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April 19, 1974
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AnnrnvvPd For FiripasP 2nnaInT ~ -TRnn9R5oGi1n9nM5nMR_9 2 2 APR 1974 25X1 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director, CIA Reconnaissance Programs --- SUBJECT: Program Progress Report Forwarded herewith are three copies of the IDEALIST Program Progress Report for the period 1 January 1974 - 31 March 1974. EVAN/ JR. Brigadier General, AF Director of Special Ac i, ities 25X1 25X1 Attachments - As stated NRO review(s) completed. Approved For Release 200 ET AUTOMATIC DOWNGRADING AND DCCLASSIFICATION 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For R Wase 2004/OTfP G ETB00285Ri180200050006-9 25X1 25X1 Page 25X1 SAS/O/OSA: 4 - DDS&T Reg 5 - D/ SA 6 - SAS/O/OSA 7 - D/O/OSA 8 - IDEA/O/OSA 9 - INTEL/ O/ OSA 10- D/ M/ OSA 11 - AMS/OSA 12 - RB/OSA Distribution; 1 - D/CRP Z - D/CRP 3 - D/CRP (10 April 1974) 25X1 /0 /07 : CIA-RDP 5B00285R0002000 pproved For Release 2004 T ET AUTOMATIC DOWNGRADING AND DFCI ASSIFICATION 25X1 Approved For R Tease 2004/Oi D IDEALIST OPERATIONAL SUMMARY AND STATUS (1 January 1974 - 31 March 1974) 25X1 25X1 25X1 OPERATIONAL MI SS ION SUMMARY per A io . T d. en IDEALIST TACK Two of those alerted L w E missions were alerted du ere flown as scheduled; two ring this were cance lled by Project Headqua rt ers due to adverse weather; 25X1 25X1 All missions we re p anned to be flown no closer than 25 na utical miles to the China m ainland coast. The f ollowing is a summary o f the missions flown: 1. Mission C024C w as flown in the Taiwan Strait " 25X1 25X1 The m is sion employed the "'H" came ra system. A t a ll aircraft systems ope hreats to the aircraft. nd 16 bonus targets wer 2. Mission C044C w ra Fo e as ted normally and there were rty-seven of 50 programme covered on this mission. flown in the Taiwan Strait no known d targets = 25X1 25X1 The "H "' camera system was empl oyed on this mission, aircraft systems operated normally Forty-one of programme targets and bonus targets were covered during this mission, B. One mission was flowni to obtain standoff photography of coastal North Vietnam with the "H" camera system. This mission was planned to approach no closer than 12 nautical miles from the North Vietnam mainland or 4 nautical miles from selected offshore islands. The following is a summary of this mission: 25X1 pproved For Release 2004/ +00285ROO020005 EXCLUDED FROM W,b,C DOWNGRADING AND F) FC L ASSIFICA IION 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved FQr.,Release 20 - P75B00`SR000200050006-9 ection Page 2 1. Mission S014E was flowni The mission was primarily designed to achieve coverage of the Haiphong Harbor area and provided the best peripheral imagery to date of coastal North Vietnam, The mission provided complete coverage of shipping in the Haiphong Harbor area, new and updated information on SAM defenses, naval order of battle, in North Vietnam. The mission was flown as briefed, although a flameout occurred during the descent phase prior to recovery. An en ine restart was accomplished, and a normal landing followed. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 B. II COMPASS TRIP - Three sorties were flown over the poppy field test site at Yuma, Arizona, C. I"B-3" Camera Test - Nine sorties were flown in support of the modified "B" configuration. D. "H" Camera Test - Three sorties were flown for operational testing o t e ''H" camera. E. "D" Camera Test - Two acceptance tests were flown on the mod ie DELTA camera. Approved For Release 20 UDEDIROM NGNADI G 6bW&Q6 W 25X1 TOP SECRET Approved FeRelease 200 - P75BOOR000200050006-9 Section 1 Page 3 25X1 25X1 25X1 F. " IRIS Mission - One sortie was flown D III. I I PILOT AND AIRCRAFT STATUS (AS OF 31 MARCH 1974) A. Detachment "G" (Edwards AFB - North Base) B. Detachment NH" Aircraft Pilots 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 20 75B00285R00020 Topliazw CROUP I EXCLUDED FROM 500 OrU9W NG RADING AND DECLASSIFICATION 25X1 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRET Approved F Release 20 - P7513002 R000200050006-9 25X1 IDEALIST DEVELOPMENT SUMMARY AND PROGRESS (1 January 1974 - 31 March 1974) U-2R Flight Test and Operational Training Summary 1. IDEALIST Program accomplishments in U-ZR aircraft since introduction include 13, 045.5 hours on 4, 003 sorties as of 31 March 1974. 