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December 16, 2016
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January 4, 2005
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May 12, 1966
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AVON, MASS. ~, NI.ESSE~oved For Release 2005/01/27: CIA-RDP75-00149007~00170015-4 0 0 Weekly - 1,325 Front Edlr Oth,, pay;oa Page Fag U, 'l i roru the Office of U. S. Sena*.or ;George Washington, the United velops many types of. intelligence heverett Saltonstall (R, 'Mass.) States has been involved in intelli- estimates and reports, both goner- Once again our top foreign in- ;Bence gathering activities. This is. al and specialized, including a telligence agency, the CIA, has hit an essential function of our gov- daily summary for the President newspaper headlines, This time crnment both for national securi- and his top foreign policy and de- the Central Intelligence Agency is ty and in developing our foreign fense advisers. charged with infiltrating our col- policy. Not until 1946, however, It is a popular, misconception loge campuses to use a highly re-' was the foreign intelligence fungi= that " the majority of CIA's em- spected university as a cover `for! tion organized on a government- ployees are agents of the Tames cloak and dagger operations in a wide basis. In 1947; Congress en- Bond variety who are engaged in foreign country. Under their reg-National Security. Act various types of clandestine and ular policy, the Agency has not which, amo other things, estab- commented on the incident. lished the National Security Co.un- _ subversive activities. A c t u a l l y , most Agency employees are en- I believe this policy is necessary' cil as the top national security ad- gaged in the business of collect- ,'for our national security, but as visory group to the President and in, processing, and evaluating in-. one of the Members of Congress: -created the Central Intelligence formation. The Agency is foremost who is responsible for reviewing Agency to coordinate and develop in our government in their use of CIA activities, I felt that the facts our intelligence system under the mechanized 6.,.a-processing facil- as I know them in this particular direction of the Council, I acted as ities. But while mechanization has . incident could be made public. In Chairman of the Congressional literally made this huge. task pos- remarks before the Senate last conference committee which ham- siblc, ultimately we must rely on week, I pointed out that since 1954, mered out the final version of this ~ those persons who exercise , a at the direction of President Eis- 'important law, judgment factor, those who make enhower, the U. S. has been con- In 1949, the Central Intelligence up our intelligence estimates bas- corned with helping to improve the Agency Act set forth the duties,. ed on the information available to internal security capabilities of responsibilities and authorities for', them. This work, while relatively foreign police forces in a number, the Agency. I also worked on this 'unglamorous, is extremely inter- of countries threatened with com-' bill and believe that in it Congress esting and challenging. Yet these munist subversion. The National clearly recognized the unique re-.:people must serve in almost total Security Council directed all gov- quirements of this very sensitive anonymity. They cannot discuss ernment agencies, including CIA, work.. The 1949 Act, for example, their work, even with their own. to assist in this effort. Because of exempts the CIA from disclose families. You can imagine what a the urgent need in Vietnam, our requirements applicable to other strain this could be. AID agency contracted with Mich Federal agencies, set up a differ- igan State carry out j ent expenditure procedure from The Agency, of course, does get such a program, there. It was in that used on regular Federal ap- involved in some cloak am gag ; this connection that CIA officers! -or activity. This is necessarily. .propriations, and established a with specific University agreement part of an effective intelligence separate administrative and per-, participated in the MSU program sonnet authority, to name a few. operation. But the covert aspects in Vietnam. The men loaned by' Under these laws, the Director should not he overemphasized be- CIA to the University worked at of Central Intelligence serves as cause the heart of the Agency's training Vietnamese police, not in, effort is the processing of infor- clandestine activities, the principal adviser to the Presi- motion for the President and his -A rT +; , c,,,.,,..:.__ ..