office, Mr. Otepka said he had been "both shocked and amazed" at! the performance of his superior;; in the security office since 19Ei_t. Accordingly, he aid, he pre-; is - a ke reply said he h "d ,pared a lengthy memorandum fro ftfeS before tho for Mr. Sourwine, including "ex- Internal Security Subcommittee. hibits" from department files. Last May, he said,. he met vtith Mr. Otepka acknowledged that J. G. Sourwine, the subcomin it- the memorandum was classified' tee's chief counsel; "after work- "confidential." But be contend-1 ing hours" to discuss 'alleged ed that it "contained ixrinvesti-j "conflicts" In the testimony of gative data," and.thcrefore did; his superior at the State Do not violate the spTif o"f secu- partment John F. Reilly. rity regulations: Refers to Wieland Case Mr. Otepka Asa clinowl- edged having glveh r' Sour- s Mr. Reilly`s testimony before nst Mr. Otepka, the sup- the subcommittee regarding se- committee w rnnid against "re- the curity State clearances of Department's appoints Advis- to committee affecthig its witnesses. - ory Committee on International, Organizations "I knew to be in-ima 'lair. Otepka wiltwake a for appearance t4e. Charges correct," Mr. Otepka said in his!Oct. 23 before 'a `State Depart- replp nvent hearing aring officers. row In T ,.y~epria ~,uren~ in~Ctu ~ cooperate d_,-. testified Bence _a e sment of Premier eri 1t idol Cuba.. President' Ily bco . In al Kennedy a o her high Admin- to ? iter y Su12,c it.'oof In a ry- istration officials defended Mr. tS L ` o c of State D, g-t Rusk o u e re five five before blur es s were filed FOIAb3b Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600040118-5