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December 16, 2016
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January 5, 2005
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BAI-:TIMOR,E SUN N0 REASON'. 10 FEAR ANY NATION SEEN General Believes This Country Has Strength To Deter Attache sly RODNEY CROWTra6R? ttt?n ,,ngton Bureau of The Sunl W:,? hington, Feb. 9 - Gen. Nathan F. Twining, chairman, of thwa Joint Chiefs of Staff, today 19x,k ;trong issue with those raW- tar% men and other citizens who 1?ave been loudly Insisting that the United States Is growing weaker as Russia grows strangerr. lk told the combined Senate T'rc tiredness and Space coc'aanlt- ter that it is his "personal view" that this nation has, the strength to deter a Russian attack now and it, the "foreseeable future." I just do n . believe that any nation possesses today or in th^ foreseeable future the capability to attack us or destroy is with- out suffering .unacceptable dais} ogd to themselves," he said. "No Reason To Year" "We . have no reason to, fear any nation. I son not. afraid of Russia." Later the General told thee?com- m-ttee that he doesn't, be" Russia, Is preparing "to jump on us." As to whether the 1961 budget is based on a proper.lnterpreta? tian of this country's bttellfgetce with respect to Russla''and her existing missile 'strength, Twin ing said he believes It is soundly based. But Senator Symington (D., -- J'ffnr F.f ...... ...............of the - - n ?r, -'~-,!~..!e... / c a.'C K k t,ti:..?+dl..d.,G~..;1A, parative sfrengths two a-l1 He said pr"s?.:nth 6,antl~ers kill;.,, and on launching sites. half dozen years at which Ume ~aehk replied. I "L?believe in our national in. the B-;o. would be very import Later Senator Dirkin { R Ill. ?. telligence. estimates." Twining ,ant. He said the Joint Chiefs the GOP Senate leader, also ,aid told the committee. He said he is were divided over- the necessItV he is "pretty disturbed" over pub-, briefed 'on them daily "and not fdr the supersonic plans. lication of Russia's missile figuresl just ogee a year; it is a continu- 2. Disagreed with the recom- which were given in secret ses? ors process " '.meudation of Gen. Thoitleis S. sion by, Dulles. ff Symington asked . Twining Power, , commander of the Stra Dirkssu acted a Washington;. whether the Joint Chiefs did not tegic Air Command, that a full- -~ntweman who wrote in his col-1i know at the timi Dulles testified, time air alert be launched by a unit -Friday that "the hard-11 January' 29. the comparative fig- :?$AC bombers as quickly as pos. ;.diiturbi%tracts and figures in the 1 testimony of the director, of the urea of Russian long-range mis- h, , sties' and United States long Twining favors developing the . ~, - ' r . ?. ; ... ?, _ range missiles for last year 4nd capability for-an air alert on a ntral' Intelligence Agencv, Al- ?this year. moments notice but not ;tor a 24- en W. Dulles, before-tie Scnatq The chairman of the Joint ?bour.blart year in and year Out, pace Committee, can now be rQ; Qdefss, after being shown the ' '3. Disagreed with Adm. Arkigh . ? d t d bt d th i " ves e on un ou au e or ty , did s Paper Symington produced, said, A Burke. chief of Naval opera= "Who is the undoubted author- t know last year'to n th t i I P i "W ddiU l o ns a s x stt ar s e ooa o ., figures" and 'gave the commit- submarines should ,be added to ; jity?" Dlrksen asked the Senate. tee the impresgion that certain the three already -'provided for The question of leaking, informa- ,intelligence information had not in the i9oi budget. tion, meanwnile, had engaged the been given to the defense es- 4. Disagreed with Gen. Lymark attention of the. Space and Pre- tahRisfsaosnt. L. Lemnitser that the airlift "ia' a paredness Committee member.