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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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August 8, 1965
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Sanitized - ApprovralIA-RDP AUG 81965 MORE TESTIMONY ON OTEPKA ISSUE Senate Unit Gives Detail in bismissal Case partment's alleged undercover F ` efforts to prove Otto F. Otepk disloyal to the department wer made public tonight by the (senate Internal Security sub Committee. These Included a nocturna safe opening, telephone ,to pings and clandestine examina- tion of "burn bags" used t dispose of discarded but class- ified printed matter. Although testimony pub lashed in the volume release tonight-the third in a serie i from the subcommittee---w taken in secret, the major ma terial In it had previously bee disclosed during the protracts controversy- 'over Mr. Otepka' dismissal by the State Depart- Inent on Nov. 5, 1963. The department charged hl with "conduct unbecoming a ,"officer of the Department o ;a, State." He appealed his dismis- r sal through department chan- t nels and the case still is pending CPYRGHT Activities of department of- ficials to obtaln evidence against Mr. Otepka included the tapping of his phone, which caused an uproar in 1963 and resulted in the resignation of two security officers who first denied and then admitted that wires had been connect :4 to Mr. Otepka's office phone." Assistant Secretary Involbd One 'of them was John F, eilly, then deputy assistant ecretary . for security. Mr. )tepka charged in a letter to he State Department Nov. 14, 963, that: Mr. Reilly had been arried. away ' by his , "over- ealous attempts to build a ase against me." Mr. Reilly, in his testimony n Aug. 6, 1963, firmly denied at he had ordered the tapping f Mr. Otepka's phone. Then, n Nov. 6 he "amplified" his estimon:? in a statement to the ubcommittee admitting that An Otepka's phone was tapped, ut the tap had been discon- ected after 48 hours when a est showed it was unworkable. Eavesdropping became un- ecessary anyway, Mr. Reilly's tatement said, when the exam nation of the burned bags re- Baled that "Mr.' Otepka had urnished certain material to r. Sourwine." Shortly after, on Nov. 18, 963, Mr. Reilly and Elmer D. ill, chief of the division of ethnical services, resigned., heir resignation followed it uggestion by Senator Thomas Dodd, Democrat of Con ecticut, vice chairman of the ubcommittee, that the State epartment, instead of dis- harging Mr, Otepka, dismiss r. Reilly and Mr. Hill. Several security officers tes- ified about Mr. Reilly's order o check Mr. Otepka's burn ags. Mr Reilly, Terence J. Shea testis ea "was looking for nythfng ~ansmitting, informa- ion in connection with this ommittee." The bags, a:; total of about 14, ere taken to'Mr. Reilly'sa office uring a period of several onths. They' contained, said oseph E. RoSebti, security chief the division of domestic op- rations, . "classified papers hick Mr. Reilly was interested Mf'r Otepkas safe *asopdndl t night,' sg&tn . do lMr. ' Reilly 9 rdere, by ' a . assail lty " oei title and pay as chief of the division of evaluations. Hearing Scheduled appeal has been postponed re- peatedly at the request of Mr. Otepka'a counsel and now is set for Oct. 11. Several members of Congress, including some in the security subcommittee, are challenging `i,'the dismissal and accusing the 8t department of persecuting Mt. Otepka for cooperating with the subcommittee in its investiga- a Lion of security affairs. The department takes the . osition that Mr. Otepka went beyond the limits of proper co- 'operation by voluntarily making classified information available ,.to Jay Sourwlne, subcommittee counsel, and aiding in the draw Ing UP.- Of qquuestions,. designed "to embarrsu hie, epartnient.w,eol-~ 5~.~ a. t~sM+x wY~ifC'~e.riwihd d+ Sanitized Approved For Release .:;CIA-RDP75-001,49R:600600040143-7