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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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August 19, 1965
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Sanitized - Approveq rjFFeI se : CI CPYRGHT More e Fate Mildi ,in P. in-fighting in the case of Otto Otepka, its top security officer, was revealed in another tran- script of testimony released today by the Senate Internal. Security Subcommittee. It showed that John F. Reilly, who was Otepka's superior, testified that 0tepka seemed 4 unbalanced and "emotionally l overwrought." The testimon?v was given in a May 23, 1963 hearing in which the subcommittee sought to find out why Otepka had been stripped of all authority as chief of the security office's evalua- tion division. This was done, the subcommittee has disclosed, after Otcpka contradicted the ,testimony of Reilly and others `regarding laxity in the depart- ment's security procedures. Reilly's testimony led sub- `com,mittee counsel Jay G. S o u r w i n e, the transcript showed, to comment: "This is the first suggestion we have heard from anyone .that Mr. Otepka was mentally unbalanced. But I have been wondering if that wasn't about due. How long have you noticed this mental unbalance?" Reilly, the transcript showed, said he first noted it in a four- .hour session with Otepka after he (Reilly) became head of the security office. Otepka, in his testimony, said he never talked with Reilly more than 'two hours, and was never informed that he was considered emotionally unsta-; able. He also testified that lie iconsidered a reduction in force din the office as aimed at de- priving him of his functions. Reilly was accused by the ;subcommittee of giving mislea& ing testimony. He left tile department and is now withi another government agency. Otepka was ordered dismissed nearly two years ago on charges , of having given thel subcommittee classified infor- mation. His appeal hearing is scheduled for Oct. 11. -. Sanitized - Approlred For Release : CIA-RDP75-OO149ROOO6OOO4O138-3