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December 16, 2016
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January 3, 2005
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October 13, 1963
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OCT 13 1963, I" I Approved For Release 2005/01/05 : CIA-RDP75-00149R0007000700Q,Q-9 /? Alexander Rorke ... Class A mystery, Rorke Mjy Heightens By LEIGHTON McLAUG11LIN tferald'Staff Writer The fate of Anti-Castro Raider Alexander I. Rorke Jr., has become a class A mystery, U.S. aviation offi cials said Saturday. - Art Eno,' area. coordinator. for the Htr n Agecy,_here. no trace has been found of 1T1L-ft1ith Florida adventurer, this pilot Geoffrey Sullivan, or their plane since they left Cozumel, Mexico'Se 2 pr,suma- i bly bow dures. Three possQi it e5 have been suggested: a crash on land or sea, a deliberate se- cret flight to an unknown destination or abduction. "But that would have been a perfect place for them to refuel," said Eno. Eno pointed out that the route to Tegucigalpa is over a wide stretch of the Carri- bean, and then over moun- tains soaring to 8,000 feet. At first, it was thought that Rorke and S u 11 i v w n might have used Cozumel as a jumping off place for a raid on Cuba. "We . checked with Havana., said Eno, "and came up with a negative. ', "We talked to every single country possible, and . got nothing. There has been all _sorts of conjecture." He, said Rorke's uncle, Wit- 1lam Rorke, had been in to talk ' to 'hini, and suggested his, nephew may have been abdtt'ited. The uncle, of New York ;1/"ity refused to discuss the possibility with newsmen, .Rorke is known tb have been 'a thorn in the side of Castro and Cuba. He claimed o hat;-6 made -a raid on a Cuban,''oil refinery in May. Subsequently his airplane, a twin engine Beechcraft, was cbnfisg6fed by the federal gove9si int. its ;boat, the 36-foot Vio- lynn IIi, also was confiscated a./ter it was found in British waters with 17 anti-Castro raiders on board. He and S u l l i_v a n were wa if S in Sep- tem ce their hit-run tactics ' net Cuba. Fnen s said the ill-fated Rorke, 36, and Sullivan, 28 trip was a'legitimate business -- both of whom claimed to vcnturo, 1=d' inquire about a have staged raids on Castro's 'r Kohst?r h t>ling o p e r a t i o n Cuba -- rented a twin engine pane Sept. 24 in Fort Lau- derdale and took off. They landed on Cozutnel an island?'off Yucatan -- la- ter in the day. After an over- Ii'i16lTywood, Rorke's wife .i#ff of their three chil- dren 4id he was expected back 'Sept. 29 at the la night stay they filed a flightpl~ the search had plait to TRguc- igalpa, Hon bear uened over to the Coast duras, and vauis vanished.. u d Eno said a -message from ls~ 2 Who's he?" asked the Cozumel, nitart indicated the tliohe operator at. Coast the fliers roay Ra?:'e had 17ie- Gua. aid Rescue. a1r1 ?P~aniE ai difficulty tltci r" it tivass er' pi ed that he 61ied"PoY,Rete6se.~ Q5, i0 _ `,4 ;Rb'75-00149R000700070002-9