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November 16, 2016
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March 17, 1999
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August 19, 1963
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, WASFITNC TON POST AND Global T ,k ade . . ? . By George Weller Greek Skippers Unveiled at Masked Ball ' Ai release 2000/05/24: CIA-RDP75-001 STATINTL VYi This. class cannot afforcL the time for Riviera villas or th ik t e e . ~: operatic love affairs. brothers N. and J. Valassa- PIRAEI,L'S, Greece --- Amer- inter of Communications. Po- owners. When Washington I lea's l o o s e embargo tantianos is co-owner with tries to pin them down, they his brother George in the escape by placing reaponsi- on trade with Cuba has split Epirotiki Steamship Line, bility for the Cuban deal on the Greek shipping million- which operates the ship Ev- the opposite company, often aires into two rival classes: Brest, seen by the U. S, Navy organized in a different coun- .1'he Haves, who are alrehdy trading with Cuba. try. wealthy enough and want , Among the most success- Greek a h i p a are always Greek embargo breaking to fu1 challengers are the Fran- changing flags. Even Niar stop and the Wantmores, half- co Line, with four ships un- rhos, though no infringer of way to affluence, who are der the Greek flag and about the trade embargo, keeps his defying the Kennedy trade 10 under the Lebanese. The three-m a s t c d yacht Creole l is uied in.Grecce's national. ize4.refinery, which is Amer ieaf operated. Y/top from multi- to simple trD.l.ionaires and the Want- Ji,nrea appear: The new class i that doesn't mind defying 'boycott. The abstaining Haves are led by the famous aristocratic trinity of the 8,000,000-ton merchant marine: Aristotle Onassis, Stavros Niarchos and the heirs of Stavros Livanos, who died last month. Their fleets are huge. Their international involvements. especially. with American oil companies, are enormous. The wives in these families tend to have U. S. passports. Niarohos,. a cautious mav- erick, brings down from the Black Sea the soviet crude oil that is 30 per cent of what both Greece's King Paul and l're.sident Kennedy. as long as no teeth are put in the laws. ; runners is the 113,000-ton; tanker.Sirias. It is top ship of t the 16-ship flotilla operated by Emmanuel Kulukundis, a , fi. xthe two brothers Nicholas i- and At 1 it a s Rethytmnis, k, American and British citt- yens. R i1L1'KU!' DIS, past preal- dent of the Greek- t mericans Shipowners Assn.' HEST new millionaires , of N e w York, brought the Are gambling that. itep.. iidtirnore-to-Carribbean Bull wants to put fUSCles into ('JCarkcrs of John L. Lewis they are too busy. Several of, 1ipoulos, with 10 British and tour Greek embargo runners, 'C'uban runners is for owners to set themselves up as two independent companies for tench ship, one company as operators and the other as American. What's more, they enjoy hi g h influence in Greece. Under %rnencan pressure last March, King Paul passed Opsie d Ir. ReIeasS120001 / }.ittly the ship owner Anasta- i.siosI'otamianos became Min-rJ operators are the Frang stas out of tax reach. Fie files the brothers, A c It i l l e s and ' Liberian flag, operates In George, one a physician in Greek waters but vests own- Athens. Starting with Soviet erahip in a Bermuda-b a s e d lumber trade, they have built ghost called the Imperial In- up an 18-ship fleet. vestment Company. are untitrpeded by the royal .~,o.^~ x.,,, ?..~? decree. They have highly placed Influence. A third brother and investor, Chari- lambos, with royal approval, enjoys the important post of Governor of -Northern Greece. The "flagship" of the trade', CPY! GHT