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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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July 28, 1965
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Crcnt E 0ii I ' iZg0 PO O LOS AiIG%:grItCr94pprOV TItl1;S C S. 768,503 1,094,990 JUL 2~ 5 EeglaGi? r Use- 13 0SitLOan De e e CP'RGHT 13~ Pontius Pilate is' not the AncT in 'rebuttal, 1 quot find one cotton-pickin' sen- ?; only one to -he_ troubled by." ed some of the previous J tense in the new material the question, "What rs testimony and the com- that lessens the damaging; 3 truth?" A juror hears i mittee's own evaluation d( evidence offered by five--?; prosecution witness testify; Wieland, made.in,the 1'162 count em,. five-former;, l: he saw the defendant run-t report 'and included in the ambassadors against Wie- ning out of the bank, his I current one. land; or anything to refute revolver still clutched in j The Times, in running, the testimony of intel- . his hand; but the defense) my piece, inserted a note ligence officers that he;: produces another who: signed by the editor, substituted his own judg- ad which hin ed at m own ment, of Castro in disre- t sweba the accused was at; y and G-2 1 the ball game with him al,, lack of oh_ ectivity in the gard of FBI, CIA 'Vieland fbr 'State. lSilt'a i the time of the crime. Thisown ' matter: I had quoted from reports, all -bf which he hardly for' the ambassa.' intelligence is one you can't s lit d previous hear Tri s held in had access to linking Fi- dot's and the y p g` del'With comrhunism. officers. And apparent) the middle. 1962, whereas the new re- Y) My last column accused.] port , covered the lat.er If I'm proved wrong. on not for the coii?-mittee;,, the Associated Press of; hearings of 1963, 1964. and. this, I promise to eat the either, highly questionable omis 1965. Offending column at' high And - no matter what: noon in the office of either the AP stor sa s I doi lion in its summation. of; r not believe this FBI con.) the hearings on the Wil Now that clearly implies the AP rn The Times.. Liam Wieland case, just; or I don't understand Come one, come all. curred in the clearance. T.4 I released by the Senate Ju-' Phnglish at all-that ' the. The new i?rporL does or-! Edgar Hoover hFc refused" CI, newer testimony refuter, fer, on the other hand, at: consistently to let his de?' diciary Committee. any doubts that may have' least one more. instance,{ partment art as hbth'in r arisen from the previous,!_where Wieland's test.imo-;i vestigator and judge; lest! hearings and that 'I was nywas of questionable ac-'jj it be turned into a Gestapo 1 It reported that. Wie-;. ?. ,? curacy. For the rest, ' It .ls , I doubt he has changed at' inn 1 boor) of Ctnta i)onarl:: ?; ' come Wieland is doing all ?T e,?and I in turn fault The, being an active a ol0 1st %'- right while Otto Otepka, 'Times for not sticking ta. for Fidel) "has been full v X y , fh fitkd thbfh rlAl4 // wo wasrs ase to eva-Ie nu o te Issue. nnrorl nn~3 his sorority, . , . - /.~ .......... ...? ?. a...u ?x; ? 1C: QIILL ........a. , .~ WlVL18. 111V t:' f ,' a., case closed." rrr? r vu then to forget it-which hit Jury must side.' And it went on--ouot-, in' ',3;{'~+