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December 9, 2016
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August 18, 2000
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November 22, 1965
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Approved For Release 2001/07/26 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000 22 November 1965 CPYRGHT must pay 10,000 do file registration st was also found guilty on all 23 charges of the Indictmentand ars on each charge, 22 of which deal with the party's xfefusal tf tements with the Justice Department and one with 1~,6 refusal tion on its membership, financial accounts, and Publications. to supply full inform The salient feature o this disgraceful trial is that government of vials cased their charges on the to the party's ranks. imony of FBI agents and paid informers V= had infiltrated The U.S. Communist Party h Supreme Court ruled that th communists as foreign agents its ruling to the fifth amend which could later be used agai Communist Party fully exposes th t them. The court 's,;""Verdict condemning the hypocrisy of American democracy which in words ms but demies;them these freedoms in reality. gives all citizens political free zupremeCourt lnr,onslstency Moscow Domestic Service in Russian 190), 0MT 20 November 1965--L (Yuriy Babich Commentary) (Excerpt) U.S. communists will undoubtedly o en e r s -u to defame, blacken, and outlaw their party. `Prominent Communist Gus Hall said that the party will protest the sentence as and groundless. If the higher courts are consistent, they must quash the Washington court's decision, as occurred after the first trial of theiU.S. communists. Ro1,(ever, this is on the definite condition that the U.S. Supreme Court is consistens,-rand it is lacking in just this consistence. Only a few days ago it/declared as unconstitutional th9,point of the McCarran Act on obligatory regi.str$tion with the Justice Department every communist but refused to extend its decis ;on to the party as a whole. The witc hunters base their calculations on such inconsistencies. Even if the Supreme \\Court quashes the present sentence, they say, this does not mean that the McCarran Ac unconstitutionaxi Consequently- the possibility remains of s against the C9.i6munist Party, making it expend all its strength forces see Act. Only over the be rem PYRG ' tself wil%. be declared pn litigation, and ,zing its political activities. This is why progrd s one of their most important tasks liquidation of the hen this is achieved will the Sword of Damocles, which sive American nt, only hangs ommunist Party but over any democratic organization in th PENKOVSKIY PAPERS CONSIDERED CIA FORGERY U.S. British Responsibility Moscow TASS International Service in English 1236 GMT 20 November 1965--L CPYRGHT (Text) New York, 20 November --Leonid Velichanskiy dispatch--The e ovs iy ca e N were offered for sale here yesterday. The publishers claim that they are the memoires of the Anglo-American spy who ,.:as sentenced by a Soviet court to death. and executed in May 1963. This notorious forgery has been published by Doubleday and Company, and the layout is not inferior to that of Eisenhower's or Churchill's memoirec, that is, calico-covered and gilt-lettered. provisions of the MoCarran A are unconstitutional. The ays ago the U.S. on the registration of ent, which permits Ameridans not to give testimony Approved For Release 2001/07/26 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600250018-3 Approved For Release 2001/07/26 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600250018-3 CPYRGHT G6i4nad.y .Elementyey, chairman of the Collegium for Criminal Cases of the Mur nsk regional court, is presiding at the 'hearings. The prosecution is represented by procurator Stepan Lebdiyuk, Present in the court are the defendant's parents, Howard and Phyllis Mott, who came from the United States to Murmarxek two days before th;e opening of the trial, as well as Second Secretary of the U.S. Embassy William :Shinn? He had been in Murmansk before to discuss Newcomb Mott's case and had met him three times. Mott's parents will be able to see their son after the end of the trial. Newcomb Mott's defense counsel is Moscow lawyer Boris Zolotukhin, Under the Soviet criminal code, Mott could be sentenced fxhbm one to three years?isnprisonment. Soviet and American newsmen are covering the tt:al, i :S? CABINET DISCUSSES VIETNAM, OTHER TOPICS;' CPYR(4` ow TASS International Service in English 2224 GMT 19 November 1965--L (Text) Washington, 20 November--The U..1:1,a' Cabinet met in the White House today to hear a report by Defense 59cretary McNayfara on the situation in South Vietnam. Undersecretary of State G. all review d the international situation. A report was also made on the economic situati in the country. This was announced by White House Pr ss Secretary B. Moyers after the conference. He said that the Southern Rhode'ian /situation had been touched upon in the review of the international situation. '',Mers stated that it had not yet been decided where President Johnson would meet with. Chanc;Ik ard. COPPER PRICE CUT AIMED AT CHILEAA E .ON0MY CPYRGr1 low in Spanish to Latin America 01,0 GMT 21 November 1965--L 200,000 tons of copper from t per pound, or twice as cheap Chile whose economy depends with Chile's firm stand In determination and is 'trying experiencing domestic disc salaries. U.S. diplomacy of an inter-American arme U.S. wishes, the Chilean and freedom. cod that k he United States is puttin U.S. strtegic reserves at a pric copper no'Y 1 sold in London. This argely on cop`,er exports. Washixy efense of the p~inciples of n rbances caused by%copper miners' Cl opes to have a new`argume once. Whereas ov~rnments may be C PARM9T TASS Internatio a1 Service in English 1851 GMT 20 Hypocrisy of American Democracy (Text) New York, 20 N vember.' the Federal Court of the District of Columbia has passed a sentence in t e case of the U.S. Communist Party. It was found guilty of refusing to registe under the Mccarran Act as an agent of a foreign power and sentenced to pay a fine of 230,000 dollars. Approved For Release 2001/07/26 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600250018-3 22 November 1965 bb 28 USSR INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS CPYRGHT The "'Penkovski,y Papers" were serialized in the Washington POST, the Chicago DAILY NEWS, Los Angeles TIES, and certain other newspapers here and abroad before publi- cation in book form, The widest possible publicity was arranged for the book. The publishers are trying to convince the readers