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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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August 8, 1965
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Sanitized'- ApproveqkFAWRR&M "-RD AND TIMM HERALD Q Testimony Is Released 1 Safe-Crack CPYRGHT Am, 8 in r e tools o the trade n e State Department are not all diplomatic:- They include a high-speed drill, a pharyngo- scope and a fouled-up wiretap. The lesser-known facets of the Mate Department opera- tion Were revealed in'the latest installment of the Otepka se- ries furnished by the Senate internal security subcommit- tee. The subcommittee released yesterday the second part of closed-door hearings on Its in- vestigation into the case, of Otto Otepka, the former top- r level security officer in the State Department who was dis- ly micrnri Is charged with "conduct un- becoming a State Department officer" because he gave` in- The Otepka case is part of a broad subcommittee study of State Department security: Cracking a Safe provided $ he information on Pasquale: , . apparentli. hnw. tha. State 7)enartment inh. ho fn.,l",a *ha Ati4.,...... I. A_ 1 Stanley E. Holden, chief of in Frankfurt, was told by the technicl security branch, Reilly to bug Otepka's phone. ) to his safe. ry Shneider, "one of our men .v ment security officers tapped former security engineer, testi- Otepka's phone and broke In. fied that Holden told him Jer- facts on the Otepka case. It The tap on Otepka's tele permit use of a pharyngoscope, a medical instrument," his su- perior said. Holden explained that a pharyngoscope Is used by doe. tors to look down a throat, but in the art of safecracking -in the words of subcommit- tee counsel Jay Sourwine-It, "is used to see how tumblers.'. are' falling so that you can line up the tumblers and open up the safe." After Waller cracked the s a f e, the combination was passed on to John F. Reilly, the chief security officer, who had requested it. Wiretape Is Fiasco The whole episode puzzled Sen. Thomas Dodd, (D-Conn.), the subcommittee chairman. "It seems to me you were go- ing at pretty great length to get at a safe in your own de partment," Dodd said. "What', was to prevent Mr, Reilly'froml saying to Mr. Otepka; "'I want, you to open your safe and I want to see the contents of The latest volume_ of testi-I Mr. Holden: "Nothing, not a mony does not reveal any new thing, sir." der usea a nigaapeen, nriu "to'telephone, ,lin FOIAb3b proved For?Release CIA R?DP75-0Uh49R000600040144-6