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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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June 30, 1965
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CPYRGHT 0 niffee~lQt*pproved For Release : Cl 0'.1 A! I A , I+::.::.::,tCA Wolf' n U. 124,374 E. 126,974 S. 271,475 Jt11 3 n 1955 CPYRGHT Morrie Says He's Right About Wieland By Morrie Ryskind rea er a totany impres- sion: he would think t h a t "once again a devoted public servant had been pilloried by some self-righteous vigilantes, but had happily emerged vic- torious against the w i t c h- hunters. And, in xebuttal, I quoted some of the previous testimony and the commit- tee's own evaluatign of Wie- land, made in the 1962 report and included in the current one. The Los Angeles Times, in running my piece, inserted a note signed by the editor;. which hinted at my own lack of objectivity in the matter: I had quoted from previous hearings held in 1962,' where- as the new report. covered the later hearings of 1963, 1964 and 1965. Now that clearly implies- or I don't understand English, at all-that the newer testi- inony,refutes any doubts that m;jy have arisen from the pre- vious hearings and that I was unfair in bringing up. the lat- ter at all. But, as. a matter of simple intelligibility, I admit it is im- possible to make head or tail out of the new stuff without y a,s co um a the Associated Press of high- ly questionable omission i its summation of the hearing on the William Wieland case just; released by the Senate Committee on the Judiciary It reported that Wieland, hea of the State Department's Of f ice of Caribbean Affairs whe Castro rose to power (an charged with being an activ apologist for Fidel), "has bee fully cleared and his securit case closed." And it went on--quotin the testimony of a State Do partment offical-"the deci Sion to close the case wa made in concurrence with th Justice Department, the FBI a special personnel advisor, board and the then Attorne General, Robert F. Kennedy. All of which appeared locall under the headline, "Wielan Fully Cleared for Judgmen of Castro." I wrote - and now re peat-that such a selectiv, presentation gave the'averag FOIAb3b rererring. to e o , 1:0 will" it alludes often. This is not at brand new book, with a com- 4 pletely different plot and cast ~ of characters: this is just an- other chapter in the. m a i n story. So I read both reports care- fully, and I cannot find one cotton-pickin' sentence in the new material that lessens the damaging evidence offered by five-count 'em, five-former ambassadors against Wieland; or anything to r e f u t e the testimony of intelligence offi- cers that he substituted his own judgment of Castt"0 '?odisregard of FBI `CIA and G-2 reports, all oich}t had access to, linking Fidel j with communism. If I'm! proved wrong on this, I promise to eat the offending.? column at high noon in the J1 office of either the AP or the L.A. Times. Come one, come, all. The new report does offer, on the other hand, at least one more instance where Wie- land's testimony was of ques- tionable accuracy. For the rest, it is simply a 'matter of State employes evading com mittee questioning about how come Wieland is doing all right while Otto.Otepka, who was first asked to evaluate the Wieland file and then to forget it-which he didn't- is in the doghouse. Fully cleared, indeed! State may have cleared Wieland for State-but hardly for the am- ? bassadors and the intelligence officers. Well, I've faulted tl)e AP; the Los Angeles Times has faulted me; and I in turn fault the Times for not stick-,! itlg to the nub of the issue. Somebody's wrong. The. jury ! must decide. I suggest you write the Committee on the Judiciary, 3234 New Senate Office Build- Washington, D. C., for ing, copies of both the 1962 and, Sanitized - Appr ved For Release : CIA- [