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December 16, 2016
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December 7, 2004
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"YEW'S-POST (SUNDAY AMERICAN) 219,2 5 7 Approved For Release 2004/12/15 : S. 313,454 h Front Edit Other [ Page r. go Pepe d' 1 60(1 Barry, ,. Maggie in, 64' Heard in Land By RUIJI MON'TGOMI JCY Sunday American Corrnxgnmdent, Mearst Headline Service R',1.SIIMGTOI'd, Oct. 5 - 1~ rom Maine to Arizona, the talk among Republicans is contagious: "Bar- ry and Maggie in 'Gt." You hear It in village stores and over the sophisticated teacups along ] rn- bossy Row. " It's a dream ticket,'' tl:cae lit e; is t'hrlitiail. nd Ile R ?r actlcln;, Episcopallatt' ?" MARGARET SMITH, of course, would be file first woman oat either party slate. I asked Sen. Smith low be felt] about the gra::art ots movement] to lac- her norm ol, the tict:ct. p ` t''isl: typ;cal no-nonsense frank- tnembcrs If the Senate I'relrared- nc;a, she rep1I(,!: "I wouldn't bej tress subcommittee, having heard honest i! I ri:drr't say that I acne intnrths of lestunony about our Republicans exdaitn. "The, fit,,_t highly crynni,:ifnc rated. even by Lhe~Qcfc' posture vis-a-vis Russia,l One of the hardest working Sen. ou;d it lose.7" prospecls. No one runs for the tuicertainly for several weeks be?; r"tnsec?utive rollcails. In recognt I'lle lady is ?]hilt,;, if the cuter:.,, rtuntber twu s;xrt, because the sore somewhat reluctantly voting ron of tlu? unique event, the, rnidoublcdly, is 11"c' Presidential nominee usually hi)4'aye." 'These seven Senators were Senate majority and minority; until January to declare l.:i??ht montiac R go Ill a Lincol Any others to judge the pitfalls of 11"tinn awarding her a plaque. As e,uididac y. 9+tire tmatY `or this Week she has now pas*d It:+~? speccn MilAgie Smith pro-l , because of the eectret' , fhr' i : t ti f 1 r , r meny they have collected. 1 mark, It Barry Goldwater is fully pored her own "dream" slate (V ': nt of the grov?i)r g,n.nnd-) I'n.?k;cic1er - and - Goldwater, oft!. Moreover. Maggie voted against't '11u current boontlet for "Matt e Inc 1r4--and you ire' _ ;i:: the remarriage i kju;iirt?;it crinMhig he?i in iiluc r sr?:, it)(- grcr T airei w i4Clt~t D'.'ltae i p;irtl :,,.rt~ Me. i5,, ready." ;bite' S Called P'd:*,,In; ';, 'c l has i t . ticrtl ptilitiral h,t! both 1 1{ , raphically and to-do ts:'t`.i .,r? ;101,1i(-at pi.'i' to that to ,ne were on 1Pfwsrke Jdcs o be horning ouestiion or the hax x.66 she war one of only two Republl cans to vote against confinnatfat of Admiral Lewis Strauss as Se;. retary of Commerce during the Eiserdrower Adnrirtistratloii, aiid one of two . Republicans to Votb against the confirmation of lbhn McCone last year to head the Central InleUigerrce Age y. q.,t the first of its kind. In 1:152, the Business and Professiopal Women's Clubs of New York n`td P eiuts l i y vrnl a went to bt f h aorer With such vigor that they lined u ;1a) plcd;;orl delegates, ixl be behalf. Linable to attend beealtse of the ,final illness of her mother, Mrs. Smith was w a t c h i n g the conven- tion on teleivslon w h e n C l a r e Boothe Luce tool, the platform to announce that Mrs. Smith had withdrawn her name as a candi- date for vice president. Actually Maggie Smith had not Ievett been consulted, but the tnn- ' knrnving delegates then gave .their votes to Richard M. Nixon, the tu'nd-licked choice of nominee Ike Eisenhower. Ile .: as a good friend a :- ensto 3arr ni TI lei + i ANGRY LE' wred i t d t p n tsci amen men , p V*, i\1r 'arttiy, wherca