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November 17, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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June 27, 1967
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JOURNAL !d- 65_,775 5-104,572 Pala Paco 1'.:C; a _ It i ADISON, t'/ISC. ApltpEoueG Fc IR %ase,2000/08/0~9bW-k TJUN 2 71867 of (Of The 3140e Jeurael Sleff) The i'rl: i)r(1 .aD r union;; in I.liis fif:ld as ri whole has not Victor G. Reuther, director of international affairs for the. bern one to be proud of," he powerful United Auto Workers (UAW) Monday said hia union? paid, "In the case of migrant Alas nothing to do with -Central Intelligence Agency .CIA)' far?m workers there is nothing cloak and dagger 'operations. "" ~ Short of a feudal. relationship." The 55-year-old union chieft.ian said the 1IAW has con- The labor executive added, sistently fought against such - - _ "' ho ever, that the UAW has tried associations which hr, said en- World Labor Defense 1?' u n d ao%arr.y its share of the load. courage(] police state.. !aimed at supporting define he. UA1't` expenditures in The American labor move.-;,'anions abroad but it is strictly! mils area have been greater res cs inept and student organi'%afinns!:on an independent basis, hey , ~a;, taan the. combined expenditures D have been accused t'eeentll of compromising t h e i r integrity and principles by working with the United States ,spy organiza- ?on such operations. The money is not. used for r,eSF ^y that out of cad- la years ago " Reuther said. ?i.ather for direct support of ani:i f money to anti-Communist trade unions in foreign countries' and we did." The UAW has not done so Rince and does not intend to do an again, Reuther said. f?euther, brother of UAW he said. "The best way to fight Coilt- muaism is to come forth wish positive programs," he s a i d. "People don't want slogans -I they want positive results." Rmjhex said the UAW will Pres. Walter Reuther, was in not. give a "blank check" to!. Madison to participate in t he either political party or to any . University of Wisconsin School, individual politician, but he' for Workers summer session. made it clear his big union is! The bespectacled, snft.-spoken,l~not impressed with Rcpuhlicans. and articulate labor executive "The Democratic P..rty more! who still bears facial scar's of'' than the Republican ,l>'ty has! labor-management wars of two!; !identified itself more with the' decades ago, chatted with re- porters briefly between I e c- lures at the Wisconsin Center, 702 Langdon St. Reuther said he was asked by government officials after World War Ti to become a secret agent, during the cold war with Russia but he "flatly refused." "We have been critical of this sort of involvement and have called for a;, end to it.," he said. ',The CIA slio;tld operate in a wage earners of this ehuntry, ;he said. He put down speculation that the UAW and other liberal un ions would, along with liberal farm groups, throw il-.cir mas- sive. support to the formation of .a third major American political party. "The net effect would be. '.n guarantee the Republicans tinnal control," he said. "We. are not quite prepared to pay manner so as not to destroy the' that price." character of private organiza-1 Reuther admitted that t h e " Anirican labor movement has tions . Reuther said there have. heen~. fallen down in at.telnpts to or- j CPYRGHT .recruit i1 rigi9C>i'Fior 'Pi6te+else '0Q>9~0&/03abcC[A-RDP75-00149ROOO'f/ 0001 8 rnirorities. /'r?r>t,lr (loll t tr'nnf. slnrrtrr.s The UAW operates a P'?r a Et ' -St+k Jnurnnl rhnle