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December 16, 2016
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January 3, 2005
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April 24, 1973
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Approved For R&se 2005/01/04: CIA-RDP75-00793R*001300 Executive Regishy CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 12 OGC SUBJ: RELEASE OF INFORMATION not indexed 24 April 1973 Mr. Fredrick Aandahl, Chief Foreign Relations Division Historical Off$ce, Department of State Room 603, SA-2 Washington, D. C. 20520 In response to one of your several communications dated 5 March I am pleased to inform you that CIA does not object to the declassification and publication in Foreign Relations of the documents listed in the enclosure to this letter. Sincerely yours, Bernard re Approved For Release 2005/01/04: CIA-RDP75-00793R000200130034-7 ST Approved For Rose 2005/01/04: CIA-RDP75-00793RqV 00130034-7 memo from Sec Def on Military Collaboration under the Inter- American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance, 30 August 1949, wi attachments. 20 September 1949,.. PPS 63, Comment on NSC 56, 31 August 1949, same subject as No. 1 above. 27 January 1949 Despatch 56, Ambassador Donnelly, Venezuela, to Secretary of State, reports Enclosure No CIA Objection to the Declassificatiori?and Publication of the Following Documents in' Foreign Relations of-the United States Item Galleys Date Description 1 DES 8-15 .31 August 1949 Souers to the NSC, transmitting 2 3 DES 15-23 INK 124-125 4 JOH 254-256, 5 JOH 256-257 6 JOH 257-259 Undated 22?August 1949 on security survey of Venezuela petroleum industry conducted by a US team. Position Paper on Antarctica, probably prepared in State's Division of Northern European Affairs. Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, George W. Perkins, to Under Secretary of State, Webb, proposing modus vivendi on Antarctica. 29 August 1949 Memorandum from Secretary of State Acheson to Executive Secretary of the NSC, Sidney W. Souers, concerning NSC 21 on Antarctica. Proposes modus,vivendi as favored by Chile. Approved For Release 2005/01104: CIA-RDP75-00793R000200130034-7 Approved For Rele 2005/01/04: CIA-RDP75-00793R000200130034-7 Item Galleys Date 6a* JOH 259 13 September 1949 Description Memcon, Chief of Division of Northern European Affairs, Benjamin M. Hulley, conversa- tions with UK representatives concerning proposed modus vivendi on Antarctica. 7 JOH 262 19 October'1949 Memorandum from Northern European Affairs, Hulley, to Assistant Secretary of State ? ' for Inter-American Affairs,. Miller, recommending that the latter discuss the proposed ~' - '`:~; ? modus vivendi on Antarctica with the Chilean Foreign mini on Miller's pending trip to 'Chile. * The item identified here as 6a appears'to have been inadvertently omitted from the list of documents cited in.'State's letter of.5 March Approved For Release 2005/01/.04: CIA-RDP75-00793R000200130034-7