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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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July 27, 1965
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WASHINGTON POST AND TLMES HERALD Sanitized - Approved Foo e ~q. CIA-RDP7 FOIAb3b CPYRGHT Oteplca's Role e Associated Press story~; on the case of William A. W i e 1 a n d, carried by The Washington Post this morn- ing, creates the false impres sion that Otto F. Otepka' "cleared" Mr. Wieland in Jan- uary 1962. Referring to the testimony of Deputy Under Secretary William J. Crockett before the Senate Internal Security Sub- committee, the storysays: I "The deputy under Secretary:, told the subcommittee the first favorable determination in the Wieland case, in ,Janu- ary, 1962, was signed by Otep- ka, even though he told the subcommittee 18 months later in August 1963, that he clues... tioned Wieland's 'judgment.. and integrity.' Apparently the testimony of Crockett to which the sto ry refers is his statement, at` page 99 of the transcript, that" the "file indicates that the' CSC was notified by letter dated January 29, 1962, that a favorable determination had been made in Wieland's case.,, This letter was signed by Mr. Otto Otepka." Contrary to the impression created by your story and by Mr. Crockett's testimony Mr. Oteplca did not clear Mr. Wie- land in January 1962, or there-' after. Mr. Otepka has testified before the internal Security: Subcommittee that prior to January 29, 1962, he made neg- ative findings with respect to Mr. Wieland's judgment and, integrity. In view of these findings he submitted the matter to his superiors for' their decision. Thereafter, ac- cording to the testimony, a fa- vorable determination in Mr. Wieland's case was made by: Mr. Otepka's superiors. The letter to the Civil Service Commission dated January 29,' 1962, signed by Mr.' Oteplca, was merely a formal notifica- tion to the Commission of the final determination made by! the Department of State. It was not in any sense a state ment of -Mr. Otepka's views,' or a determination or ','clear.. Sanitized - Approved For, R~d Otto F. e o OTA-:RDP75-00149R000600040149-1 Washington. .. ~.~ ,