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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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October 13, 1963
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Si'. r,c)[Jrs O CT 1 3 1963 resT-l)zs~~ATc ganitized - Approved For Release : CIA CPYRGHT ST LOUIS POST-DISPATCH Founded by JOSEPH PULITZER December I2, 1878 Pubtfished by The Pulitzer Publi.,hing Co. 1133 Franklin Ave. (1) MAin 1.111I Adtdkee Service--MAin 1.6666 bout Mr. Q to the and meanwhile has been telling li 1. the story to reporters. The pu i ing e, ement is that the subcom- mittee has not ca fled on Mr. Otepka's boss, Secretary of State Rusk, for an accounting. It was announced more than a week ago that the subcommittee vice chairman, Seator Dodd of Connecticut, had talked to, Mr. Rusk and that Mr. Rusk had agreed to meet with the subcommittee at a "mutually arranged convenient date." But Mr., Kennedy disclosed at his news conference Wednesday that Mr. Rusk has been ready to testify since August; indeed, that a subcommittee hearing was''seheduled for early September but canceled. Which leads to the conclusion that the subcommittee is in no hurry to publicize the real facts about the case, Which in turn leads to the suspicion that Mr. Otepka is being used by persons who want to discredit the State De- partment. If Mr. Otepka is guilty as charged he comment on e c e of Otto Otepka, a minor State Departure t official, sheds a good deal of light on a sit uation that far-out conservatives have been attempting to build into a sort of cause cclebre. Mr. Otepka, the department's chief security evaluator, has been charged with mutilating and declassifying confidential doc- uments and with giving copies of -classified material to outsiders. Mr. Otepka's defenders say the charges were preferred by the department in re- taliation for information Mr. Otepka gave the Senate Internal Security Subcommi tee in closed session. Mr. Otepka was given until Monday department to file an answer S1hOUld not r()nly fished acco he fired, Alut ding to jaw, otherwise he Ilan y ample reco If he is not pun. ent s'Pen teors th~rse Ci - Vi lion and s Sery tate Deparl he h courts; If ~11r, h'e C as onim betrayej th Ot is- epl a' nY the United ,c frux,t r~ Is guilty dential ates-111 r Posen i)l hi~n material is ir1?elFVacitt~int r~ t e con. FOIAb3b Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600040120-2