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December 16, 2016
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December 9, 2004
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April 19, 1962
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E& other r _ Page Pogo t'1 W ORL t"i'dS, LA. ~;II~S-~ICAyNN~ MORNING 194,758 SUNDAY 313,181 - - --- - -APR 1-9-1952 osta Rica Editor Warns of Soviet .Union Advance Press Seminar T o l d of RI warrie ere Wednesday that, d world war is unleashed, the United States will find itself surrounded by en- envies on American soil. In an address at the closing session of t h e Pan-American Press Seminar, Ui,?,~,,te, charged that the influence of the Soviet Union is replacing that of the United States in the Western Hemisphere and that three factors are responsible. Factors responsible, said the editor of Diario de Costa Rica, include: 1. The press, and he specifi- cally mentioned the New York Times. 2. The state department. 3. The professional revolution- aries. Ulate charged that "the con- tinental press has blown up the figure of Fidel Castro, helping to place him on the world scene and attracting university groups and large masses of semi-liter- ate people to him." "The New York Times, which has great influence o _ ._,atin American thought, i e- fended t h e regim( of'' Jacobo Anbenz in Guatemala," he add- ed, "And, since 1959, it has de- fended the regime of Fidel Cas- tro, even after he had shown his Marxist philosophy. In both cases it was done with the the- ory that social reformers should not be ridiculed as Commu- nists." State Department Policy Attacked Ulate said the state depart- ment's economic support is di- rected in favor of countries gov- erned by parties sympathetic to the Fidel Castro regime. This, he added, is discouraging to the democratic governments of Laat; in America. who naturally feel Participants in Pan-A merican Press Semina TAKING PART In Wednesday's session of the Pan-American Press Seminar at Inter- national, House are (from left) Francisco Tourreilles, co-owner of radio station El Clarin, 11l6tevideo, Uruguay; George Fenin, president, Foreign Relations Association; Dr. ton Ochsner, p r e s i d e rs t, International use; Richard G. Valcriani, National roadcasting Company, Miami, Fla., and Paul A. Fabry, managing director, Interna- tional House. in the diplomatic service, Rob Ulate said Bolivia declared ert C. Hill and Whitin Willauer'1Iopenly in favor of Cuba at the f d Calling for a complete revi- sion of the United States inter- national policy in Latin Amer- ica, the speaker recalled how +1-,,. e .,- ths after Castro tank e oa chi ing c ... ., ... uun a y . uvur iii tagon and the all warned of the Comml)nist danger in ~ permanently tied in to Marx- that Cuba had?fallen into" om volved. They tried to alert ilic itin1, e a ed success." .'troenz vv ouaa highest officia~s~ Ulate said; ie United Nations Return Is View a erence an at that time ambassadors t( Punta del Este con and Costa Rica, respec 1 hat. the Nationalist Revolution- Mexico spent all their efforts ary mbvement, which has gov- and the Oi nation of Amen- ! Tung to a discussion of can States, e presently in Guatemala, the speaker said the crisis bee f the Soviet ad- same United States which in 1954 vance. 11 that Russia he. ---- lieves Ma - `revolutions are ready in E ' or, Brazil, San- to Dominga. other countries of the We rn Fleinisphere; that Arge h a, Brazil., Chile, Ecuador and $ livia are in seri- ous danger of. galling into conli- munism. The speaker said in Argen- tina, the Peronist victory in- volves the risk of a return to a totalitarian governmental re- gime similar to communism. In Chile, the Communists who lost the last election by a slight margin of votes, united with) the Socialists and other groups and have a chance of winning the 1964 elections, he added. Approved For Release 2004/12/15 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000700610005-6 25X1