2. Flight test and operational data, are depicted below: 1 JAN- 31 MAR 1 J AN- 31 MAR FLIGHTS TIME 1 - 051 49 121. 1 2 - 053 49 117. 1 3 - 054 36 150.7 4 - 055 43 175. 8 564. 7 A. "Hr' Camera S/N 003 - The high quality of photographic products to be realized from this camera has been accentuated in official NPIC evaluations of film acquired in both test and mission activity. These evaluations indicate that S/N 003 represents a significant improvement over the old unmodified configuration, and that under optimum conditions, performance can be expected to exceed contract specifications. GROUP I EXCLUDED FROM Approved For Release 200' Up7S 75B00285R00020 Q o0-yWlcNG,, o , G LsEnn 25X1 B. t'H" Mirror S/N 002 - As of the end of this quarter the new mirror was approximately 2 weeks behind schedule due to difficulties experienced in final polishing. Contract delivery date for this beryllium mirror is 28 April. Subsequent to delivery, the mirror will be installed in ?tH" camera S/N 002 and flight tested during May or June. 25X1 C. "B-3111 S/N 229 and S/N 230 - Reinitiated flight testing for the purpose of contract specification verification, in late January. However, NPIC data indicating S/N 230's continued failure to achieve performance specifications, when subjected to contractor review indicated that the Article autopilot had not provided a platform stabilized within camera Sect Page 2 participation in an Autopilot Study, S/N 230 resumed flight testing 19 March. These tests were concluded 27 March, and NPIC evaluation of film products was in progress at the quarter's end. S/N 229 flight testing has been held in abeyance since 5 February; however, testing is tentatively scheduled to resume and be concluded during the fourth quarter. contractually established limits. After Lockheed 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved PRelease 20'g Id7Io' x' "'~bP75B00 5R000200050006-9 A. Autopilot Study - Analysis of "B-3" S/N 230 photographic resolution data by NPIC indicated that the camera had not achieved contractually required resolution specifications. Review of the possible causes for this led to the position that the autopilot was not assuring required vehicle stability. This position was confirmed after Article 055 was instrumented, and acquired data for comparison with three previous studies. Subsequent adjustments to the autopilot indicate this system is again performing within required limits; however, a full contractor report is expected early in the fourth quarter, and will guide continued necessary action. Approved For Release 20 GROUP I EXCLUDED FROM O?OO64WNGRADING AND DECLA551FICATION 25X1 . B. T-35 Tracker Camera - Light Emitting Diode (L. E. D.) components required to fabricate a prototype modification to the T-35 tracker camera are expected to be delivered early in April 1974. This modification will permit time code generator (TCG) time to be exposed on the tracker film and enhance correlation of T-35 frames with threat signals and navigation data. Flight testing of this prototype will commence early in the fourth quarter of FY 1974. 25X1 ec ion Page 3 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRET Approved Fe Release 200 - DP75B00WtR000200050006-9 Pursuant to FY 1975 fiscal guidance, OSA has assisted Director D's staff in constructing a Fiscal Year 1975 Financial Program containing IDEALIST requirements for submission to, and funding by USAF. Funding has been requested in four major categories as follows: Approved For Release 20 EGROUP I EXCLUDED FROM WNGRAD F FID~LC.L AI AT ON ING WM TOP SECRET Approved Fvr.Release 200 - 75B00M R000200050006-9 F"U, , 25X1 25X1 Section 2 Page 4 Category FY 1975 Requirement (in millions) A. Pilot Salaries and Benefits B. Operations and Maintenance C. D. Field . ervicc Support AI:RO MEDICAL AND LIFE SUPPORT ACTIVITIES 25X1 25X1 3. 1 spent several days at Edwards AFB in January 1974 for briefi.nig on emergency procedures for U-ZR and rebriefing on inedi.. aaa.1 aid in aircraft accidents. Fliglo. Surgeon, visited inedi~ ~l m atters, I Detachment MGT' 4.. MS/OSA Life Support Officc,r, has made arrangements with Andrews AFB Altitude Chan-ber to qualify Approved For Release 20 AND Drr LA?,bi r l( AT )I. