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November 17, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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August 23, 1965
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J Approved For Release 2000/08/03 ::Cl~-RPT5~0149R000600460( `7 L per' 1i rn i By JAC i MALLON Stuff Correspondent of TILE \E\C5 nlcago, Aug. u22- - resident George 114eany vigor- usly denied today charges that ;.;the Central In-; CPYRGHT t e l l i gence Agency had in- filtrated" into the labor organ- ization's p r o- gram in Latin America. Blasting crit-' ics who have qcharged that q charged he American George Free Labor De- Meany velopment was formenting revolutions" and act- s "training school for company pions," the executive council of he AFL-CIO meeting here passed resolution condemning "the ampaign of vilification con- ucted against the AIFLD." At the May Convention.of the nited Auto Workers in Cali- oria, Victor Reuther, head of the AW's international department harged that CIA agents had con manipulating unions in anama to protect U.S. interests., He said the intelligence agency. ac o o s y, pres ent of the' as working through unionistsl, malgamated Clothing Workers aired by the AIFLD. pion abstained.- Approved For, Release 2000/08/03 CIA-RDP75-00149R000600460028-9 Reuther also contended that the' nternational labor organization' r. s supporting a union in the Do- iinican Republic opposed to left- st leader Juan Bosch. The left ring press and other critics oined in the Reuther charge. The AIFLD, a unit of-the AFL-, 10 International department, is inanced by U.S. labor, industry: nd the federal government.. ornied in 1962, it trains Latin merican trade nnionists and; romots better-housing and social rograms. "I'm no agent of the U.S. gov-. rnment. No one is going to make io into some cloak and dagger haracter," Joseph Bierne secre- ary treasurer of th AIFLD, said' fter yesterday's e x e c u t i v e . ession. Demands Condemnation Bierne, also president of 'the. onimunications Workers of; \merica, insisted in the closed neeting_ that the 29-man execu ire council condemn the accusa ions of Victor Reuther. Victor's brother, Walter, presi lent of the UAW, said, 'He's my rothre and I'm not going to sit; ere without defending him." Although he said he supported' he basic. goal of the AIFLD, the JAW president objected to the: resence of businessmen on the oard of the international labor; rganization.. The resolution supporting the: IFLD and condemning its de ractors was passed by a 23 - 2 to, with Joseph Curran, presi- cnt of the Maritime Union and' alter Reuther voting ,against it., ob P k t f id