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November 17, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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May 24, 1966
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Approved For Rel0a's CPYRGHT By VICTOR RIESEL There are those In the Sti ,,busty aun e In Detroit of cps, who, between gulps of as- after May , 31. Some 40 autoI irin, are wondering what the . ? union leaders from plants' as far brothers Reuther will do next. off as Australia will gather with For some time now, Waller, the brothers Reuther to plan the elder, has had his own "for- their future - and some of the; ign office," run by a continent- panning will be open to the pub- hopping .' ~orciIt.,lumtSScr1 -b Vic-1"' lie media-printed and elec- i. Iqr.,, .the,,younge ,~,. Ironic, Unlike any other foreign ' The objective will be eventual (flees, its service has no money ' confrontation of each of the auto i problem. .. companies by one solid intern-1 Last year it spent $377.x' (lanai council of un`onisis, This still left about PA mil-" . Thus Rcuthers auto union in the lion in reserve, which easily will `U.S. can throw its support to fit'ow to $6 million in a year or unions of GM employes in Ger- Approved For Rele nual interest on the union's -to uitich the Reuthers last mammoth strike fund. year dispatched some of their. For almost two years now she,. ? colleagues and specialists. Reuther brothers have been This merely Is one phase of welding a powerful global labor the operations of the United' madtinc - and are about ready Auto Workers' ' international to launch It., across world Iron- '.,dept. At this moment it is trails-1 tiers. lug some 50 of its people' :as` The unveiling is scheduled for global or transcontinental o--' the first week in June in the'' ganizers. auto union's Detroit ' stead-' As soon as these men have quarters known as Solidarity completed, their foreign service House. I training here in Washington and There's nothing rusty about'. Detroit, they will be replaced 6y Walter Reuther except the color others until the cadres grow by of his hair. . the hundreds, according to Vic so, because its source is the an- many, Venezuela, - or Australia; 1966 gVU'GLt\1ASUNr MAY 2 4 T91 [f. /0 u$I ;RDP75-00149ROOO6 State DepL. Keeps ? :Cyc oz1 ~~c~.$t~xe~.~s big, and so does his brother Vie rnus hunt wairooi or AUUIS tor, head of his union's Interna? Abatis to Canberra and Cara `lional Affairs Dept. Their ncw? , cas, there will be auto union est global operation, virtually .' men working with local unions unknown to the public, covers' -In and out of the auto Man- six continents. 'Meturing industry, By any name, It would be fit- The work will stretch right flucntiai among peoples and, through Lhe Orient to Tokyo and governments led more and' South Korea-with plenty of atoll more by Laborites, ' over in South Viet Nam, The ' new venture will be What Intrigues the U.S. State called the World Wide Autonto- Dept, is the impact of the auto ' bile Council - a continent-span- union's "little State Dept." on ning union, the first of its kind, American foreign policy in this, with 'branches in at least 50 burgeoning era when the labor countries, leader of yesterday often Is the The major. council will have :,,' prime minister of tomorrow. four sub-councils -- one each td.'. Victor Reuther, . frequently A cover all the GM plants across brilliant, ingenious opponent of, the earth all the Ford installs- " the forces in the AFL.-CIO na- tions; all the Chrysler - Fiat- tional headquarters, r aze 1 y~ Simca - Rootes production cen- hides his distaste for America's; ters; and a miscellaneous board , foreign policy. ' for such foreign manufacturers Victor is intensely opposed, to as Volkswagen and Mercedes- ,,.U.S. action in Viet Nam. ' Benz. -' " He hardly Is one' of NATO's' The mother council. probably ? enthusiastic dmmpions. 'will be headquartered in Stivit-- And recently he led a.?delega-4 zertand, where it can be close ' (ion o[_,U.$ cikizena to tile to, something called the 'Interna- 17ontinican .Republic? fq..:observe (tonal 'Metalworkers Federation ' . vhctficr, there . would. h j.' airy -a vast coalition of work- clcclions,",. He and.,}1g grgup?~]> ancl l.?,?_assurancea,,,_tha j ers who handle any product with ,ytn metal in . it, ranging from U.S. arme 7orces and . C..[,A titto3~0190ttOUH, : CIA-RDP75-6044W kt It will' all be quite reremo- '' sides,w.