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December 15, 2016
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May 19, 2004
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November 15, 1973
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TOP SECRET 1r, OCT 1973 ogy 01 15 O CT 1973 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director, CIA Reconnaissance Programs SUBJECT: Program Progress Report Forwarded herewith are three copies of the IDEALIST Program Progress Report for the period 1 July 1973 - 30 September 1973. Wh,NDELIY L. V , R. Brigadier General, U I SAF Director of Special Activities Attachment As stated 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 NRO review(s) completed. CLASS'IFt 11) 1.Y ------ 1: V SCttl'i`11 C C'1 t:.''. [ GORY: raolc) Impossible to Determine (ti Itss i.-;1 ocr;,!z, .. ^rt c t: or event) GROUp I EXCLUDED FROM 'nL4.IATIC DOWNGRADING AND DLCLASSIFICAIION 25X1 TOP SECR! T Approved For,Belease 2004/07/ 7 : CIA-RDP75 028;000200050010-4 Page 2 SAS/O/OSA Distribution: 1 - D/CRP 2 - D/CRP 3 - D/CRP 4 - DDS&T Reg 5 - D/ SA 6- SAS/O/OSA 7 - D/O/OSA 8 - IDEA/O/OSA 9 - INTEL/O/OSA 10 - D/M/OSA 11 - AMS/OSA 12 - RB/OSA (12 October 1973) 25X1 125X1 25X1 GROUP I EXCLUDED FROM roved For Release 2004/0 00285R000200050 m TIC DOWNGRADING AND DECLASSIFICATION TOP SECRET Approved4ior Release 2004/ - 75B6i1285R000200050010-4 25X1 25X1 IDEALIST OPERATIONAL SUMMARY AND STATUS (1 July 1973 - 30 September 1973) 25X1 I. 25X1 A. Nine IDEALIST TACKLE operational missions were alerted during this period. All missions were planned to be flown no closer than n57-tical miles to the China mainland coast. The following is a summary of the missions flown: 25X1 25X1 3. Mission C283C was flown Ialong the south 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 and five bonus non-COMIREX targets were photographed. areas were obscured by clouds. Twenty-seven of 86 programmed China coast and Hainan Island. The mission was flown to collect 1 information utilizing the "H" camera configuration. The pilot reported the weather to be worse than forecast and estimated 60 percent mission success. The Hainan and Fort Bayard Approved For Release 200 !f5B00285R000200 25X1 25X1 Approvedrf-or Release 2004/OP : iA-RD 75BOI85R000200050010-4 25X1 25X1 ec on 1 Page 2 4. Mission C303C was flown Shanghai along the north central China coast. This mission was designed to collect information utilizing the "H" camera configuration. The mission was flown as briefed with no unusual activities or sightings reported. Weather was reported as briefed with 40 percent mission success. Sixty- seven of 100 programmed targets, seven bonus COMIREX tam and 14 bonus non-COMIREX targets were photographed. B. One mission was flown to obtain standoff photography of coastal North Vietnam with the "H" camera configuration. This mission was planned to approach no closer than 12 nautical miles from the North Vietnam mainland or offshore islands. 25X1 25X1 25X1 Mission S033E was flown and provided the 25X1 best peripheral coverage to date of the Vietnamese coastal areas. Coverage was obtained from northern Quang Tri province in South Vietnam to the Don Son peninsula in North Vietnam. The mission provided new or updated information on land and waterborne logistics routes, logistics support facilities, transshipment points and storage areas, SA-2 deployment, status of military barracks and airfields, and a limited amount of new ground order of battle information. The mission was flown as briefed with no unusual activities or sightings reported. I I A. film test GENERAL RED DOT - One sortie was flown in support of continuing pproved For Release 200 GROUP I EXCLUDED FROM 500404DOWNGRADING AND DECLASSIFICATION 25X1 25X1 25X1 ApprovedoZer Release 20011 e ct Section i Page 3 25X1 C. B-3 Lens Test - Nine sorties were flown in support of the modified "'B" configuration. D. "H" Lens Test - Five sorties were flown to test the mirror and lens installations. E. F-JIRIS Hatch - Two sorties were flown to test fore and aft photography comparison. F. - Three sorties were flown to provide photography in support of this test program. 