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved FesRelease 20 P7513001R000200050006-9 25X1 Section 2 Page 5 B. Life Support Activities 1. New Assignment for Life Support Officer - 25X1 as assigned to AMS/OSA 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 29 January 1974 as new Life Support Officer. replaced I Iwho was reassigned to the Surgeon General's Office 14 January 1974. Z. R.Q225 Parachute Repack - In an effort to save transportation charges by periodically sending parachutes from Detachment "'H" to Detachment "G" for repacking, the Protective Equipment Technician is now repacking the RQ225 personal parachute at Detachment "H11 as they become due for repack. The chutes then are returned to the prime contractor, Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, for inspection. At the present time only minor discrepancies have been noted. Further evaluation will be accomplished to insure proficiency in repacking this unique parachute. 3. U-2R Survival Kit Rations - A new type mission ration for the U-2R survival kit has been received from Natick Laboratories in Massachusetts to replace the outdated CD-7 which are no longer available. Evaluation of the new ration proved it to be almost as good as the CD-7 and certainly better than anything else in the inventory. 25X1 25X1 4. Automatic Survival Kit - A briefing was given to AMS/OSA on 11 January and 18 March b 25X1 The briefing was a status report on the Terrain Activated Deployment System for the survival kit. A price quote of as given to build a protective microwave integrated circuit for present tested breadboard. On 29 January, briefed Col. William Quinn, Chief, Life Support, SPO, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio, on the TADS to see if the Air Force would be interested in the system. At the present time it is under consideration by the Air Force who have shown great interest. Approved For Release 20 75B00285R00020 ?50006-19)WNG RARING AND DEC LASSIFICAFION 25X1 Approved F,Release 201, P75B00--R000200050006-9 25X1 Section Page 6 5. Shark Deterrent Screen - Prototype shark screens from the David Clark Company and 25X1 were evaluated by Dr. C. Scott Johnson, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, San Diego, California, on 12 January 1974. The bags constructed by each company were acceptable, however, the one constructed by David Clark Company was rated superior. At present time we are waiting for a price quote from each company on construction of 60 each. 6. Solid Battery Pack for ASR-100A - Survival Radio - New battery packs have been shipped to field units to replace the pen light batteries which have been very unsatisfactory. 7. Prototype Helmet 51010 Protective Assembly - At present time the helmet is still undergoing testing and field evaluation. 8. Prototype Pol carbonate Helmet - A rotot e pol carbonate helmet was manufactured byl 25X1 for testing and evaluation. 25X1 AMS/OSA Life Support Officer, as well as and 25X1 conducted tests on the helmet at the USAF School of Aviation Medicine, Brooks AFB, Texas. The purpose of these tests was to determine the amount of residual carbon dioxide (CO2) in the helmet. Tests were conducted at ground level and simulated altitudes of 8, 000; 18, 000; and 29, 000 feet with no significant changes noted at the various altitudes. As there was no baseline established for standard pressure suit helmets, a similar test was conducted on the 51010 full-pressure suit helmet with almost identical results. also conducted a briefing on the helmet for the U-2 pilots at Davis Monthan AFB, Arizona, and at Edwards AFB, California. The consensus of opinions was that the new approach is good and would be well received. However, additional modification would have to be made before it could be an acceptable flight item. 25X1 GROUP I EXCLUDED f ROM 25X1 Approved For Release 2004 _ 75B00285R00020 O5OOO64wNGRADINI AND DECLASSIFICATION RET 25X1 TOP SECRET Approved F'Release 200 - DP75B002g'5R000200050006-9 I Section Page 7 9. Life Support Conference - A Life Support Conference was held in Washin ton, D.C., 19 - 20 March 1974. 25X1 and attended this meeting. 25X1 Approved For Release 200f GROUP 1 EXCLUDED FROM 75B00285R00020 e5OoO6-gW NG RAD ING AND DECLASSIFICATION 25X1 25X1 25X1