that Penkovskiy wrote these. notes before his arrest, which were then smuggled to America. Only an absolute idiot could believe that a rabid spy, who feared that he was suspected by Soviet security organs, would keep detailed diaries--396 large-sized pages--and append them with extensive comments on Soviet policy, which coincided with the aims of anti-Soviet propaganda at the end of 1965. It must be said that even a glance at the "papers" leaves no room for doubt that they were concocted by the U.S. and British intelligence agencies whose agent Penkovskiy had been. This has been bluntly told U.S. and British officials. Their attention. has been drawn to the responsibility that the U.S. and British authorities bear for this provocative undertaking. Not a single serious commentator here or in London believes in the authenticity of these "papers." Even TIME magazine, which takes up any anti-Soviet lie, is skeptical over this concoction, Commentators hold various views as to the author ship of these "ffimemories." Some believe that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is the real author. Others think that CIA only furnished the authors with documents and background information. Max Frankel of the New York TIMES believes that some of Penkovskiyy's espionage reports were used in the book with the generous addition of documents which Western agents would like to have published at present. According to London correspondents of U.S. papers, the view is widespread in Britain that the "Penkovskiy Papers" are the joint product of the American and British intelli-~ gence services. CIA, to be sure, denies authorship although CIA spokesmen have told newsmen that the contents of the "papers" were known to U.S. intelligence before they were published. Why was such extensive publication and circulation of this forgery needed? The American press noted that the book's purpose was to fan up anticommunst; hysteria, spoil already tense international relations, and supply false documents to the American brass, which now demands a harsher and more aggressive foreign policy course. PRAVDA on Oreville Wyrnne Moscow in English to the United Kingdom 1900 GMT 20 November 1965--L CPYRGHbridged version of PRAVDA article on Greville Wynne) (Text) A certain Englishman's name has been cropping up in the press. We first heard of Greville Wynne in connection with traitor Penkovskiy, a British and American intelligence agent, during his trial in the USSR. The military collegium of the Soviet Supreme Court sentenced Wynne as a go-between for complicity in espionage. Wynne's miserable appearance in court aroused a feeling of disgust and contempt 's the prosecution step by step exposed the filthy activities of this so-called businessman from a respectable family. He passed on intelligence information, stole money, guided his ward though London and Paris nightclubs, introduced shady ladies to him, and enjoyed their services himself until his partner complained to their,ma dterse "Rid me of this skirt chaser." Approved For Release 2001/07/26 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600250018-3 Approved For Release 2001/07/26 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600250018-3 CPYR(?~-I10vember 1965 bb 2) USSR yNTERNATIONAL AF'a'AXR.S This Wynne did not hesitate upon his arrest to betray his ward and the leaders of the British intelligence servile whom he had met. He readily told how the British ambassador had advised him to collect material from the traitor and pass it on to the intelligence service. Upon his arrest, he at his own initiative offered to spy for the Soviet "Union. Wynne cried at the trial. He accused British Intelligence of deceiving him, enmeshing him in a rotten dirty business. , and giving him the squeeze. The prosecutor asked him: "Do you d-nounce your activi.t:us`Qt Wynne .replied., "Yes, most decidedly." "Are you regretful ?c the court asked. He responded that. he had never wanted to take part in any of the diL^t:y business. Of course, he would never do it again. He swore that h1'1 eyes had been opened wide. When he returned, British intelligence paid him for damages ?ained and a series of slan6erous newspaper articles. It was in those articles that this miserable scribbler 'posed as a hero and patriot. Wynne >_s now publicizing the so-called Penkovskiy Papers In the United St?.tns 111d Britain. This is the latest a:ti-Soviet hash to be dealt out by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and obviou'ly by its, British underlings. The falsehood is. not worth examining. It has been so crudely fabricated that no self-respecting British paper could help but expose it!s authors at first sight. The DAIIaIMAIL suggested that the book was probably faked by CIA. It added: "There is too much indirect evidence that the book is false." The GUARDYAN reminded readers that since there is no Russian version of the Penlovskiy papers, they. could only have been composed by CIA. The EVENING STANDARD: commented that CIA had done the West a poor service, Greville Wynne does not even realize the stupid position in which he has placed his masters. How much used to be publicized about the caution and discretion of British intelligence! The (ward indistinct) must be the effect of its close contacts with CIA. Things must be in sad shape for anyone to employ the services of such a miserable scribbler as Greville Wynne. CPYF*o141lw Domestic Service in Russian 1500 GMT 21 November 1965--L (Text) Paris--Anatoliy Patapov dispatch--The investigation of a mysterious and sensational affair has been continuing here for three weeks. A-idan disappeared without a trace in broad daylight in he very heart of Paris. He is, Mehdi Ben 7Bat'1 , prominent African le.f~wing poll.itical personality and leader of the National Union of Moroccan People's Forcels-1who lived in Paris as an emigre, before being kidnaped. At precisely midday on 29 C tuber, n Barka was about to enter a Paris cafe on the Boulevard St. Germain where he had an,.a:t)Mtment to meet friends. In front of the cafe entrance, two civilians barreil-'the way a resented their credentials, identifying themselves as Paris,.15'olice. We are c king identity papers. Follow us.a Ben Barka was dragged into a,- 7hite Mercedes. People wh witnessed the. scene tried to discover what was happening, but a large group of allegedl casual passeria-by:screened them from the car and the Mercedes was :Lost in a stream of ca -ill on Boulevard St. Germain. This is how Mehcli Ben Barka disappeared. Approved For Release 2001/07/26 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600250018-3