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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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October 11, 1963
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CPYRGHT Sanitized - Approved For Release : FOIAb3b CPYRGHT CPYRGHT Washington Angle GNPs. By D ~t The committee ordered it11 preparations of rtuesti >ns u; cd I months. Early in the summer, North me s~o~n ewspap?rAlliaxn~c hand delivered to Rusk. Sen.Jbv to subcommittee in mterro members of thesubcommittee Dodd was picked for the job as :rting other -t;in- department decided the 'conditions in the. WASHINGTON `ice chairman of the internal) 'ificlats A cnmmittee sg1j'Ca security agenc'y' had been de- ity subcommittee. He was. rid: tIt "`- esu-ms v-cre e- scribed in such terms that. Committee charging laxity ace npanied on the trip by Jayi r reel tH p? brinx out collfira. Rusk should bc,. ~1 to coun- the State Department securi Sou inc. counsel to the sub- clrcl ~oiis" >stimonv pre"iously tenor explain thigh~i~n person. and indicating possi o agency {t en. m M ttee. The secretary ot- sFate, plea d- perjury' by some department Mich of the case developed,I crhittd Tle nternn to ire log the press of oth r business, officials has been hand del' Y he subcommittee involves o l layed his appearance several Bred to Secretary of State De nfo nation provided during ex-'' t:Ctm r State Depart times. The last date for his ap- Rusk. cut a sessions by Otto F. r en Bundling seCticrearance, last Aug. 3B also wa,; The document, and a covert to a, a veteran security offi- att' celed. He has not eared, man, Sen. James 0. Eastla he epartment to remove him senat9 ,s eons der an ad , la fed its own vestiga- D.-Miss., were presented ro his job as chief of the trati l l~? ge ' e G a i9 on- blossomed into a let- Rusk by Sen. Thomas J. Doe val ations branch of the se- for truthful" answers ter-"af charges on Sept. 23 ac- la.-Conn., who made a spec uri agency. in the: investigation, and the ct irg Otepka of "conduct un- trip for that parpose to Ni On committee source said State Department's general ,un becoming an officer of the York City, where Rusk has be tep Xs testimony was. backed willingness to give the subcom- state department." Otepka has meeting with foreign secret; rp official documents.- mittee information the 'senator- until Oct. 13 to answer the yes, Th State Department charges ial group thinks it has a legal charges. The covering letter put t ;,ar st Ote ka involve declassi right and constitutional obliga- At the full meeting of the. secretary of state on warni ira in' .. o =' ocunien and tion to get. committee last week, it was re- that the committee's inter at At the New York meeting, ported, some early objections security subcommittee wot ld Rusk was reported to have gone were raised to the memoran- release the results so far of is over the memorandum in about dum by Sen. Philip A. Hart, D. investigation of security pr c- 10 minutes. lie made no itnme- Mich.,. and Sen. Edward M. bees in the department, if Rusk diatc reply and none was re- Kennedy, D-Mass. After some did not cooperate in the s b- qur sted. minor changes, however, it was committee's study. The dep t- t 1i inr-estication by the sub- approved without audible dis- anent has directed employes ot. r..n,1nittec fines back many sent. to testify in the inquiry. The memorandum detailed some of the information turrul up in months of investigation and closed hearings by the in- fernal security subcommittee. It charged that at least one State Department employe had told "untruths under oath" in .the executive hearings. The metro was approved by, the full Senate Judiciary Com-! :mittee t a secret session. Be- cause of the nature of the doe-, urnent - one source said it showed conditions in the secur-+ ity agency were a "mess, at! best" - Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600040122-0