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December 16, 2016
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December 8, 2004
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November 23, 1967
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Approved FWIdfffto CIA-RDP75-00149R000700500019-3 - ' VOV z s rsci ?4I It-[ I I I i E:_f !`! (I H I V H U I-.1 U V I'i I.1 c *11. I'i Mary of these and other notions nists. and though his own opinions 4Y--: the tern ile h ded t h ...,... , .C.......-- , about 1 ompson u 1Lr YJtw ------" en e w1lsl,i'aton Post Portion Service sensory powers or Imaginations of a .were decidedly conservative, of Asiari to sympathize with the cause ANGKOK -- This Southeast Asian " wondrous variety of divines who have nationalism. dom of Thailand, formerly taken part in the case. One Is Bob } How. these experiences 4light have ' ~. t nter- kin ba li re an ca McGowan, an Austra g known as Siam, thrives on political in=tainer who supposedly can sea through made Thompson a victim f ;the Com- trigue and tales of the supernatural. walls and who "saw" Thompson being and have these ingredients held in a Cambodian village. Another. roduce a headier mix - is the celebrated Buddhist monk Kheo. combi o p case of James H. W. redicts that Thompson will even- h h e o p w lure n t Thon,p~ the millionaire American tually return here with "exciting-politi- silk ufacturer who vanished last cal news." ;as:. Sunday. .'. The monk, a seer of Immense pres. Th. or.!y solid fact in the' case is .1 tige In Thailand, emerged from medi- that weekend lain that ; ex di th t , p ng o tation last mon that Thompson, spen in the hills of Malaysia, went out for Thompson was kidnaped by four ' :n afternoon stroll and disappeared Malay bandits in the employ of Hanoi vitnout leaving trace. I is presumably low in the process in the Gighw s since, an assort- ' , of settling the Vietnetnwifar. nee or Buriuh;~. soothsayers,' night { brother-in? j ti l ' a s re ves-;~a Thornpson .lw, magicians and other mystics as President Ei- las Dou H s A , g . mes well as private investigators, Asian ex; law i of the Air Force retar ' S h y ec s ower rerts and various kibitzers have ad- sen f theories as to --also hired Peter Hurkos, the Dutch- t s o -anced an, sor 'hoe: ,son's whereabouts. Several of born psychic who featured in the case of the Boston Strangler. Like the oth- ' s here theories have given. Thompson amily and friends fresh hopes and re- ers, H;=Acs I.i:.ked Tzompsons disap-. Communists th . e ~~tcd disappoirt:e:its, leaving the pearance to +npression that the East is as mysteri- , it us as advertised. } A Sister Murdered HE ~ IDEA of : a Communist con- 6T -X to Carnhntlia 17 sniraev was given added weight yy OT LONG AGO, for example, a Aug., 31 when one of Thompson 's s s- 1 r .qr ex was w ~ Wood Tho , , ? , , mpson few of -s friends rushed down to ters, Katherine [alaysia to .heck out a story that found murdered on her 14-acre estate..' Associated Afiu dyed his hair red and near Wilmington, Del. This prompted Iarnea . H, : W..Thomr~yors hat l aWVU a...... .. - that-i rake his r4gurasoze. .as fundioni-1 as a fortune teller near--,' IiesLL specu g plot was unfolding that would threaten ..... , o ~4 `ha ctnrv_ nf'course. . . t.- w roved to -,c :alse. ? Much of the political aroma in the `'i Before that, a pair of Americans res puzzle apparently rises from Thomp- .er, considered chartering an airplane,1 profession, he initially came to South- , rescue Thompson from a spot. in east Asia in World War II as an agent ...n; . went, h was being held by the ! In that capacity, he worked with Pridi,` The would-be rescuers were'' who led the Free Thai underground ietcong . ssuaded ;?ying out their flan ' movement fighting the Japanese and . .i U.S. off:c s who foresaw the dan- ! ..was later ousted from office in a ; { ra international incident. military coup d'etat. f a g =rs o Another theory holds that Thompson l As an OSS agent, Thompson was lease of fo..ner Thai Prime Minister Vietnamese nationalists In the postwar -Idi,. Phanomyong, who. has lived in- : period. He. was well liked -even by, sown, has been. seeking 'to join his - -