-. Closed g ko one of the weakest links In the Who said they too, were worried -We ean't straightest it out natieR's defense chain." " : about secret information getting here," be insisted and the com- Its not as good as we would out. mittee.lateir went IMo closed sm- like. u to be, but I would not aim to try to findiout,wbeU,er call-It a weak link. There are ? Symington said he had tao: ?~.. t...e. is #haj Rat e1i has less no weak links," tltivwng said.. n given out the information and toe 11 than r nti S. Dbagreed emphatically and "'seen. four separate lists - all sr than ass erigitasiiq tbMtd t A el with the criticisms and w Y derstatittg the Russian, canac?tt% whether propounded by the for and our oyv..I am sorry figutcN whether* 0* dap. botwesat the ? mar-'. y Cold of 13W; Gene e became public." try iitnd ttuasiet has been] rear ittatrtetell D. Tallot (rit.) =hav X7,4 Se be Bush said that 'too, rowed. said be had great respect for much critical information is t,c . Late In the day It ;was an Taylor as a fine soldier but "f 1- d` dotted An real mserIt in his Peo? "'.1119 disclosed to our enemies. nounced that the committe ] e ta defet?red'festimony by T comas S.? " ,:,'and he asked General Twining Gates,' Jr., Secretary' ef'Ikfettsc lDta'Mlg the ~ - bdw~O San-'' . ..and his?views, on the matter, pending further .test1m ony by, t g9~4 ~ Tv-Lming as to ,fA-Iwey^s -Seem To fat Out" ~lft' - e estinates V=~[ - "it Is' extremely difficult to' The tiecisiOn was made after {Alan micg(te the bl ' `gym o e . pu iblic GEneral Twining tesmtitle4 In closed pubucatn MOWOM e U cum' nliitee. Sestatom' Z;erltattEfatII (Mass.) -tee general` replied.. ' "The puc se!>isiod dsm intelligence estimm-attes. 'and Selsator Bash tConn.I ; . needs and Is entitled to certain According.to Chairman Johnson. stmt dee~k)rsil Wes frequency information. Ile then said tb.f: tD., ,Texas), the determent was ,wise iAfoivesattion it is not only things told to Con- has at the a+egtiest o[ trniswrity 4,4ress that leak. ' ^^M'~TT ~ MR7 ~W11YWN~F' . ~~~ - v-y " " Confasioa Cited hel I1tM1d1 es,.It.? lican "k was felt," Johgson'e ? office leader, said, aftes' GOP leader; ;said in a short statement, ' that, bad met with the Preiddent in 'eonfudon arising from Dultes's" the ?Wlmltt ;that sokte lent. T recent = testimony and today's j: 3 oerti*te al . baiindldates teatlmoay by.. General Twining swtt ",lore " - mIkIn :should be elaHfked before SeCre-~ basdltss'thtta nos d ray.- taryGates': appearance. , J4 said. be; fin t %b* they ' ' ' Gates ; had beets tentatively could '4teMtlimcb` the American scheduled to testify tomorrow. peotple ,that.;W VJnita4 States is During his appearance, before a nower . f Mo.). holding In his bands al .the senators today, the chairman ` ? Nausea _eatt__ piece of paper on which he said of the Joint Chiefs: Ral sek watt asked.wbetler he were written intelligence esti- i I. Disagreed with the Adman- 'was referring to Senators John- in:rtes provided the committee in ,istraton decision to postpone der icon ID., Texa") and secret session by Allen W. Dulles, of the IPA a both named as tial head of the Central Intelligence -~1 tins and. both+iyeteitA tl~lics of percale are .telling a different t?to,.y. about Russia's strength froml. that told by Dulles. tlte'world, things always seem, to get out,'4fs said. "`' .that have not leaked out yet." he told the committee and everybody-. WhWhile-the senators were ,inter: States 'military ,strength, the ' ' H o u s e 'Housie Spatz Committee heard `o Vlce Adm. John T. Hayward. the ;',development, describe as '-di,- -any attempts to "dm+ n- menus ? He' denied. 'that there is an. "mi tie mess," but he adnuzte,' that funds for, his special at- tivities had been cut in the :iin: budget from $1,359,000.000 Approved For Release 2005/01/27 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000700450050-4