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November 11, 2016
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February 26, 1999
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May 24, 1964
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MIAMI NEWS FOIAb3b CPYRGHT By VIRGINIA PREWETT North American Newspaper Alliance Exile. Leader Manolo Ray Cubans Mere Feared Him MANOLO. RAY, a leader in the Cuban exiles' battle to dump Castro, is a controversial figure who wasn't always the herq he' is todau.,In this article, written Oct. 26, 1962, the author tells of exiles grouvs that feared Ray and warned, President Kennedy rzbn,lt him.' WASHINGTON - On Oct. 25; eight uban underground organizations claiming 00 exiles in the United States sent Pres- ent Kennedy a telegram from Miami warning" him they will not accept just fly government imposed by the United tales if Castro is overthrown: Fear that Manolo 'Ray is Washington's hoice to lead a U.S.-backed uprising and ead a provisional government. prompted ie telegram, exile leaders told NANA. Ray is feared because he is the protege f Gov. Luis Munoz Marin, of Puerto Rico nd the favorite of. the most leftist ad- isers around President Kennedy. After ennedy became president in 1961, the U.S. overnment forced the U.S.-backed Cuban evolutionary Council to accept Ray as a ember. He has since left it. Formerly,the U.S. leader of, an organ- ization called the Revolutionary Movement of the People (MRP). Ray is said by Cuban exiles to. represent what they call "Fidelismo Without CPYRGHT CPYRGI-,T Sanitized Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600420010-2 Sanitized - Approved For Release MAY 241964 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600420010-2 CPYRGHT By VIRGINIA PREWETT North American New6VaPer Alliance INEW YORK a put Fidel Castro on trial for, his life if he catches him alive. The charge will be 'Crimes Against Cuba." Ray is the 39-year-old exile leader who aims o 'overthrow the Communist regime. A spokesman for 'Ray, in outlining his pro- rani for- the future of Cuba, said that only' op figures In the Castro government, and in. he former Batista, government, will be placed in trial. He said lower-rank officials and army fficers under Batista would be welcomed in he fight on Castro and the building of a new uba. He said Ray's organization, the Junta Revo- ucionario de Cuba (JUKE), aims to set up a caretaker government for 18 months after Cas- tro is toppled. Preparations would be made for a national election. Ray might leave the care- taker regime to campaign for office in the election, the spokesman said. The JURE official said that, once free, Cuba will break relations with the Soviet bloc and outlaw the Communist Party and any other to- talitarian group. He said Ray would summon representatives of Cuba's capital and labor and ask them to col- laborate in a "national democratic reconstruc- tion plan," similar to what Jean Monet did in France after its liberation from the Nazis. Ray would restore to both Cuban and for- eign owners property taken from them by Castro, he said. Where property has vanished - a herd of cattle slaughtered and eaten, for example - the regime would have to "con- sider compensation_ in the light of its re- F MAY 2 4 1964 `CPYRGHT 1962 by uniting -six, groups of militant Cuban the majority. Ray was a member of the U. S.-sponsored Cuban Revolutionary Council at the time of the Bay of Pigs attack,>but charged that the CIA? did not permit him to alert his under- ground. This group later broke away from his leadership. He ' formed JURE in September ei into a small landowner. Many of the state- owned cooperatives created by Castro will be- come producer cooperatives owned by the men working them. The state will intervene in the economy only "when the efforts of private enterprise are inadequate or when an industry Is so im- portantthat it must be a monopoly." "For example," said the JURE informant, "small-power companies would go broke in Cuba. Electric power must: be a monopoly." Foreign capital will be invited to ret aen to Cuba, "with. ample guarantees against expro- priation. If the investors from several coun-, tries want to come to Cnba, we'll give priority to the nationality that (has the least stake al- ready invested:" The Ray organization believes that when constitutionality is restored to Cuba, Cuban cabinets should include representatives of the most important minority parties, as well as. of Private property and free enterprise, "that serve society" will be the cornerstone. of the new society, according to JURE. Agrarian reform ' will be pushed. The ap- proavh will be to make the peasant landwork- exiles. Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600420010-2