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December 9, 2016
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August 21, 2000
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October 2, 1967
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CPYRGHT- to being, named head or the. entire British counter-. headed the Washington staff, working closely with intelligence network,_MI-C the CIA and the FBI. Philby's:.closest brush with . chief'bf Britain's anti: Soviet section and came close -' intelligence' in Turkey, and two years later ' he read'like an incredible spy novel. 'directed against the Soviet,Urton. - `. don ,newspapers pieced together an account yester- his career rose rapidly.-By the end of 1944 he I rn;n4 s....]....a.L1_.L - - --- . old rather in Moscow two weeks ago. "I have. come When World War U broke' out,. Philby's 1, ,.,.e', t:., ....,,,.,.a 1;:.. c..a___ -- 'T'--.- T -- '- - . , , . . ? . . ... casting Corp. commentary that he met his 55-year- Franco side -of the Spanish civil tsar. i.:entrat inteiugence agency. counts. During the late 1930s, Philby masqueraded Russians for 30 years. Philby:,-, once was Britain's rier, the papers said. I-Ie soon graduated to higher chief liaison man in Washington. with America's level Soviet intelligence work, according to the ac- Phi!: the British spy who defected to Moscow in versity in 1933. One year later he ? beoAn i lnna London - 1e son ot Harold (Kim) . u y was graduated from Cambridge Ifni ? Soviet spies that their activities had been uncov- L f. Guy Burgess were abl e to flee to the Soviet Uniorr_;i! 1 came under suspicion and he was drotined from. j., the Washington assignment. - ?' i1 Slowly, however, Philby worked his way back:t' correspondent for the British newspaper, The Ob1;i' Philb server. y continued his doubleagent activities-.1 until 1961 when a So iet d f , v e e(c1tor made-allega1a. tions about his history with the Soviet s s ste,41::-?. py y rniloy, still working ' in Beirut, fled to': Moscow r iny, 963 when informed. that ; a 'case,-was:`~being vcm giled against him Approved For Release 2001/07/27 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600330063-4