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November 11, 2016
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February 19, 1999
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September 11, 1965
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SEP 1 1 1965 Sanitized - Approved FOIAb3b ARGENTINE ARMY CHIEF IS TOOL OF U.S. Havana Domestic Service in Spanish 1700 GMT 11 September 1965--1? (Window on Cosmos, by Sergio Albizar: "Ongania, Fuehrer of La Plata") CPYRGHT (Summary) Lt. General Juan Ongania is being talked about a great deal these days. Until Just recently, it was thought that he was just one among the hundreds of generals in the large arsenal of Argentina. However, this is no longer true. Ongania, who emerged as the principal military figure in the La Plata area in 1962, has succeeded in establishing himself on the gorilla throne, after displacing his numerous competitors. In 1963, Ongania was selected by the Pentagon as their trusted sword bearer in Argentina. Since then, Ongania has taken a considerable number of trips through all the U.S. military camps including those of the CIA and those dedicated to the so-called "anti--communist repression," that is, repression of the liberating popular struggle. Speaking loudly and', with pronounced slyness. Ongania caused a great shock recently by making the statement, when arriving from Brazil, that the combined military forces of Argentina and Brazil will intervene in any neighboring Latin American nation, whether or not that government asks them to, when a nation is threatened by internal subversion. Immediately following, rumors were spread through Uruguay and Chile, two nations close to the troublesome and warlike Ongania. They already have enough experience in knowing what the Yankee Pentagon and gorillism interpret as internal subversion. It is nothing more than the overthrow of constitutional regimes which resist giving way to the military anthropoids of the Ongania and Castelo Branco types and falling into the tentacle arms of the U.S. octopus. The strategy is well known. It was practiced on the world checkerboard by those ill-fated supergorillas called Hitler and Mussolini. It is true that they lost the game because of the Soviet Union., But Mr. Johnson renew the dangerous game using his peons of Argentina and Brazil. We predict that their defeat is inevitable.' Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600100003-5