~ principal advisers. The public usually hears about CIA when we have an "incident" abroad or when-one of our poli- s or programs supposedly blows up. You hear, cries that our intel- ligence people have failed. Cer- tainly 'we have made some mis- takes and our system is not per- fect. But we should remember that they read our newspapers too, the FBI. I would emphasize that ' the CIA cannot advertise its.suc- I think it might be use ,t CIA's responsibilities are clearly.. cessful accomplishments. this time to review brie;:iv,- stricted to foreign intelligence Mr, Allen Dules, a former and This incident is typical of many oil on all matters of intelligence of the charges which are leveled relating to national security. He .at CIA from, time to time. We. coordinates all our foreign intelli- Americans like to know 'what's gence activities through the U. S. going on, but sometimes in the in-' Intelligence Board, of which he is Brest of our own security all the chairman. In addition to the C_", facts cannot be made public. Re- this Board includes the top intelli- member, in a free country when gence people from the Depart- we tell our own citizens we are: ments of State and Defense, the also informing our enemies, for Atomic Energy Commission and how the CTAppmoved. For..Re,leass ,'80O5/Oitt27vp CiAv.RDR7 ?00 '4 D00MI170015 4l-known what its function is, an,: c te;.urity problems which are cov- CIA director, in his book, "The it is responsible. Sinc; z:._ _._.. v gyred by the FBI. The Board do-... Craft . of Intelligence," points to Cont'jnlle?. Approved For Release 2005/01/27 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000700170015-4 a few of our successes.. He ex- plains what was required for us CcnF,ress, which created t It i s 'to know about Soviet military and A' `^ncy, also has special subcom- missile plans and developments minces of both the House and nd states Senate Armed Services and Ap- over the last decade and' that our "intelligence collected on propriations Committees which re- Soviet missiles has been excellent view CIA activities. I have been as to the nature and quality of the privileged to serve on these Scn- potential threat. Our intelligence ate subcommittees for many years was also both good and timely as now, and thus I believe that I can to Soviet production of hi~h-thrust speak on this matter from greater engines and the work on Sputnik." knowledge and experience than This was most important to our most people, We review CIA poli- own defense and space plans. Of cy and programs, and their budget more recent interest, our intelli- and expenditure of funds. I can t Bence system provided a most a- assure you that every Director o mazingly accurate estimate on the CIA has ddways been most when the Chinese would attempt iran.t with us, most willing to an- their first nuclear test. suer any question, and most help- It is sometimes forgotten that ful in keeping us abreast of the ?: we were able, through CIA aerial Agency's 'activities and problems.' reconnaisance photos, to immedi- I have known and greatly re- ately identify Soviet installation spected all of our CIA directors. in Cuba of missiles capable of Allen Dulles, with whom I had a reaching the U. S. Earlier ground close personal, as well as official, reports had' failed to reveal the relationship, often came both to exact nature of this work. This de- my office and home to keep me tailed information enabled Presi- fully informed and to discuss cri- dent Kennedy to confront the Rus- tical matters in foreign affairs or sians and force the withdrawal of defense. After Mn. Dulles came the missiles. Of course neither I John McCone and now Admiral nor the Agency can discuss some William Raborn, whom I first of their current activities, but the knew when he was working on public record does show instances our Polaris missile system. As the where our effective, intelligence' Directors of CIA, all of these men prepared us for important interna- have contributed outstanding serv- tional events. ice to our country. Allegations and charges that the Admiral Raborn says that he be CIA operates without restraint, lieves the key to his present job without control or direction either is to "assure that we have the from the President or from Con- system-both today and in the fu- gross are of course not true. Nei- tune-which will. best serve our ther does the Agency "make" for- country in "insuring that full, ac-. 0 MAY 12 1906 ed. CIA is directly responsible to all foreign matters of interest and the National Security Council, concern ? is in the hands of the and no Agency action is undertak- President and those upon whose en without "NSC. approval or di- judgment our foreign policy is.' rection. The CIA and other Intel- formulated and carried out." This ligence, forces are also under the certainly is the mission for which watchful eye of the Presideint's Congress established the CIA. and F o r e i g n Intelligence Advisory 7 personally believe that we can dent , of the United States. of course, ultimate respons:bil:Ly ;job for all of us. for the CIA rests with the Prest- , vising our Chief Executive on mousy people in our 'intelligence their objectives and conduct; and, community are doing an 'excellent Approved For Release 2005/01/27 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000700170015-4