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December 15, 2016
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August 20, 2003
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April 15, 1971
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TOP SECRET Approved For ReWase 2003/0 - 5B00285FOd0200040019=0 25X1 25X1 Copy 9 of 13 15 APR 1971 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director, CIA Reconnaissance Programs SUBJECT: Program Progress Report Forwarded herewith are three copies of the IDEALIST Program Progress Report for the period 1 January 1971 - AROLD Y. KN WLES Brigadier Genera , USAF Director of Special Activities 25X1 As stated NRO review(s) completed. 25X1 proved For Release 2003/ GROUP I- EXCLUDED FROM 00285R00020004 9%'OI' DOWNGRADING N DECO LASSIFICATION 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRET Approved For ease 2003/ - 75B00285'R600200040019-6 25X1 25X1 SAS/ O/ OSA:I Distribution: 1 - D/ CRP 2 - D/ CRP 3 - D/ CRP 4 - DDS&T Reg 5 - D/SA 6- SAS/O/OSA 7 - D/O/OSA 8 - IDEA/O/OSA' 9 - INTEL/O/OSA 10 - D/ M/ OSA 11 - R&D/OSA 12 - AMS/OSA 13 - RB/OSA Apo roved For Release 2003/0 (6 April 1971) C SSIIFCATON irv~ ~~p~- TLA p Approved For Reieiase 2003/09 30 : CIA-RDP 5B00285R@0'0200040019-6 IDEALIST DEVELOPMENT SUMMARY AND PROGRESS (1 JANUARY 1971 - 31 MARCH 1971) A. Exploratory IRAN - Aircraft 058 was transferred from Detach- ment H to Lockheed Aircraft Corporation (LAC), Palmdale, California to undergo an exploratory IRAN on 5 February 1971. Results of this IRAN indicate that other U-2R aircraft will not require IRAN until they reach at least 2500 hours total time. B. Transfer of Aircraft - Aircraft 053 was transferred from Detach- ment G to Detachment H during SWAP SHOP XII in January 1971. Aircraft 051 was transferred from Detachment G to Detachment H during SWAP SHOP XIII in March 1971. ' C. New Emergency AC Generator - Subject generator has been flight tested, evaluated and accepted. LAC is fabricating kits for three additional aircraft. The Project Depot is in process of procuring the generators required for these kits. D. HF Radio - Serious consideration is being given to a proposal from Collins Radio for retrofit of the 718T-6 HF radio equipment with lightweight 718U- 7 equipment. The Lockheed proposal for installation of this equipment is under review. The following are the advantages of using this off-the-shelf equipment: 1. Weight reduction is approximately 93 pounds of critical forebody weight. 2. Installation is planned to be at base of vertical stabilizer, thus vacating E-Bay. 3. There is no requirement for forced air cooling; eliminating the need for cooling blower and present "overboard" pressurization leak in E-Bay. proved For Release 2003/ GROUP I: EXCLUDED FROM 0.P1 6FIC DOWNGRADING AND DECLASSIFICATION 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Ruse 2003/09 P - 002858200040019-6 I Section Page 2 25X1 25X1 4. Mean time between failure is increased from 750 to 1500 hours. 5. Sixty per cent of box components are plug-in circuit boards. E. U-ZR Flight Test and Operational Training Summary 1 JAN-31 MAR FLTS. 1 JAN-31 MAR TIME TOTAL TOT FLTS. TIM AL E 1- 051 26 101.8 272 91 6.4 2 - 053 37 110.5 246 94 2.8 3 - 054 27 77.7 291 94 4.9 4 - 055 44 109. 1 335 104 4. 1 5 - 057 (attrited 24 Nov 70) 355 121 1.4. 6 - 058 21 75.9 378 118 5.7 TOTAL 155 475.0 1877 624 5.3 II. PAYLOAD A. B-2 Camera - Hycon has submitted an Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) for modification of the B-2 Camera with a new f/8 lens and associated shutter. Upon installation of this 8-element, 36 inch lens and shutter, the camera will be designated B-3. Details of the ECP are being worked out with R&D, Contracts, Materiel, and Hycon representatives. B. "'H" Configuration - Two new 7-element, 66 inch, f/5.6 lenses have been ordered from Hycon for installation in the "H" configuration cameras. Flight testing of improved system is scheduled to begin in August 1971. C. Q-Bay Preconditioning - Seven Q-Bay preconditioning carts have been ordered from Lockheed. Delivery of the first unit is expected 9 August 1971. 25X1 GROUP 1: EXCLUDED FROM 4 1013 "hB pproved For Release 2003/ 00285R00020004 049Ar1C DOWNGRADING AND DECLASSIFICATION 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/09/30 : CIA-RDP75B00285R000200040019-6 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2003/09/30 : CIA-RDP75B00285R000200040019-6 Approved For Reled'se 2003/06* NB00285Rii020004.0019-6 25X1 25X1 - Section I Page 5 On 29 January 1971 the EXCOM rejected the D/NRO's request for approval to pursue the concept. No further effort is anticipated on this program unless specifically requested. D. Apochromatic 24" Focal Length Petzval Lens During this time period the following major milestones were achieved: 1. Mechanical fabrication of all parts was completed. 2. Optical fabrication of all optical elements was completed. 3. Procurement of all ancillary parts was completed. 4. Lens assembly was initiated. V. AERO MEDICAL AND LIFE SUPPORT ACTIVITIES A. Medical 25X1 25X1 25X1 2. Considerable time has been spent in determining the physical status of technical representatives in the field. Some problems in this area were initially presented in the Office of Medical Services (OMS) this past summer. We have worked with Contracts Manage- ment Division in encouraging vendor companies to prepare their own program of physical examinations, similar to the Agency, in an effort to reduce potential medical problems when personnel are overseas. 