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November 11, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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May 13, 1965
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NGrON STAR. Sanitized - ApproMAqrFgrjFease : CIA-RDP75- . CPYRGHT ylie's Ex-Secretary TeHs.~f Bank Deposit- By JERR KLINE Star Staff Writer stunning o ue y told a federal court jury yes- terday that she once deposited government funds in the ban account of her former boss, th bead of the Defense Depart ment's budget and finance branch. . Miss Helene Harper, a 24-I year-old airline hostess, testified in Alexandria District Court in 'the third day of the trial of her .onQ'-time boss, John A. Wylie, and William H. Godel. The two ',inert are charged with embez- zlir. g government money. . In March, 1963, when she was ,Wylie's secretary, Miss Harper ,said, he sent her to the Penta- gon office's of two "class. A agents," military 'officers ap- pointed to supply ,money for ,official projects. She was tpld to pick up two envelopes and take ? them to the Fairfax 'County National Bank, she said. Sigtrzd Receipt One of the two agents made her sign a receipt for the money tl:e envelope, but she did not count the money, she said. The government contends the envel- popes contained about $6,000. r She did not look inside ? the envelopes on the way to the bank, but "by the time I went to the bank, I realized I was .carrying a great deal of money," the soft-voiced stew- ardess said. She deposited the money, but she does not remember making but the deposit slip, she.added. Plato Cacheris, an assistn ,Uo.Su. gaetttorntehy,, asked:: "How. to ebank or 'Tuned Mr. VOWS car." "What kind of car was it?" be submitted to him without ne i - sked. essary travel orders. - "A white Thunderbird with ed leather interior," she quick-I ? He discussed the situati answered. , with Wylie and, eight mont s an "after the fa t cht salesman' after fit, trip l d , ya an A Mary ater testified he sold Wylie a 29- order" for Mrs. Godelarrivedin",, oot boat in March, 1963, for $12,- Mullen's office, he said. M09, taking Wylie's old 24-foot Godel was listed as a "cons oat in trade. ant witha?tt compensatioSometime later, the salesman, entitled to. i~ceitle% per. ?.d e could sell him a as-iooti boat, 'for a very little bit more," and ylie gave him a deposit on the arger boat, he said. - F The 5&y e a r-old balding, heavy-set Wylie listened impas ively to the descriptions of his, car and boats. Tells of Far East Trip Earlier yesterday, Godel's former Secretary, Mrs. Ruth Hudgins,. testified that Godel's. wife, accompanied them on al two-month trip to the Far East! in 1960 and received $1,157 from the government for expenses. ..U.S. Atty. C. Vernon Spratley Jr. asked Mrs. Hudgins what Mrs. Godel's duties were during their stay in Tokyo, Australia and other places. Mrs. Hudgins repeatedly answered: "I don'ts know." "Do you know. what Mrs. Godel's asked. Douglas Mullen, a formet D'e f e n s e Department travel .~tf~ce;r,;.testiflg~~that,:a;;V'guchej Sanitized -`Approved For Release.: CIA-RDP7.5 0014.9R.0008001'20009-5