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December 16, 2016
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December 9, 2004
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iub , o s versive system was organized in 1961 by Kurt Ullrich, who was at that time the head of the East German Trade Mission in'Rio do Janeiro. RIO DAILY DETAILS EAST GERMAN ESPIONAGE IN BRAZIL According to.Maonnol's statemonts th C m , e om unist government of Berlin promisedito'construct with tho.USSR a complete network of infiltration and espionage in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Vene- zuela, and Uruguay. The mernb'ers of 1-11 t d a I' and Communist infiltration 'in South America. sMaen elnrevealedgthat. in Brazil th' Berlin -- The West GormAn.intelligence service recently com- pleted a confidential report, containing important statements made by Guenter Maennel, former secret agent of the East German Intel- ligonco service, concorning the network o# Eat G V y o neutralizing the attempts of them '.sympathizers of the Chinese policy to assume command of Communist, forces In Smith Amr%"4 ae. China,and the Soviet Union; the German traderepresentatives wore o also given the res nne4h414t f' tars, and 'laborunion leaders. Following the.period in which difference B n zat on o# collaborators Influential in the politics and in the social life of the country, such as;sonators deputies wt-4 V6 non all of the information obtained through the Communist network of espionage in -South America; and (3) to create en or i t L o *legation had the following duties; (1) to organize, direct, and finance the local Communist groups; (2) to channel to the Sovi U i Password of Ullrich Was "Coffee" a l n e this mission failed completely. .Error in Calculation -La Lruugn regular telegraphic routes or by mail, becausewt hemiradioj~station sot up in Berlin to h d I , r c were identified by this password. His contact with the Pnet con and coded messages,received or sent b U11 i h Approved For ReIe 2 D 2I1 : CI RDP75-0 149R000700610003-8 The Bonn government learned throu h M ' , g aennel s testimony, that Kurt Ullrich initiated activities in Brazil under the secret name of "coffee".- All of the fid equate communications with agents. .in any Bart of the world I i outs its of Berlin, this time with sufficient power to maintain ad y ong to maintain good communica tions with agents in the Near East and in South America. The former'' agent of HVA revealed that a now receiving and transmitting station. was recently installed in the k Because of an error in calculation h e , t e equipm nt which was installed was not "sufficienti str CIA PITE R,JAL JSE ONLY--: p{~rov+ d``WOr,.Retease.2p04/12/15? -EIA- I1P75-0 7 9F QOOZ00819003-8 25X1