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December 15, 2016
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March 23, 2004
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January 17, 1972
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P SECRET Approved For Release 2004/ - 75B002850020005003~5 ~~ ~ ~~~~ 1~4 `` opy o F i '17 JAN 1972 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director, CIA Reconnaissance Programs SUBJECT: Program Progress Report Forwarded herewith are three copies of the IDEALIST Program Progress Report for the period 1 October 1971 - 31 December 1971. e . Brigadier General, SAF Director of Special Activities Attachment - As stated NRO review(s) completed. pproved For Release 2004/ ~rB00285R00020005 GROUP F EXC LUOED FROM IC DOWNGRADING A E~LA551 FICATION 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 T(~P SFC'RFT Approved Fb~Ftelease 20 SAS/O/OSA Distribution: 1 - D/CRP 2 - D/CRP 3 - D/CRP 4 -DDS&T Reg 5 - D/ SA 6 -SAS/O/OSA 7 - D/O/OSA 8 -IDEA/ O/ OSA 9 -INTEL/O/OSA 10 - D/M/OSA 11 - AMS/ OSA 12 - RB/OSA DP75B0028'~R000200050035-7 (10 January 1972) GRO~yUpP I E%C LUDED FROM Approved For Release 2 75B00285R0002 AND D ~~C T ~N ING 25X1' Approved F~,Release 2 DP75BOOdQ~R000200050035-7 .; 25X ec ion IDEALIST 1.. ~. [\ _. DEVELOPMENT SUMMARY AND PROCr.RESS i (1 OCTOBER 1971 - 31 DECEN[BER 1971) I. AIRFRAME A. Light Weight HF Radio -Production of the new Light Weight HF Radio, 718U-7, is on schedule. The first unitshould be delivered to Detachment G by 2 February 1972. Installation, in all IDEALIST aircraft, will be completed during the Fourth Quarter FY-.1972. B. U-2R Flight Test and Operational Training Summary 0 1. IDEALIST Program accomplishments in U-2R aircraft, since introduction were 7821.5 hours on 2369 sorties, , as of 31 December 1971. 2. Flight test and operational data are depicted below: 1 OCT-31 DEC 1 OCT-31 DEC FLIGHTS TIME 1 - 051 30 106. 5 2 - 053 33 97. 1 3 - 054 45 166.4 4 - 055 40 136. 5 25X1 25X1 TOTAL 148 506. 5 Sealed Crossover Tubes -The 6(~0 hour hot section inspection of the improved engine combustion chamber sealed crossover tube has been completed, with excellent results. This engineering change will be incorporated in all J-75-P-13 engines being overhauled subsequent to March 1972. Approved For Release 20 P SECRET GROUP 1 EXCLUDED FROM 7~C~D~NJNG RADING A YYj~SrrFICAiION Approved Felease 2 DP75B002w$~~000200050035-7 25X eca tion I P~ge 2 III. PAYLOAD ~. i ~ g cart was A. Q-Ba Preconditionin - A reconditioni operationally field tested on The temperature regulator was inoperative due to a bro en wire, consequently temperature remained at the high level of optimum setting during operation. All carts have been delivered by Lockheed and actual test data is being collected for a variety of ambient temperature and humidity conditions occurring for test and training flights. ~~ I B. "H" Configuration 1. Camera, serial number 002, was transferred to Detachment H on 20 November 1971. 'This unit has the new gyro package, light weight mount, and RFI modifications incorporated which results in a total weight reduction of 56 pounds. Camera, serial number 003, was returned to Detachment G on 7 December 19 71. 2. First delivery of the new apachromatic lens for the "H" sensor is anticipated late February 1972. The new lens along with the new gyro package, light weight mount, and R,FI modifi- cation will then be incorporated into 003. Flight test of the new lens is anticipated mid-March 1972. C. "B" Configuration -Delivery and installation of the new apochromatic lens for the "B" camera is anticipated rnid-April 1972. Flight test of the new lens will follow. 25X1 25X1 Approved- For Release 20 GROUPI E%CLUDED FROM ~~~~p7fW NG RADING AND DECLASSIFICATION 25X1 gpproved For Release 2004/05/13 :CIA-RDP75B00285R000200050035-7 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2004/05/13 :CIA-RDP75B00285R000200050035-7 'j' c ~ . Approved F~r~Release Z - DP75B00~5A',2000200050035-7 ection Pa~g e 5 25X 5. A contract employee sustained a fractured spinal vertebrae in an auto accident 22 December 1971. It is~not of a serious nature. ~ B. Life Support Activities 1. One-Man Life Raft Modification - A Service Bulletin has been issued to provide instructions and materials to paint the bottom of the one-man life rafts flat black. This action is being taken in response to the published results of a thorough research project on shark attack. It appears now that brightly colored materials unquestionably attract the killer shark, By changing the color on the bottom of the raft to black, some margin of protection against this threat may be afforded a downed crew member. 