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November 11, 2016
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February 17, 1999
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February 15, 1967
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N. Y. ?~Ailtized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP CPYRGHT i)rrl ,r7 - Douglass Cater, a spe i ci as- ` IA contributed only about did not find out about the CIA i t t t id P s an o rc.. ent oimso "9,14; 6811i yeall. UIRWI 4dilm@ weeks age, M.". " s an asked row ie should act is -"- 7 "b"In NSA ileald about the it'-1S: I>IGTON - The Central: ', - f5l Mize 11 ? the CIA ties were disclosed. 'Intcui??ence Agency secretly-'5 American students who at, coming Ramparts story. Cater said T n e s d a y than helped iorrn the National Stu-!ended a meeting of student or. Werdell said he now suspects Groves told him the CIA money ;dent Association in 1047 to cre-I^anizations in Prague in I91 that he inadvertently was in was being termi ated. "It wa ate .. "credible" and - Commu-! flee NSA's own constitutional char, of a CIA operation three the first I'd ht 3rd of it and nist voice among youngsters at-convention was held the nc:i years ago which sent an there wasn't anything for me tol tenu[:i- international meetings, year at the University of Wis, integrated group of American do about it," Cater said. it ica, e.? Tuesda consin? jazz musicians on a tour of Af- Y? During the day NSA lecItiers! w'?ich spent $200,000 Early NSA leaders came pri? rica. He was told at the time tried to audit books chile ye r mi tine student as- manly from Catholic colleges that funds came from a private preparing for in cmrracncy vinurr, in the post-war period, They were considered liberal it nr?ot?1p of businessmen, but now meeting of their 10-mcu:her the 1950s, gave instruc-;most policies, but strongly anti he says "that doesn't add up." board of director,: The board is iii:>ra to so;ie American students lCommunist. In the past three or four years to conduct. a "thorough in aitendrng these conferences and A former NSA leader said ti c. only a handful of NSA leaders vestigation" in the next few '`ueoriefcd" them on their re-;initial group "wanted to find al- knew of the CIA connection. The days and issue a:eport. e State Department said the num- The NSA actually does not turn home, association sources Iternatives to c o in in u n i ~ m.". disclosed. !'They attended :iumerous Mt. her was two. NSA sources said have individual student t,",'m-. r ;a "i.", ur;her sponsored ventions of students in. ctc,',0tn the number was closer to half a bets, It is a confederation of cot and western Euro n to lege and univ.'rsit scrota slips to Wring roreign, P; o p 'r itci ? The president, who serves a governments which join I?stu eir r d e n t s acre from un- the democratic process. y f or:i - year term, always assediovn vote and pay annual uses. u aevctopcd nations and helped The CIA provided funds the word about the CIA to h'rslDclegates floor rile 300 member to ?nce NSA tours abroad, the the start the , he said. The cney s u c c e s s o r. Other officersjschools meet at it national stu- sources said. refused to discuss Inc is>ue at frequently did not. Only a few oft dent congress each August. ' `liese ties binding the govern.! all today, referring reF iort.c;s tv the NSA's 50 staff members The NSA has ;,dopt d resole r::cnt's r-.ajor spy agency to the the State Department -- it high- were aware of the CIA's sup- 'tions calling for'he abolition of ma don's oldest and largest or ly unusual procedure. t pm rcanizar-ion of college students A State Department official Ali ),t three years ago the were learned after Ramparts: said the CIA su, por. 1 e ,: i:; NSA started a major fund drive Magazine p u b 1 i s h e d ad- period when Communist sic to broaden the base of its sup- Ivertise:nents for its March issue dents were well finance-I v:d port. got support from their, gcc rrn- jw two eastern newspapers. ment 1 0 A "Most of us had been active In s The ads promised accounts of "How the CIA has infiltrated. and suoverted the world of American student leaders" and now "it has used students to. W. Eugene Groves, NSA presi-.1 tier, , denied that officers of em.;loyes of the association; which represents student governments at 300 colleges and universities, knowingly per: formed "intelligence functions'' for the CIA. He issued a statement ac- .1 e merican st.;c"enis. student Jovcrnment or student were handicapped by a lack of newspapers," Wendell said. "We funds." all knew of the danger of one The funds were Cha inelecl' source of support.". through the CIA, he said, be- The NSA now receives funds cause "overt support of the NSA from such organizations as the abroad would ]lave destroyed its Ford Foundation, Rockefeller integrity. Its credibility- redibility as a Foundation, New World Foun- free spokesman would have' dation and the Industrial Union been impugned front the out-' Department of the AFL-CIO. set." Groves recently met with Vice He added that this arrange- President Hubert H. Hum hre p Y meat '"was satisf ct +1. b oo pa s.w . The CIA's role in NSA affairs! dwindled gradually. By the late I 1950 ~ s, even many of the, as- G knov:eu gin', receipt of CIA sociation's leaders did not even- funds, however, saying theyknow of the CIAconnecLon. I suported a number of projects Last year, for example, Wii-.e assisting student groups abroad Liam Werdell was assistant torn a,td ra-aoting international un,pe NSA president. He said he j derstan(ling on American cain? pust.5." "..'oves said he has been quiet- t:yotto eliminate CIA funds from the NSA's $825,000 annual budget for about two years. ThE ties Committee, admission of Communist China to the United Nations, cessation of? the bcinb- ing in North Vietnam, anc inclu? sion of the Viet Cong in negotia? tions for a cease fire: Most NSA members %v, n? dering In and out of their head, quarters in a three - story scone townhouse here were baffled by the affair. One pointed quizically to a blue poster on the back of the front door which announce,; a tour of Japan, Hong Kong Ind. Korea sponsored "through a grant from the Department of State,"- from public and private agen-i "I wonder what that really ties, means," he said. Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000800060003-8