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December 15, 2016
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May 4, 2004
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May 2, 1963
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Approved For Release 2004/07/07 : CIA-RDP75B00326RO66*b300070009-7 THE Sr.CRET; RY Qi D"EF ENSE MEMORANDUM TOR The Chairman. Joint Chiefs of Staff The Director. National Reconnaissance Office (S) SUBJECT: Operational Aspects of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)(S) Reference: C/JCS memo to Sec Del. subject as above@ dated 2 May 63 (tile CM 542-63). I have reviewed the above referenced memorandum and have reached the following conclusions. a. I agree in principle with the organisational arrange- ment recommended by the Director, National Reconnaissance office. and concurred in by the Joint Chiefs of Stmt. b. Final agreement on this organisational arrangement is contingent upon JCS/Director. NRO concurrence in the explicit additional duties to be performed by the JRC in this connection. Accordingly. I am transmitting as Attachment I the Terms of Reference under which I desire these additional Attachment CC duties to further U. for performed. I am also transmitting JCS comments, a delineation of proposed additional functions and responsibilities of the JRC. compatible with the Terms of Reference. which would also form the basis for modification of the JRC charter. c. I agree with the specific recommendation of the Director. NRO that NRO responsibility for aircraft,, overflights will cease upon decision by the Secretary of Defense or higher authority that the area in question has become an active theater of military operations. d. 1 do not concur in the JCS proposal that R&D respon- sibilities for satellite reconnaissance systems to be used in conflict NRO, JCS and OSD review(s) completed. Approved For-Release--2004/47/07-: -CIA=RDP75B00326R000300070009-7 Approved For Release 2004/07/07 : CIA-RDP75B00326R000300070009-7 situations be assigned to the military Services. It is my present view that responsibility for reconnaissaaee satellite RiD and operation should r.msin as assigned in the National Reconnaissance Office. subject to my approval. and that adequate mechanisms exist to promulgate the development of such systems for potential employment through Nations) Reconnaissance Office chaaaels. G,.,d cTt r~#- C\ ?. I request that the JCS by J /e Is. 1963. inform me and the Director. NRO of any,,establish \R&D requirements for realistic employment of satellites for reconnaissance in central and limited wars which. in the opinion of the JCS. are yet to be fulfilled or would require different implementation. = Attachments I - Terms of Reference NRO /JCS Airsraft Operations Center II - Proposed AMitisaSi Dudes of JRC Approved-For-Release -2004/07/07 : CIA-RDP75B00326R000300070009-7 Approved For R lease 2004/07/07 : CIA-RDP75B00326RO00300070009-7 Attachment fill, TZAMS Or RZFIRZNCZ . FOR NRO /JCS AIRCRAFT OPWI ATIONI CZNTZR 1. Problem: To define organisational arrangements. functions, responsibilities. work flow and coordination procedures. such that the mutual responsi- bilities of the Director, National Reconnaissance Office, and the JCS for management and performance of aircraft flight over denied areas for. reconnaissance purposes can best be satisfied, considering situations of both cold war and militarily more active situations. In what follows. the term NRO implicitly recognises that the CIA functions and operations in support of the NAO are under the control of the Director. NRO, including the preparation and submission of plans for aircraft or other vehicle overflights, although such CIA functions are es:plicitly discussed in several places. 2. Terms of Reference: a. The NAO/CIA OpCen and the JCS/JRC are currently performing denied area aircraft overnight operation.. b. NRO/CIA missions now. and increasingly in the future. will require coasodtment of resources and capabilities under JC$ direction. specific or implicit. c. The totality ad missions under way or under active considera- tion (satellite overflight recosaaissaaee, peripheral aircraft. corridor or special mission aircraft. aircraft overflight. and overflight by special Vehicles -- e. S. , balloons, drones, etc.) and the level of hostilities or asilitarr.