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November 17, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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August 23, 1966
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Lv eC~_ _.~2~~. _?: ;X voto i w;. W? 2 and president of the Commu. AUG23 Approved For Release 2000708/03 i-_6W6Vs;_nn,1AQPn?~r3 CPYRGHT Although the report was not Irnade public, Bierne told The lWashington Post that he ;sought to refute what. he called a number of untruths f Cc ;, -a ; about the Institute, among LL ~? ~;~,; I `y~ 'them charges that the AIFLD: By frank Porter U.S. State Department. Is dominatedby or coop. Wns;i,n,ton Post 5tatt writer . ? crated with the CIA 76, : 21 = 22--Waltur 1'. , i 1,10 ? Posters company unions :.;~ w.. t. .;.5. labor movement, received another stirs in Latin America. is 3 :e u _ 3-1 foreign policy here today from the lead Intervenes in the internal! ,_~ CIO affairs of foreign countries. S~'"= of "'` cen-nied his brother by n- ? Supports anti - democratic executive ri;rectiori. They also specu t leaders in Latin America, ouncil votcu, 21 to 2, to "re- cci that a yes vote from U al- Bierne said he was not un- ject out of ,and the campaign ter might have implied t' at' my disturbed when "this fa-: of viliification that has been he is in accord with over 11 ric" of allegations was woven' conducted against the AIFLD AFL - CIO foreign polic es y individual newspaper and' (tile Amcricari Institute For magazine writers. when indeed he is not. Pr s- Free Labor Development)." !dent George Mean y as' Th;: -,rime target of the y ublic Changes scheduled a special cxecut e "It still didn't have cre- resolwtion wasn't Reuther, council meeting for after e' who heads both the 1.3-million. November election- at wh' h }ence until someone from the :ne:ri,ar United Auto Workers Reuther and his support rs oovemcnt (Victor ~ Reuther) (UAW) and the Industrial Un- will have a' chance to deb to ave it credence, he said. ion Department of the AFL- these policies. hortly after Victor first CIO, but statements made by r age his charges public in a his brother Victor. ho Comment ewspaper interview last May, Victor b other is director Walter Reuther would of icrne asked Meany for the. of tP.a Tj', 7'S department of comment on today's action. pportunity 'to defend -the inter.,atior:ai Affairs ? and has' The Reuthers' earlier def at IFLD, which is an outgrowth' publicly assailed the AIFLD,! on foreign policy came in A. pilot projects in Latin, among other things, he has June when the council uphe d ; merica by his own union, charged the AFL-CIO-spon- 18 to 6, the walkout of Amc i~' oday's report was the -frul sorad Institute with working can labor, delegates to the ]n., I ion of that request. with the U.S. Central Intel tornational Labor Organi a, .13iernc said his' action was ligence Agency and interfer- tion meetings in Geneva aft 3r ` not an attack on- Victor election of a Polish Comm cuthor as a person but on ing in the internal political af? statements he made." faiuu? - mist as president. Walt r ntr. he CWA chief, who called ~s of Lavin American na Reuther, aided by his broth bons. had protested the action b t, le AIFLD "the one bright ~~iro::e ::n At ticks terly as inimitable to a fr c ar in the whole alliance for A_thou h the quarterly exe?' labor movement and ask d rogress," said he told the tutiva council meetings that Meany for a special hearing, until the Institute has opened hero today are closed,! The. episode was regard d t ained 43,000 Latin Ameri- members said Walter Reuther, as a tempest in a teapot y as as labor leaders, spent or conceded his brother had' some rank-and-file union! s c n:imitted $63 million on been wrong in his attacks on! who contend AFL-CIO'forei n' orker housing and spent an- the AIFLD. 1 policy holds little interest f T her $100,000 on such "im- The UAW president non i the membership as a whole. 1 ct" items as sewing ma- thcless voted against the mo 1 But higher-ups view bo t lines for cooperatives, sanita? tion along with Joseph Cur-, the ILO and AIFLD inciden s facilities, schoolhouse im? ran, president of the. National as greatly weakcnin; Walt r ovements and the like. Maritime Union. President Ja-;Reuther's chances of suttee The council also passed u, cob S. Potosky of the Amalga?ing Meany as federation pre.'r solution supporting the com- mated. Clothing Workers oflident. R v e n some of hi unications workers in their America abstained and three:friends, while supporting hir ';+e forts to shatter the "shield"! other council members were;in the ILO fight in theory,-'o the Administration's 3.2 per absent. were dismayed by what thew. c nt wage guidepost which Walter Reuther reportedly considered Reuther's decisiv it e union says western.)"- lec- .savored the first part of the,tactics in bringing the matte ,t is has erected to resist C~VA resolution, which commended into the open before the cou 1 vols." the AIFLD for its "work In cil could consider it, carrying out '.e policies of It asked the Senate to act the AFL-CIO in the interna? IlCpo,'t Outcome .p omptly on an improved min- tional field." Today's resolution was, ill( ?`i um wage bill, asked that But colleagues said they be- outcome -of a long report de tl c House expedite the so- lieved he could not lend sup,, fending the AIFLD by Joscp e lied truth in packaging bill port to a? mot!.Qxk-which ,con-'.A..Bierne. its secretary-treasu w rich it said has become b gged down in committee, ;add gave' "support without r nervation" to seven unions eking to bargain collective. Approved For 'Release 2000/08/03: ~m # 76aOQ RGOO estg ouse. ? - 00460027-0'