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December 19, 2016
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November 15, 2005
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July 5, 1964
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LOS .t NGELES Tag STAT Approved For Releasg 05/ 2 4 CI~-RDP75-00149R000700540011-7 0 7 PAUL COATES- r?' c k o You', won't find much The latest and most as-! posI'or a number oE, .argument against the.,; tonishiilg right-wing tactic the :State. Board of Educa-, :ye;trs h . served is direct ,blast that California has is the invention, of than tton?. Allen Dulles in strange 3, ~?oLp called tlrc the CIA. Later, he headed', 0 the nation's most effective "Citizens''"Committee of Br. der has been in a .a division of that agency'; widely },ublicixed tugn.-or school system . , ? California.'I' As you. read, ; , . , . He's been nominated as a !the 'v e. threatened to tvar irrth Max I~affert', trust,c of Dartmouth Col it, s a clear matter of y superintendent of public. bl3cka 5260 rnilIion school lege and he h a s a ,record that our kids rate. bond issue on the 'r`struction, and the ci-! clearance, 'which . is the' high above.. the 'general, November ballot. t,izens' committee of highest security clearance ig average in col- iorniais pulling on Max 's given by the government:' qualif3u b Don't be sure they can't tiide g l e 9 'es and universities do it, either. They are little ! When 'Dulles. .was out' throughout the Un i to d known, but are apparently A~ cordrng to Townsend: ll a e soE time ago? he Braderi has been rocking States. quite ,powerful in -their ' asked me about the political manipulations, "the coat long enough ivow j "t, r o u 1) 1 e" Braden was The reason is simple/ we intendto sink it or The ? co-chairman .of the having He was astounded:: e ri o u g h. It isn't the roul,,a James 'Cotiviisenct to 'hear about it and thld weather. out here that of Orange, says there a e' 1 i (Joy . Brown doesn't me that he ' considered' his creates brighter kids. Its ;,, 000 members who are fire Braden, the group will thformer. e rnosts reliable men I the'teachers. more all "(dedicated conserva- nuke ct concentrated effort' ever worked with." Nand we get a far better fives and taxpayers ileii, the scoot bond . quality of ,educator than i9sue. other states. Our post war At the moment the oli ,,governors, ` both Pepubli- ' "We'd like to know, So I cannot understand jest of this disaffection is T o w n s e n d ask can and Democratic, have., s " ? "i f !, why they pick such ani + ~~,,, ,+; ,, ? Tom Braden, president of Cov. Brown can afford afj unlikely candidate f o r,' ive n,?;..,?;, y ,with the result that.we've i. got a system unmatched in,, ;.history. , And yet, our healthy; pre-occupation with the; teaching of our children being seriously threatened?' by the ultra-conservativest or ? t'h e ? extremists or whatever you choose to'' call them. ' ' 4' 'They.have made editca-! tion a target of th&ppty ciou? w attention. ' $260 riiillion controversial 'their labels and their fury:;' president of the State , But I'm not really worried Board. of Education 'Under about Toni Braden. He's a. 1. this kin'a of pressure," .j big-, capable boy and lie' can take care of himself. An d I'd like to know what it. is about' Toni' . W ha t I ant worried; ~radert th at has niade' hiiil about is the real victim o.f'; such an, object- of?revulsiori; this attack re the school to th e?right-wing.. Thev J constantly hint, :without, chile -w-ho relay be denied' putting it into so many; "cciuate education in tlr