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December 20, 2016
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November 16, 2006
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November 24, 1964
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Approved For ReleasJMA . MI M-P75- NOV 2 4 1964 STATI NTL 'Adventure Writer.-Is Lost in Sea Crash Mystery Off Morocco. By PHILIP H. DOUGHERTY Holly Roth, a prolific Amer, .can writer of intrigue and ad- venture stories, is missing and presumed dead after a myst- rions sea accident off Morocco. The case involving the New York-born novelist, who also wrote under the name of K. G. Ballard and P. J. Merrill and .sold to both television and the movies, had elements that might have made material for one of her works: .. I 9A trip from Gibraltar to the Canary Islands aboard a ketch named Visa. 11 A shi A th An th t p ----- e a t I I b th ht i a"" "?Cal oa n e n g . Next he went to the radio, hei and sailed on, said and finally raised Radio 'I A. reported Central Intelli- ; fence Agency dossier. - Safi, About noon the Santa-Af The accident was reported to ricana; a Spanish fishing Craw- ter, hove to, put two men aboard; th M th iti b e oroccan au y or es the Visa and took het in tow to the 48-year-old writer's hus-'Safi ban((, Joseph Franta, a 36-year. old Czech who travels 'under a;RoMiss Roth's brother, .. Frank re- Swiss passport. They were mar- ?v of Springfield, N.J a's ceived a copy of Mr. , Franta ricd four years ago. statement along t5...r.. -1A rl.. tr1 . .. / g with a "Pre= ar, sow o a ay slid "The Crimson In the Purple." A;s K. G. Ballard sh wrote "Bnr Sinister" a.nci ."The Coast of Fear:" "The Slender Thread" wa.? under the name.P. J. Mere rill. .On television her Work has appeared on the Kraft Mystery Theater and bn Moment P Fear. Two of her workii. have' been bought for motion picturle , about 20 miles north of Safi , ,of an American Citizen" siened ' u : ~teft?1, ~: r1 ~ 1~p ! e he w ~ Ji~f~1 Sr4! jp GJl(1r1IY lFN &~+~!+.. The New York Times Nov. 24, 1964 Cross shows where writer vanished from sailboat. life-jacketed form in the water. vice consul, lists the cause of He called again; no reply. death as "accidental, presumed The ketch, was running under lost at sea and drowned. " It g lists the name as Helen Holly motor and sail and he steered Roth-Franta, and her last toward the spot and threw out United States address as 171 a buoy, he said. The line fouled West ''71st Street. the propeller. He tied a line to Mr.1Roth,said yesterday that himself, he went on, leaped into, that was the address of their mother, Mrs. Benjamin Roth, the heavy swells, but could not who now lives ip Baldwin Park, find his wife, whom he supposed a Kuburb of Los Angeles. Miss to be unconcious.. He returned Roth/ had lived at 308 West to the ship, tied a longer rope 75th Street, he said. to himself and jumped back in One of Miss l .oth's most re- agein. Still no success. cent books, "Too Many Doc- Exhausted, he climbed back tors, published by Random s House undo her maiden name, on the Visa, and fired flar gg concerned violence at, sea. She and a gun in a vain attempt to also wrote "The Van Dreisen attract fishing boats that he said Aff 1 " /1Sh d f L A " Casablanca, Mr. Roth, who operates a rare-coin shop in Jersey City, said ' he last saw his sister In' 1060, just before she 'married' Mr. Franta. She had met him, her brother said, in Geneva, where he was with the Interna- tional Labor Organization. The ketch, vtr. Roth said, was built in 1912 in Norway, weighs: 25 tons and was bought by Mr. Franta in 1960 for $8,500. He said it was later. put into the name of his sister, who spent $20,000 in renovating it. Mr.; Roth said his sister had been, living in Paris and Majorca. for several years. During the last; year, he said, the couple lived aboard the ketch. In. a letter to her brother; making coffee while his wife was standing watch. It was about 4 A.M. He felt a strong dated March 30, 1964, Miss Roth wrote that her husband shock that knocked him against was Navin difficulty, getting;, into th ted St t She a s. a wall, he said. He went topside said the .LA was blackballing and . saw a grayish ship about him and W lengthy file on 145 feet long moving away. He him. -' , called his wife, he said, but got The report: from Casablanca; no reply: He thought >}la saw: a ptgxted by. Robert 0. Adam, ?the Approved For Release 2006/11/16: CIA-RDP75-00149R0007000900.01-8