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December 19, 2016
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September 21, 2006
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June 5, 1963
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IF, OF k-:i 10, 1, E111, I 'e Z Z00 .4 .111, "ll ~44 '04 ~~4111 I'll 01.1 "ET (CLASSIFICATION) Y TO: AD/OSA r D/OSA. DAD / 06! Handle Via Indicated Controls BYEMAN This document contains information affecting the national security of the United States within the mean- ing of the espionage lows U. S. Code Title 18, Sections 793 and 794. The low prohibits its transmis- sion or the revelation of its contents in any manner to on unauthorized person, as well as its use in any manner prejudicial, to the safety or interest of the United States or for the benefit of any foreign govern. ment to the detriment of the United States. it is to be seen only by U. S. personnel especially indoc- trinated and authorized to receive information in the designated control channels. Its security must be maintained in accordance with regulations pertaining to the designated controls. This document contains information referring to Projects: 12752-63 opy 7 of 9 5 JUN '1963 MEMORANDUM FOR: 'rho Secretary of Defense SUBJECT: Transfer of tT-2 Aircraft to CIA 1. At prcaont CIA has a total of seven U-2, 75 equipped ai:-craft. A raper was presented to the Director, National r%,:ecoar icsanCe O Vice on 26 s cbruary 1963, requesting an additional two aircraft to net anticip.: cd requirements. Planned deployment of Agency r?:o;sets ; nd a33ignrzont of z issioa. responsibilities are as indicated 1,slow: a. 1:dw rcr, Air '^..^,-, California: A rr,inimum .of fIV,' oper,'?? IJ'-2 aircraft available at all to ;es;. h , dctt_ j-acnt will maintain the capability to stage two a ;n cz . t to :'o forward operating sites aisnul?.-I?teously and cc:iduct c v r li ht operations. Present rcaulreanents z-,,~;.:oyed by the 5jzeciol Grog` and hf< her authority will airc;ia?.;t 6=.c The do ioyme. t thc-oo two ctachincnts and four aircraft a a standby capability is to provic3 frcraft for Cuban VCLLi hts. M or require- ni : o:: w' sch may bo f;e;zerct d in the immediate future are Indr,zesia and Southeast Aci Edwards detachment Approved For Release 2006 TAP ZLUR handle via A .proved For Release 200~'?? 2~M~ dAF.~MP75B0Q159R000400010026-9 (~' Tc ttt ET r will be provided necessar ng up to a maximum o pilots and special equipment to conduct such operations.. One aircraft will be used as a backup aircraft, a pilot training and qualification aircraft and as a rotational aircraft replacing those returning from operating detachments for IRAN. c. Lockheed Aircraft Corporation: Two Aircraft: One U-2 aircraft will be continuously employed as a test bed for product improvement for the foreseeable future. These tests have a high degree of applicability to SAC U-2 operations as well as those of the Agency. An example of tests in progress to date include: The equivalent of one aircraft will be unavailable for operations due to the IRAN program. ? - 3. It is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain base rights from friendly foreign governments to conduct reconnaissance operations from forward bases. Typical examples of this difficulty are the current negotiations in process for base rights in the Middle East and the difficulties associated with acquiring an opera- ting base to support coverage of-China-adjacent-to _the Sino-Indian border. For this reason, considerable effort has been given-to- studying the feasibility of operating U-2 aircraft from aircraft carriers. This study has reached the point where it appears feasible; however, complete information is not yet available. If, in the final analyses such operations prove feasible, two of the aircraft planned for Edwards Air Force Base will be configured for' carrier operations. 3.. ' It is mandatory that all aircraft indicated in para aph . above be configured in accordance with Agency requirements. to---- provide for immediate replacement and rotation of aircraft. The lead time required to convert an aircraft from the J-57 configuration, including all modifications, is five months. The lead time required to obtain additional J-75 engines, if ordered this date, will be a minimum of one year. An example of this limitation can be sho 25x1 will be replaced and operationally ready in June of this year. This reduction of opera- tional inventory has had serious impact on the capability to react in a timely manner in support of national re uir ments. For example, only one aircraft has been available o cover China, 25X1 North Korea, and North Viet Nam. During periods of favorable weather. a decision must be made as to priority rather than simultaneous coverage of both areas. In several instances coverage of South China and North Viet Nam was not obtained in favor of higher priority requirements in Central and North China. In addition, all coverage was lost during periods when the aireraf was out of commission for routine maintenance. Approved For Release 2006/09/21: CIA-RDP75B00159R000400010026-9 c'`s TOP "R CA, 0E '/ '5. Aircraft utilization for the twelve rm nths ending 31 March 1962 was 38/30 hours per month per aircraft possessed. During this period only limited numbers were available at any one time-dire- to an extensive modification program and operational requirements. To accomplish overflight missions on a sustained basis it is mandatory that each pilot be provided adequate flying training on a regular basis. Desired pilot hour per year, including training sorties and overflight sorties, should average twenty per month on an annual basis. Minimum acceptable standard has been established as 12/30 per month. In the past twelve months, limitations on number of aircraft possessed have resulted in an average of only 5. 1 hours per month per pilot F-- less than .h f the required minimum. Aircraft possessed per paragira h in an average of 16 hours per month per P /above would result p pilot: `At the present time pilots are projected as follows: TOP[ RC RET Signature Recommended: D/FA/OSA (3 June 1963) Distribution: Copies 1 & 2 - Addee Copy 3 - DCI Copy 4 ER Copies 5 & 6 DD/R Copy/7', - AD/OSA Copy 8 - D/FA/OSA Copy 9 : RB/OSA 000400010026-9