3. The question was raised with regard to discouraging owner- ship and use of motorcycles at Detachment H in order to preserve humans for mission purposes. It is believed this matter has been resolved. 25X1 pproved For Release 2003/ B00285R0002000 00M XDOWNGRADING CLUDEDFROM AND DECLASSIFICATION 25X1 TOP SECRET Approved For Re se 2003/09 0: CIA-RDP7 B00285 200040019-6 I Section Page 6 6. A one day course was conducted at the Andrews AFB physiological training facility to assist in preparing several OEL/ DDS&T personnel for TDY at high altitudes. In addition to lectures on mountain survival and medical advice, they received altitude chamber indoctrination flight training. B. Life Support Equipment 1. Six-Line Release - The test program covering Engineering Change Proposal U-2R-61 concerning control of personnel parachutes was delayed in early January. However, the Pull tests are now completed. The results were pessimistic. Because of the question- able techniques used in these early tests, Lockheed is continuing the evaluation and anticipates proceeding to El Centro, California for whirl tower and live jumps in April. 2. Pressure Suit Data Bank - At a Life-Support Conference held in Washington, D.C., the last week of February 1971, a pressure suit data bank was started with inputs from Detachment G, Davis Monthan AFB, and Beale AFB. This will be a compilation of unclassi- fied information related to all full-pressure suits presently in service. The data will be stored at Warner Robins AFB and will be available to any interested agency. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 ---- 25X1 GROUP I: EXCLUDED FROM proved For Release 2003/ 00285R00020004 r9M~TIC DOWNGRADING 0 UP Pr i DE LASSI FICATION TOP SECRET Approved For Re4se 2003/09/ - BOO285RW200040019-6 Section 1 Page 7 3. S-1010 Pilot Protective Assembly (PPA) Sizing Problems - Sizing of the custom-fit S-1010 PPA has been a problem only in isolated cases where pilot preference dictated a larger size than that which was fabricated. With the inclusion of "J'I adjustments, this slight irritation should be resolved. The only other difficult area lies in the fitting of the booties. Future sizing of boots will be by individual trial and error as well as measurement to confirm the proper fit of the booties before installation onto the full- pressure suit. 4. S-1010 Helmet - The present helmet was evaluated for the possibility of design changes which would allow the use of the same basic helmet for all full-pressure suits. The David Clark Company will present a proposal on this subject and two flyable helmets will be tested at Detachment G. 25X1 25X1 5. Automatic Seat Kits - Automatically deployed survival kits are in service in the Air Force in the F-4, A-7D, F-106, B-57, and F-104. A design engineer from Global Systems Corporation presented the state of the art briefing and made recommendations concernin the retro-fit of an automatic device into the U-2R kit. 25X1 will perform some test jumps with this device in the spring or early summer to establish its compatibility with the present system. C. Training Physiological Training - Physiological training, including full- pressure suit chamber flights and ex-p .ve decompressions, was accom-plished for and an LAC test pilot, 25X1 I A complete suit fitting preceded these flights with a factory engineer in attendance. GROUP pI: EXCLUDED FROM M 25X1 IMF - B00285R0002000 4 - DOWNGRADIN }pproved For Release 2003 I AND DEC LA$SI FICATION TOP SECRET Approved For R?+se 2003/09/ 0 : CIA-RDP B00285F200040019-6 IDEALIST OPERATIONAL SUMMARY AND STATUS (1 JANUARY 1971 - 31 MARCH 1971) Eight IDEALIST/TACKLE operational missions were alerted durin this period. wo were cancelled due to 25X1 25X1 25X1 deteriorating weather. All missions were planned to be flown a minimum of 20 nautical miles off the mainland China coast in compliance with 25X1 current restrictions. Following is a summary of accomplished missions: GROUP IEXCLUDED FROM proved For Release 2003/0 B00285R00020004 OT IC DOWNGRADING E LASSIFICATION 25X1 . TOP SECRET Approved For Ruse 2003/01/30: CIA-RD975B00285FPI0200040019-6 . Section 2 Page 2 II. GENERAL A. SWAP SHOP. Ten ferry sorties were flown during transfer of Articles 053 and 051 to Detachment H and return for IRAN of Article 058. 25X1 25X1 25X1 B. RED DOT. Five sorties were flown in support of continuing film tests using various camera configurations in the U-2C/G and the U-ZR. C. IRIS II. Twelve missions were flown with the modified optical bar camera. proved For Release 2003/0 -P00285R00020004~ GROUP I: EXCLUDED FROM UTRpp M~~A..TIC DOWNGRADING 6a[ ~L~LASSI FICATION 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRET Approved For Reiedse 2003/09/ - 00285RQW200040019-6 25X1 r 7 25X1 Section 2 Page 3 H. HURRICANE BASE LINE. Two sorties were flown to obtain photography of Gulf Coast areas for the Office- of Emergency Preparedness. I. SNOW SURVEY. One sortie was flown to photograph Sierra snowfields for the Department of Commerce. . J. EARTHQUAKE DAMAGE SURVEY. Four sorties were flown to obtain damage assessment photography of the Los Angeles earthquake area. III. PILOT AND AIRCRAFT STATUS (AS OF 31 MARCH 1971) A. Detachment "G" (Edwards AFB - North Base) Pilots B. Detachment "H" Aircraft Pilot s 25X1 25X1 3 U-ZR I U-2C 2 U-ZG (Flyable Storage) }pproved LUDEDFROM 25X1 For Release 2003fOWNGRADING AND DECLASSIFICATION