25X1 25X1 G. COMPASS TRIP - Five sorties were flown over the poppy field tes si es. Approved For Release 200 LUDEDFROM RDTH II AI OWNGRAD NG AND DECLASSIFICATION 25X1 25X1 Approved.&or Release 2001, section Page 4 PILOT AND AIRCRAFT STATUS (AS OF 30 SEPTEMBER 1973) A. Detachment "G" (Edwards AFB North Base) B. Detachment "H" Aircraft Pilots P SECRET - 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 pproved For Release 200 MROUAP nI- EXCLUD ED FROM 5800285R000200 9QOIU+4DOWNGRADING AND DECLASSIFICATION 25X1 Approvedi or Release 2004 75B85R000200050010-4 25X1 25X1 IDEALIST DEVELOPMENT SUMMARY AND PROGRESS (1 July 1973 - 30 September 1973) I AIRFRAME A. J-75P13B Engine Improvement 1. First and Third Stage Turbine Blades a. The feasibility of extending engine Hot Section Inspection (HSI) and Time Between Overhaul (TBO), as a result of improved first and third stage turbine blades, was indicated during the routine overhaul of the first of three engines in this test program. b. Evaluation of first stage turbine blades' at approxi- mately 700 hours and third stage blades at 1400 hours produced highly satisfactory results. (1) First stage blades were totally free of leading edge cracks, were in very good condition, and no blades required replacement. The earlier blade had a replace- ment factor of up to 60 percent for cracks. (2) Third stage blades were found in good condition and no replacement blades were required. 2. Constant Speed Drive (CSD) Modification a. Three CSD units have been delivered to the contractor for use in a feasibility test program designed to obtain a CSD/Main AC generator system that will stay on line for low engine RPM used during final approach. pproved For Release 200 OWNGRAD A II CA1 ON ING T 'DEC7 25X1 TOP SECRET Approved,6sr Release 2004107107 : - 75B0 85R000200050010-4 Section 2 Page 2 b. The CSDs will be reworked to permit incorporation of a new fixed wobbler prior to laboratory feasibility testing scheduled for December 1973. B. U-2R Flight Test and Operational Training Summary 1. IDEALIST Program accomplishments in U-ZR aircraft since introduction include 11, 863.7 hours on 3664 sorties as of 30 September 1973. 2. Flight test and operational data are depicted below: 1 JUL-30 SEP 1 JUL-30 SEP FLIGHTS TIME I - 051 46 125.0 2 - 053 48 132. 3 3 - 054 50 152.1 4 - 055 44 183.7 TOTAL 188 593. 1 PAYLOAD A. "'H" Camera 1. During August the decision was made to remove the mirror from Detachment "H" configuration Serial Number 003 and install it in the thermally modified configuration Serial Number 002, located at the contractor's facility. 2. After five satisfactory test flights conducted between 27 and 31 August, Serial Number 002 was deployed to Detachment '"HI' on 4 September. Following continued flight testing, the configuration was declared Operationally Ready on 14 September 1973. ,Ppproved For Release 200 GROUP y1 EXCLUDED FROM 5B00285R000200 ~OO1 V,!ADO CAT O D NG 25X1 25X1 25X1 Pf-p P SECRET Approved r Release 2004 O 75B 858000200050010-4 25X1 25X1 Section 2 Page 3 3. Serial Number 003 was then returned to the contractor's facility on 6 September for thermal modification and installation of a new mirror. This configuration is scheduled to enter flight testing early in November 1973. B. "H" Hatch Pressure Test 25X1 1. On 19 Jul 1 73, consulted withi f the 25X1 I I in an attempt to define the cause of the ghost image anoma y evil enced on some photographic products. As a result of this consultation, the effects of air density across the hatch windows became a candidate for serious consideration. 2. Lockheed developed a method for instrumenting the "H" hatch to measure this environmental effect, and two flight. tests were conducted to acquire operational data. This data is currently being evaluated by C. "B" Cameras 1. Serial Number 229 was returned to the contractor's plant on 13 July 1973 because its performance did not meet contract specifications. Contractor evaluation indicated that platen recontouring would be necessary to bring the configuration up to customer requirements. Recontouring is being accomplished, and Serial Number 229 is scheduled to reenter flight testing late in October 1973. 