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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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April 9, 1965
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NEW YORK JOURNAL AMER _,A N Sanitized - ApproveAdpF~or R eI(e5ase : CIA-R FOIAb3b CPYRGHT ON TIIE LINE: by Fight Santa Claus?''! By BOB CONSIDINE OLD HO CHI MINH comes arun- . ning to the conference table pretty soon the chances are that he'll be pro- pelled more by the prospect of Ameri- can dollars than the fear of Ameri- can bombs. LBJ's promise of massive economic de- velopment for that part of the, world which includes both- North and South Viet Nam could prove to be as decisive a weapon as the A-bomb was in the war against Japan. Ze .have an unblem- fished record of forgiv- ing and forgetting, for flattening. an oppo- a r s ans. u tnere's stubborn good heartedness in there,' too, and that never hurt either side in any war or dialogue. - The revelation by "Sen.`Xilton Young (R.-N. D.) that th :CIA4has on its payroll a, number of h`igh' ranking Communist officials, who are paid to keep the U. S. informed on what's. cooking in the conspiracy against freedom, made us wince a bit at first sight. But, as the Senator pointed out In his matter-of-fact way, we've got to. know these things if we are to survive and there's no way that a, hard-working American-born spy cal; ' get ahead in Communist governments.; So we find a guy here, a guy there, who is venal or may not like the way; things are running at home, and we' open a numbered ,account for him in~ some nice bank in Geneva. Or where- ever he wants it. nent and then picking him up, dusting him off, and setting him up in business so' he can undersell us. Billions of dol- I Lars went into the task of breathing life back into Italy, West Germany and in Central America has proposed that' k Japan-three dire foes who cost us a the U. S. get rid of Fidel Castro by the !million casualties and $330 billion in simplest device employable. goods and Services. "Put six of his top people on the We'd do the same for North Viet- payroll," he suggests. "Bank the money Nam in a minute. Nobody knows that for them in Miami, not to be with- better than Ho. If he gets himself too drawn until they dump him. in the deep in' this war he has every right to name of a .free and democratic' Cuba. expect to see most or all of his hard- It would be a lot cheaper and much won industrial complexes blown to less bloody than another Bay of Pigs. rubbish. In such an extremity; he'd And quicker." probably'be forced to call openly on The dollar is Red China for help, and that would mean the end of his little country, and of him. The President's speech offered him :'an, opportunity to say to his people, "Why fight Santa Claus?", I SEE NOTHING shameful about Eastern Europe that is as determined using the lever of the dollar. It's a about doing business with the U. S. as f th it brethren are with bury- better cricket- than nausea fumes. It saves lives, gives enemies pause, and tends to make friends, though not in- `'variably this practice is denounced at times as "dollar diplomacy," just as the missionaries' were once accused of ?Converting vast assemblies of "rice gyn... ~;;:. .~ .::~,.~,..,.....w-...~...y.=.?....., s - v-...,-- r--.-- role in breaking tough criminal cases, and those who reap same are some- itimes rubbed out foi their stoolie roles.' But justice gets served amid this sor- did commerce. There Is A solid com- munity of Communist business men in the Soviet Union and all through , some o ing us..They are prevailing, too. The buck, like the old gray mare, may not be' what it used to be. But At still has A helluva kick.. .l QNf~f llbdlln~ ~~fMM - _ _ Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000800160041-5