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November 11, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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March 10, 1964
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P T Lraw gambling on a_ 5-million deficit to add to the recent 20, billion but no one can say what it will] i;.? President Johnson's, . "attack f' rub their hands in glee every l on the debt is increased 10 ern poverty is just one more of, x c billions because a ' financial the phoney Democratic slogans i that have gotten this country morass anywhere is ono of thej nowhere and helped to make the mainstays help communism, as can be seen time and again, American pcoli]e. the most gull ible on earth in Europe and South America.. . , ., \ What this country needs is, In World War I, Woodrow Wit- ld 1 a thorough' cleaning out in n gave up "to make th w o e or s 'safe from democracy" and "the war' to end wars," ? while in- Washington, -especially of the. State Department the C,L ,.Uhe, ty- i k k n p e liberals, mmunist-t creasing the national s, fa debt 27 minded, squanderers and those! billions... 41 who are ready to sell our Arner-.1 - Later came Franklin D. ? Roosevelt with another war. His scan .rights and interests ate "everlasting peace" resulted in' every turn. ,no V(+acc at all and a debt of What we need is a new ad-j. 261) billions . ministration with backbone, Next came Harry S:- Truman, common sense and a sane fiscal' lie cut came the prior fanfastie r _ ? policy. Instead of hollow slogans "peace iri' our time let, us have specific proposals; and as' usual,'not only involved including reduction of the na- t}re U. S. ,in another war brit { (tional debt. 1ZMMPT C. 1VIGANIa S! , {10 Victory Blvd., gave Soviet Russia and Rea Tompkins idle China encouragement by per?_,'~ mitting their: seizure of small ? nations while he appeased tho'. _ enemy .. The debt' now rose After Gen. Eisenhower .came' Mr. Kennedy. his "Alliance for' Progress" would have made. aundreds, perhaps thousands of nillionaires among the already f 'ich south of the border with' icxt to nothing to'show for the, ,nor ..' . The debt skyrocketed' ome more and the -purchasing) over of the, dollar slid dol'n.J ,ards. FORT 7AUDERDALE FOIAb3b NEWS e. 701142. S S. 7844 Front Edit' Other Page Pa Page Date: No doubt millions of Americans heard the 'taped interview of President Johnson by t! c three TV networks ' on Malch 15. If the, query tioning was not all pre-arranged, here was excellent opportunity for the President to dress the public on many of the subjects which ---are of the utmost importance-to our future, and j, which are a great source of concern to most i of us; subjects such as the threat of Caba to I us' and this hemisphere and what we intend to do about it. Also, the active reports of past and present infiltration of Communist synipa- (--' thizers in many branches of the executive de- partment, particularly the State and Defense f Departments as well as the CIA. Re might have explained. our failure to tak--a-more aggres- sive attitude toward our avowed enemies- Also, t- our constant efforts to appease and apologif,:, i. as in the case. of the two unarmed Americ ;; planes, shot down over East Germany after b..- r'ing lured there by the _Russians, accoi.di I to military opinions, as compared with. our policy to give safe conduct and guidance to German planes which frequently fly over our areas in West Germany! Oh yes, ? the President used a lot of words in the hour's time, but what, specifically did i he say? What's even more to the point, what has he ever said that wag not geared to in- ,creasirig his political stature? Of course, he did turn off some of the lights in the Wl Ia Douse and he is against poverty and, I presume he is for motherhood, especially for Demo-..' yicrats. Reading his program for the elimination :of' poverty brings sharp memories of the New.' Deal days when legislation was supposed - to 'f !?:ha tha" all our t.o.ible~ Sanitized 'Apprti it Release iA R'?P75-001 9R0 80 110001-4