2. Serial Number 230 experienced accidental dropping while being loaded into the Q Bay and was returned to the contractor's facility on 24 July for repair. Repair work was completed and the configuration resumed flight testing on 21 September 1973. D. Camera - This configuration entered the contractor's plant as scheduled on 14 August for installation of a second f/3. 5 apochromatic lens and variable slit modification to the scan heads. The unit is scheduled to be redelivered to Detachment "G" during January 1974. Approved For Release 200 GROUP I EXCLUDED FROM 5Q1Q14DOWNGRAGING AND DECLASSIFICATION 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/07/07 : CIA-RDP75B00285R000200050010-4 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2004/07/07 : CIA-RDP75B00285R000200050010-4 P SECRET 5Be 858000200050010-4 ApprovecI.,Eor Release 200TOFAWFAW P, 25X1 25X1 2 Section Page 6 AERO MEDICAL AND LIFE SUPPORT ACTIVITIES 25X1 B. I ILife Support Activities 1. 51010 Parachute Retainer Strap - The retainer strap used to insure that the main riser of the RQ-225 parachute remains properly positioned on the shoulder will be lengthened one inch on all 51010 full pressure suits. This action follows successful completion of test parachute drops conducted in September 1973 2. Automatic Seat Kit - The terrain radar sensing 25X1 device feasibility study has been successfully completed. Helicopter test flights using a breadboard model were accomplished in September 1973. Live parachute drop tests are scheduled to begin the week of 15 October 1973 in Buffalo, N. Y. ,ppproved For Release 200 5B00285R000200 GROUP I-1rE~X,C,LUDED FROM ~5OOI1OL4DOWNGRADING AND DECLASSIFICATION 25X1 TOP SECRET ApprovedZor Release 2004 07/07: CIA-RD 25X1 Section Page 7 3. 51010 Pilot Protective Assembly (PPA) Flotation Development - A flyable prototype flotation assembly for subject #434 was evaluated at Detachment "G" on 21 September 1973. Based on the successful results of this cockpit study, the new flotation will be test flown during the next quarter. If successful, an additional 20 pounds of buoyancy will be provided the pilot to assist him, if necessary, in surviving in a rough sea condition. 25X1 4. Contractor Briefing - 25X1 the contractor for all of the SI010 PPA hardware, conducted a management briefing for the SENIOR YEAR contracts personnel at Warner Robins AFB, Georgia, on 25 September 1973. Purpose of this briefin was to explain and review management changes within during the past five years. Headquarters _- ~CMD/OSA. I ' 25X1 5. Shark Deterrent Screen - The shark deterrent screen (shark bag) developed by Dr. C. Scott Johnson of the Naval Under- sea Warfare Center, San Diego, California, appears to be a more reliable method of providing shark protection to a downed pilot than the existing chemical shark chaser. Cost estimates have been requested from the prime contractor of the full pressure suit the to fabricate a small number of bags. 25X1 m an fuill also be approached for a price estimate on the same item. I has been instrumental in the past in success u y vacuum packaging otherwise rather large and bulky items such as the jungle hammock for inclusion in the U-ZR survival seat kit. C. I Training Activities 25X1 25X1 25X1 GROUP I EXCLUDE:O FROM 25X1 proved For Release 2004/ 00285 R00020005 1 B ASSO CAT 10 N ING TOP SECRET Approved r Release 2004 - 75Bd 85R000200050010-4 Section Page 8 2. ILife Support Conference - The semiannual Life Support Con erence was held at Brooks AFB, San Antonio, Texas, on 15 - 16 August 1973. f AMS/OSA, attended this meeting. 3. Dilbert Dunker Training - AMS/O , conducted the Dilbert Dunker training exercise at Miramar NAS, San Diego California., from 17 - 19 September 1973 for all IDEALIST pilots. Detachment "G" Commander, and Detachment "G" Flight Surgeon, also participate in the exercise. A0 proved For Release 2004/ GROUP __ EXCLUDED FROM R }~.~~TLASSIOE CAT ON ING 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1