-action under way at any time (cold war. periods of tension with possible or iplicit military action. or some form of actual war) require that precise arrangements be formulated to ensure that all planned or proposed missions are compatible, that necessary resources and Approved For Release 2004/07/07 : CIA-RDP75B00326R000300070009-7 Approved For Release 2004/07/07 : CIA-RDP75B00326R000300070009-7 capabilities be made available , and that a focal point for coordination of the entire array of missions mists to ensure that all necessary missions are performed with the greatest possible dispatch. d. The Special Group will continue to review' and authorise all peacetime peripheral and overflight reconnaissance operations and other sensitive reconnaissance operations which fall within the scope of this charter. Should any missions be contemplated which are not normally so reviewed, it will be the responsibility of the parties in this charter arrangement to ensure non-interference of missions, lacking specific instructions to the contrary. e. Reconnaissance mission planning will be in response to re- quirements validated by appropriate authority (such authority includes Secretary of Defense. UBIS, JCS. and may include in special instances, by concurrence. Unified and Specified Commands. DIA and NSA) or in response to special request of appropriate authority. f. Specific and detailed pplanning for reconnaissance mission support and operations. which also specifies mission control. will generally be conducted according to the following "normal partitioning." JCS -- Peripheral flights. corridor flights. special missions. aircraft overflight missions anywhere in times of active military hosti- lities (as defined by the Secretary of Defense or higher authority) using inventory military resources, and/or other missions specifically re- quested or approved by the Secretary. of Defense, or Special Group. whether or not requiring third pasty arrangements. NRO -- All recemaissancae overflights over denied areas and other specifically designated areas. in particular overflights during relatively normal times or requiring highly sensitive third party arrange. meats. The Director. NRO will assign responsibility for preparation of aircraft overflight plans to -the CIA when appropriate to the vehicle and i of operation to w CMpwYWU. Contingency plans will be prepared by JCS and NRO as re- quired by the authorities listed in paragraph e. , above, and following normal partitioning unless otherwise instructed (see pars X.. below). Approved For Release 2004/07/07 : CIA-RDP75B00326R000300070009-7 Approved For Release 2004/07/07/: CIA-RDP75B00326R00030007009-7 r) This "normal partitioning" can be perturbed by the Secretary of Defense)orr Cher higher authority to accommodate new or special situations. In particular. the Secretary of Defense or other higher authority may request either JCS or NRO to prepare plans for special situations or operations, and may request a transfer of mission control. h. A joint operational entity is necessary to ensure complete and comprehensive planning and coordination. This is obtained through an expanded JRC which concurrently serves the operational needs of the NRO and JCS. i. In accordance with the normal mission partitioning of f.. res- ponsibility for preparation of final mission execute orders and release will be assumed by the JCS for missions under their control, and by the Director. NRO for all operations under his control. including both CIA and DOD aircraft missions. J. Under the terms of this arrangement the JRC functions and responsibilities will be enlarged, and appropriate additional officers brought in. to handle additional NRO duties as proscribed later, while maintaining current JRC functions and responsibilities. In the performance of these several duties the JRC will be used as a directly integrated organisational entity by both JCS and NAO, .reporting directly to these groups. because of his several responsibilities under this arrangement. the Chairman. JRC. will be selected by the JCS with the concurrence of the Director, NRO. 3. Staffing and Location: a. The Chairman of the JRC also will serve as Deputy for Operations. NRO Staff. b. In his capacity as Deputy for Operations. NRO Stan, and in accordance with, and limited by, the instructions of the Director, NRO. the Chairman of the J&C will manage the MROJAAircraft Operations Center (AOC). and supervise the NAO/Satellite Operations Center (SOC). Approved For Release 2004/07/07 : CIA-RDP75B00326R000300070009-7 Approved For Release 2004/07/07: CIA-RDP75B00326R000300070009-7 c. The NRO/AOC may be auganented by personasl presently assigned to the CIA Operations office and other appropriate organisations within DOD, by joint agreement. d. The NRO/AOC will be physically located *ithin the Pentagon, to provide for m,ad=num use of communications and other facilities. and to afford maximum ease of contact with JRC. situation rooms. etc. Approved For Release 2004/07/07 : CIA-RDP75B00326R000300070009-7 