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December 21, 2016
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August 4, 2006
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February 15, 1962
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Approved For Release 2006/08 ITS q1t19o ply sy tetTr.. While ltuLdreds ? 1, Rus zIatis and Czechs st ere now . to :1 ~Y t : 7f^ ai working ~ alongsf lc Cuban ,'gt v~l'tr- mcnt offttuls, particularly ilt asp' snored forces, the outright '45su_ tion of government I'?`~ Y r' fnnr tionstries cam as", curb , a' Ilrtrry of tonjectftten h ne.eat esttenett~cxfto;r t t The Balaltcit ](A S1~tEftfng ` On l)eccfmber I ~.asli 3' t" ltf tt(t t`= '"f am a Sattiewet st=l CCst;?" mid c lairtted to have 'been nd._slt' c`c his student clays. Perhaps,"fiaalfy realizing that the organization was getting ahead of him, he wast'ying ,t.tbli,h his (onmunkt` en ii-ii, in ?(Icr to buttress his 'post at'ton .i, It uiei ul t (Communist tOudtry. 1t'11.41e set his reasons may have been, (.,sass's newly declarer devotion to onunutrisnt slid not please the t.tnumuni,ts His remarks were 'not repotted in the Cuban press, and all referene:cs to Ills Communist t,;ec ft;routtd were deleted from the test i,uhlished in Bulvetnra mega- iinc Furthermore, recent speeches liv 1, .t. Roca and Anfhal Escalante ha, e hanunet ed away at the need lot pa is loyalty and democratic (euu.dism and have attar.k>*V`the t ,d t of personality and the t'tvitvn.s. ,nut;,. and slogans" of Fidelismb. ' I t the current: measures, -of ndoc- ttinatiott and reprt'asion carried on hr OR I give any evidence of sue- t ,.. the way will be cleared for the t eat ion, probably later this year, of t more formal political org nira- iion In a frankly Crtrimunisr pt,es ent.Ytion over a TV. program called ('rvi,,r Arrurnza. Anibal Escalante re. Iet,etl too "the final step"-the cstab? i?l,tner,t of the United Party of the Res tlut~(Yn (PUR). He:said that al- t!tottgh ORI could be considered the ittterntediate step to the PUR, the% wet (' actually one and thesame. It was nit-rely a matter of "transi. sense The PT'R will then take the IYl,tcr of ORI as the political base ,d c.nmtnunist power in Cuba. \\'hc-n this happens. Castro may he to to count the days he will rule 011 "maximum leader" of the t'iih;nt revolution. At this point thr ,mnist, ,till need Castro, h.:r r, !1111(!, a, Castro needs ii' SENATOR STUART SYMiNGTON issile gap," so fat as s THE TERM "m I know, was. coined by a well- known newspaperman several )eats Vigo,. it 'WWC4nt that the Russians were ahead of us in developing .tncl building intercontinental ballistic missiles, which they would have in significant numbers-before we. did. It was thought that this situation would coutiuue for a long time bc- cause this country had failed to put eriough etl'ort. into developing lcurg? range ballistic missiles. But the mis- sik a r, from the clay it became a mare of ,ppublic concern, had an unaccountable way of narrowing, closing, atid,.0c-casionail)' vanishing ?alcogether; Sometimes, this was accomplished simply by official ,; pronouncements. Sometimes. as, in 1059, it was ac? cvtlpplished by adding unmanned bgjbers to our preclictedrstpckpilC o(1t;BMs while making no compen- sating' addition to the predicted So- viet stockpile. Needless to say. the missile- gap could not be so easils? disposed of. Former Vice-President Ni)eon's assurance in 1959 that the gap was narrowing was followed by former can Director Allen Dulles's testimony in 1960 that the Soviets were widening theijrlead. IN RrC.FNT MONTi4s, however, the missile gap appears to have been clone away with once and for all. Not only is there no gap, we are in- formed by the press, but there nev- er urns one, and those who %a[(] them r was were guilty at best of halluc-i nation and at worst of ort,c?thing like bad faith. Consignitt,, the inis~ silt, gap to the "!hobo of synthetic issues where it always belonged," a New fork Times editor ial not long ago declared, "I'll(, same forces and the ,acne Congressional and jour. nalistir, mouthpieces who nuutulat turecl ail alleged bomber gap in the Nineteen Ftlties sponsored, and iat deed invented, tine alleged missile gap in the Nineteen Sixties." A sutrtewhat unusual rewriting of his. rots was provided bN William Stringer in the C.lvrrstiarr Science Afonitvr: "... the old missile gap nev- er existed except in speculation and in politics." he wrote, reinforcing brie claim with the Infort.rtatton that Presidential candidate Kennedy "wi?th an eye to accuracy, rett?rred, very sparingly to the missile gap. What he mainly discussed. in his campaign speech to the American Legion,convention at Miami Beach, October. 18, 1960, and elsewhere, was what might be termed the vul- nerability gap." B\ my count, \(r. Kennedy warned of the missile gal, in no less than nine campaign speeches just among those whit,h have been reprinted. To the Amer- ican Legion convention in Miami Leach, Ire in fact quoted General Maxwell D. Taylor's statement, "We are now threatened with a missile gap that leaves us in a position of potentially grave danger." Whether or not there was a mis- sile gap, it is clear that President Kennedy believed there was.' So for III.,( matter did former Secret:uie- of Defense M(Elros and, Gates and (:nvernot Nelson Rockefeller, arnorig others Relving on authnritatt' l 21 t 1Ofi12 O I/C Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-R?P75-00149R000700440021-7