2. S1010 Flotation Modification -Anew flotation cell has been water tested during this reporting period which appears to provide a more efficient floating profile than the existing preserver. A Work Order has been issued to mount one flight- acceptable preserver in a separate outer cover to the 51010 Pilot Protective Assembly and request pilot comments on its new characteristics and comfort. This effort along with previous life-support-system changes will make the SR-71 and U-2R flight gear more similar. 3. Automatically Deployed Survival Kit -The, survival kit presently used with the U-2R aircraft has anon-automatic deployment system. A survival kit was delivered to 25X 25X1 GROUPI E%CIUDED FROM Approved For Release 2 75B00285R00020 ?~NGRADING AN SI ICATION TOP SECRET Approved Fa~?Release 20 - DP75BOOR000200050035-7 Section 1 Page 6 3 ~to determine if the device can be ada ted to deploy the i . ngineers were of the opinion that the- could be ada ted to the survival kit to meet our requirements. ~is modifying one survival kit for tests and. evaluation. Estimate delivery in January 1972. 4. NASA Trip _ Houston, Texas - The project Life- Support Officer visited the NASA mani.ied Spacecraft Center, Houston, Texas, to compare and contrast the Apollo and Sky Lab Life Support systems with the IDI~~ALIST system. The NASA approach to Life Support can generally be stated as one pressure suit for one space mission. With this philosophy, service life is of no consequence and suits are fabricated to provide the very best in pressurization, mobility, and comfort with no consideration directed toward repeated use. Mobility is provided by means of molded rubber convolutions and the crew member operates in a 100%-oxygen environment through- out the mission. Although the NASA full pressure suit is ideal for its intended use, the same approach to the IDEALIST program would be unacceptable. This comparison between the NASA effort in crew equipment and the U-2 equipment was felt to be quite productive. C. Training 1. Parasail Winch Modification -Anew power winch was installed in the tow boat and used during parasail training at Lake Mead, Nevada in June 1971. `the winch is gasoline driven with an automatic transmission. This transmission was proved unsatisfactory, and modifications were explored. It has been concluded that a standard four-speed transmission with a clutch would be most desirable. This modification will be completed during January 1972, 25X~ F 1 25X~ GROUP I EXCLUDED FROM Approved For Release 20 75B00285R00020 A ~'~?~'"C AT ON ING Approved F~.Release 20 - = P75B002S'.~R0002000~0035-7 25X1 IDEALIST OPERATIONAL SUMMARY AND STATUS (1 OCTOBER 1971 - 31 DECEMBER 1971) I. OPERATIONAL MISSION SUMMARY A. ~DEALIST TACKLE operational missions were alerted during t is period. ere flown, anc'~ one was cancelled due to deteriorating weather. missions were planned to be flown no closer than 25 nautical miles to the China mainland coast. Following is a summary of missions completed: Approved For Release 2 GROUPI E%C LUDED FROM 0.0~01JNG RADING AND OEC LASSI FICATION 25X1', 25X1 gpproved For Release 2004/05/13 :CIA-RDP75B00285R000200050035-7 Approved For Release 2004/05/13 :CIA-RDP75B00285R000200050035-7 TOP SECRET Approved Feirr,F~elease 20 - DP75B00000200050035-7 25X ec~ tian "L Page 3 B. U-2 Special Mission Summary 1. SCOPE SAINT V a. During the period 18 - 28 October 1971, Detach- ment Gconducted a de loyment training exercise The purpose was .to exercise t e capability to ep oy to and operate from a forward location. ~ A. RED DOT -Three sorties were f~.own in support of continuing film tests using various camera configurations in the U-2R. B. New "H" Mounts - Three sorties were flown to qualify new light weight mounts for the "H" camera. 25X 25X11, Approved For Release 20 GROUPI E%C LUDED EROM A 7A59~C AT ON ING 25X1- TOP SECRET Approved FQ~2elease 20 4/05/13 :CIA- DP75BOOZ'96~000200050035-7 e5 coon G Page 4 I~ 25X1 15 training sorties. E. Preconditioner Test -Five sorties were ;used to gather data and qualify the Q-Bay preconditioner units. . ~ I F. Lens Tests -Three sorties were :flown to obtain base line data with the ''B" and Delta III cameras. The imagery obtained. with new apochromatic lenses in these cameras will be cox~4lpared to this data. ! 1 G. Pilot Trainin -Twenty-seven initial qua~.ification sorties were flown. flew the final 12 sorties required to successfully complete all training requirements. completed III. PILOT AND AIRCRAFT STATUS (AS OF 31 DECEMBER 1971} A. Detachment '"G" (Edwards AFB -North Base} 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved- For Release 20~~I ~1 gj~~P75B00285R0002 GROUP F E%C IUDED FROM AUTOMATIC DOWNGRADING 25X1 25X1F