Approved For Release 2004/07/07 : CIA-RDP75B00326R000300070009-7 Attachment "W' PROPOSED ADDITIONAL DUTIES OF THE JRC Under the arrangement specified. the Deputy for Operations. NRO Staf, also will be Chief of the Joint Reconnaissance Center. He will use the JAC operations staff augmented as indicated to perform the following duties. The present charter of the JRC will be modified accordingly to reflect these additional duties pertaining to NRO and JCS responsibilities. a. Additional Duties for NO. directed by the ireetor~,IQ 1 (1) Assign and/or review overflight mission planning in response to validated USa or other appropriate authority request, and evaluate and modify if necessary operational plans based on analysis of mission requirements. programming option desired, logistic. weather. lighting condition. and readiness factors. schedules for operation, and performance capabilities of collection devices. (Z). From these plans, and in coWunctien with appropriate organisations /agencies. define specific mission peealirar support required. if any (e. g.. stand-downs, diversions. resew and emergency provisions. tracking. communications. recovery and logistics). (3) Prepare. and Issue. Upon approval, appropriate eueeute somas . ds and orders for final mission commitment and recovery to Ua lied and Specified Commands, military Services. and NRO/CIA. (4) Present plan for approval of total. mission to higher authority as required. (5) Zatablish mission and status reporting procedures for use by designated of!'ieialat follow progress of all NRO missions and keep Approved For Release 2004/07/07 : CIA-RDP75B00326R000300070009-7 Approved For Release 2004/07/07 : CIA-RDP75B00326R000300070009-7 the Director, NRO and other designated officials informed of mission progress, difficulties, and results. (6) Prepare and review consolidated forecast of future NAO missions, and status of pLutning for these. for appropriate and designated governmental groups. (7) Prepare and transmit to the JCS forecasts of missions and plans therefor, with sufficient lead-times for review. (g) Prepare and transmit to the JCS requests for support as appropriate with sufficient lead-times for review. (9) Analyse, evaluate, deliver to appropriate agencies for further intelligence exploitation, and disseminate, mission performance results, and degree of achievement of programmed objectives. (10) Develop appropriate cover and unplanned abort arrange- ments in coordination with appropriate agencies. (11) Perform special studies as assigasd in areas of future requirements, additional programs, transfer of control of resources under various contingencies, etc.. for review and approval. (12) Provide a focal point for translation of DIA?U0T intelligence, mapping and geodesy collection requirements into mission specifications. (13) Specify targets to be covered by satellite missions fr=om ansoag assigned target lists. prepared by Ula(COMOR), translating validated requirements Into desired on-orbit target program options and, as required, make on-orbit selection of specific option based on lasowledge of other consideration (e.g. . weather, intelligence). b. Additional Dudes for JC$. As directed by Chairman, JCSs (1) Review, and assess for the JC$ (sad D/NRO) forecast NAO missions for impact on other missions nad.r JCS control. Approved For Release 2004/07/07 : CIA-RDP75B00326R000300070009-7 ~? r w ? Approved For Reuse 2004/07/07: CIA-RDP75B00326 000300070009-7 (2) DeAn. mission conficts. if W. for decisions as to priority between "rema,. JCS and Dir?stor. NAO. or higher authority if necessary. (3) Define. on basis of forecast NAO missions. potential impact on resources of Unified and Specified Cotes. for such support, special activities. etc.. as may be required, and make arrange- meats for provisions of those resources with such commands. (4) Assure that JC3 cad NW are fully and continually informed on states sad readiness of this support. (5) Worm. Director. NAO of any JCS considerations which in their estimation may require, as a Matter of priority or urgency, a doledsa or modification of forecast NAO plans on the basis of other military. operational or policy frators. and prepare such modified plans with pl,ector. NAO concurrence. (6) Prepare for JCS laud at Director. NAO regwst, for $10) a mmsaihly summary report of past and forecast peripheral and overflight Missions and achieved or planed results. (7) Participate as a matter of sours, with NAO on planning and operation matters requiring coordinated actions or missions (*.so Joint peripheral and overflight missions. transmission of execute orders. etc.). Approved For Release 2004/07/07 : CIA-RDP75B00326R000300070009-7