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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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September 27, 1963
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BAIJJ O.RE SUN SEP 2 7 1963 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-R CPYRGHT CPYRGHT FOIAb3b CPYRGHT OTEPKA GETS LETTER WIT "Desk Searched" "Mr. Otepka's burn-basket was' ansacked, his desk searched and Jic himself subjected to extensive of with Communists but with utiful security off eel's who are u.s:CkRGES Quids in 'traditional fash- Defenders ' old :American Liberty, j a Dallas-based organization. Hei said the charges against Otepka "reflect the direction in which our nation is moving today in then face, , ! of growing Soviet: poveor,.... For being reasonably' cooperative with this sacred arml of Cotlgress, he (Otepka) is now. Disclosure Of ,Secret Information, To. Seri- ate Reported Washington, Sept. 26 (ir epa~, ae ",..sai . today a letter of charges, of a nature that could lead to his discharge in 36 days. has been-given tp Quo' F. Oteiika, chief of the division of evaluations in -'the 4,epai tinent's Office of Security. A State Department spokes- Iman said the 48-year-old security, investigator was given ten days, ending October 3, in which to an- swer the charges . Heard Report Richard I. Phillips, State De partment press officer, refused Ito specify, the_ charges. But in Dallas, Robert'. Morris, former r -rnal security, subcommittee, Otepka was accused of disclos- I secret i fo the Sn11_ at on t mg o rm late. Morris said the essence of ti charges is that Otepka "collabor fated" with the pr sent chief 1G.Sourwine. travesty of justice." I "If Mr. Otepka collaborate with Sourwine, he collaborate with the United States Senate it self," Morris 'said, "This shoal not be considered a crinme.'.' Morris said the charge ;brought against Otepka "includ giving `confidential' and 'for of ,chief-counsel. $otti: of these class 1 himself... . is dismissal from service-- Asked about this report, the State Department. spokesman said' that4t is-a standing practice. Of government- agencies not to re- veal ..any~.adniinistrative charges. h t which ntay ltpve been broug against an employee. a native of Illinois, Otepka , and a Navy veteran during World; war IT has served as chief of the; security evaluations office for; personnel for ten years. The jobl pays $16,OO{) a year.-. 1 Earlier this year, Otepkx and Cher State Department security] officers appeared before the Seu-1congressioneI investigators to be ate subcommittee on Internal Se-,a breach of the right of executive curity in connection with an; privilege that amounts to insub- investigation the subcommittee ordination. held on the case of William A. The right of executive privilege Wieland, a career diplomat. has been affirmed by the Supreme Wieland was ' a State Depart- Court, the President and the ex- ment desk officer on Cuban af- ecutive branch of Government. fairs at the time of Fidel Castro's Under this a Federal agency can rise to power. withhold certainintprination from .Iii those days, the ,generally the Congress if it feels that the :veld view in the department was disclosure of such information that Castro was not a Comma- would hamper the executive from nist. carrying out his duties Special Projects In refusing to make ;minis the Phillips said Otepka remains charges against Ote ka, the State chief of the division of evaluation Department said this is consid- in the Office of Security. but since ered a personal action between June 27 he has been detailed to an employer and an ert loyee.l two special projects. These are The employee has a right not 'to' updating of the office of Security be tried in public by press re handbook and 'preparation of lease unless he chooses to ma-c guidelines for the security evalua- public the charges against him. tion of personnel. himself, the department said. State Department officials said It was emphasized that no ,one that there is no question, of a con- in the State Department.liaUThs-f flirt existing between the, State closed the charges against Ofep"ka. Department and congressional Otepka can appeal any decision, committees in testimony given in for his ouster to the State be-'t response to committee questions. partment's deputy director of per- There were indications, how- sonnel, Harvey R. Wellman. As ever, that the department con- a veteran, he can also appeal'di- sidered the volunteering of tin- redly to the Civil Service Coin-' liorized information , to mission, pproved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000 0040131-0