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December 9, 2016
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August 21, 2000
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October 21, 1967
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HUMAN EVENTS FOIAb3b Approved For Release 200JI,0Zfg70'cQ}A-X75-00149R0006003 CPYRGHT .-CPYRGHT , By RZP. Gir'NARD LZPSCOM3 (R.-Calif.) A news dispatch from London dated Oct. 2, 1967, reports the disclosure that a farmer top British In- i - 71 ved as a .Soviet spy for ported, is now in Mos- cow, having vanished f our years ~; a,vAAA Beirut ago while working as a correspondent.s dis- closure points once again to the serious- ness of the menace represented by the worldwide Soviet, espionage system. But , there is another aspect of the article' that is deserving of attention... The very last paragraph of the lengthy 'If dispatch states: "It was reported that ii l?hilby, who is now employed by the Soviet featura agency Nova&cl, may ha working on the new English language ?~ digest magazine Sputnik, which is due to appear in Britain later this year.". What is 'probably not widely known is that the Soviet magazine, Sputnik, on which it is- reported this.former spy is working, is at present being distributed in the United.States and :has been dis- tr:outca e on bas!s VIM January. When news of this came out- I took up the matter with the Depart-. ment 'of State on the basis that if this Soviet..publication. is being disseminated in,. 'out',. country, what has -been done or. will be ' done toward achieving re- ciprocity to dlWlbute United States pub- lications in the USSR? At best, the response has been unsatisfactory. I am;., advised the matter has been taken up with the Soviets, but repeated inquiries' as to the results have made it abun- dantly clear that little if any progress has been made toward this end. Whenthe Sputnik magazine first was distributed in the United States attempts were made to pass it off as solely a commercial venture. I believed then that Sputnik' is;:,a vehicle to disseminate of ficial propaganda of the Communist party and the disclosure that a former Red spy is working on the magazine cer- tainly reinforces that belief. ? Clearly we should receive similar con- cleaikne from tha Sovlew In tha way of distributing United States publica- tions in the USSR. I do not mean, however,' distribution of any sort of "official" magazine, . which could be subjected to controls. That type of ex- change would be of limited usefulness for-as is well known-what Soviet citi- zens read is already strictly controlled ' by the Soviet government. Our regular. publications, produced by a free people:';, in our free society; -are what should be distributed. Approved For Release 2001/07/27?: CIA-RDP75-00149R000600330041-8