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November 11, 2016
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January 20, 1999
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April 27, 1964
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FOIAb3b CPYRGHT Sanitized - Approved For Release : CPYRGHT FOIAb3b CHICAGa TRIBUNE APR 2 7.1964 {I l i A ?i~ d f' `Ru t 0 Zl~ fi} r E: d''A t L l a M~ C11 S-`-range Ordeal Russian came up to him an Moscow the naval secrets,. and perhaps a lot more. shed Wynne if he know "any mportant people,, in London. Molody's usefulness in col- ' . Makes a True Jo said he was going to Lon- lecting secrets vanished` with arrest. But he was still on himself in a few weeks and his valuable property to his mas Life i r1 l i e n shed Wynne, as a favor if he ters a . What had he told his cap vould carry a small parcel, to tows? And what had he learned, BY ARTHUR VEYSEY he British people who were even while under arrest, abouC [London Bureau Chief] cting as his host. It :would British counter-intelligence op- [Chicago Tribune Press service] . elp so much in. facilitating his erations? From questions put April reacts rrangements. to him, his sharp mind should like a true life story of a. spy'' Red Spy Sentenced sort out what Britain knew of who came in from the cold- The Russian was named the soviet spy system. this strange experience of the leg Penkovsky. At the time Russians Lacked Prisoner British business man who e was director of the foreign nearly died in a Russian prison. ection of the central commit- But how to get him back? His name is Greville Wynne. A swap was the obvious solu- He is 45 but looks 60 the effect eo for scientific research. But tion-a trade like that between of having become a pawn ill: or six years, in the 195.0's, he Russia and the United States -vicious cold-war espionage. ad been military attache in Russian spy Col. Rudolph Abel Wynne, who was exchanged urkey and then, at least; was for American U-2 pilot Gary . last week for a Russian spy, , member of the soviet intel- Powers. entered a hospital on a stretch- Hence net. But the Russians had no or here today. Physicians said Looking back, he was prob- Briton as prisoner. If only he was going thin a nervous bly still a spy member, and someone could be arrested. and physical reaction to the' n important one, that day in strain of recent events. oscow when he sought out And there, in Moscow, ready at hand, was Wynne. Could Pen Wynne's business was arrang- ynne. .kovsky lead him into a trap? Greville Wynne ing ? small exhibits for British f i r m.s ..seeking to sell their wares behind the iron curtain. He traveled thru eastern and central Europe with a big truck fitted out as a display room. He mot many persons. r II He was in Moscow In the early spring of 1961. One day Three weeks earlier, the most important Russian spy ever aught in Britain had been sen- tenced, in' London's Old Bailey riininal court, to 25 years in ;rison. Ile was Konon Molody, major in the soviet air force. In London he had masqueraded or five years as a Canadian itizen, Gordon Lonsdale, deal- r in anti-burglary devices. He ived,in a fancy London, apart- ent house galled the White Ouse, a name which must lave caused many chuckles in oscow. Melody had been a very ef- ective spy. With the help of wo British naval employes, he ad winnowed submarine war- are secrets out of the British' nderseas research center. Two mericans, Peter and Helen roger, ran a secret radio sta- ion for him in their London, uburban home, passing on to Wynne apparently carried the parcel to London. In itself, the parcel was harmless. But it lead him into the hands of Brit- ish intelligence. British agents saw in Wynne .a new opening into Moscow. They, according to Wynne's evidence later at his Moscow trial, urged him to develop the contact with Pen- kovsky..He said he agreed to act as courier only after a man he assumed to be chief of British intelligence -- tho never introduced by name.- pleaded, with him as a British patriot, and threatened to ruin his business, if he refused. Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600280008-1